Instax Challenge: March 2015

Instax Challenge - The cat, you and us

Yesterday we had a late brunch with my mom and went to the nearby Parc de la Ciutadella for a walk to enjoy the spring sun. The temperatures are still cold to be out with only a cardigan on the shadow, but luckily this bench had plenty light. My mom was a good sport and put up with me telling her the exact position for the picture, still on the last minute a girl walked behind us and she moved a little (hence a little crooked, but not too much, please mind my inner perfectionist talking here). Maybe you will be now mentally telling me, is it the only thing bothering you here? Which brings me to our second…

lesson learned: check the shooting range before! Why does it seem to me more troublesome to set up the only two easy options available in the Instax Wide than manually setting our DSLR? ;)

Hope you’re following us along, I know three pictures it’s not a very important milestone, but I feel confident that this time we are going to make the challenge work for us!

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