Instax challenge: November 2015

Instax challenge November 2015 - The cat, you and us

Last day of the month but still on time for the November pic of our Instax Challenge 2015!

This month was quite a difficult one for the challenge, with only 2 pictures to end it (November and December) the idea of losing it was pretty much unavoidable until today, when we couldn’t stand the fact of not delivering and managed to take one this afternoon. One with a simple performance but quite a meaning for this month: at home, day dreaming about adventures.

Due to our monthly schedule it has been difficult to take our instax on any small activity we have enrolled, but still, a week ago or such we thought we had the chance in front of us: we were going to take a picture of a pretty square in Barcelona during a walk. The truth is that our dslr is too much stuck in our heads and we didn’t realize on time that there was not enough light to take a landscape picture whatsoever. The result, you can see below: blackness. After that we have tried to take pictures with Juno at home, but you can see also the result, not bad, but crooked and Juno looking like a cat coming from hell to hunt us, ha! This picture was in fact quite elaborated with a secondary flash bouncing on the side and the integrated one blurred with a white cardboard in front of it. Well, not a bad one, I have it now resting in one of our shelves, but not the idea we had previously in mind.

Instax challenge November 2015 - The cat, you and us

How was November and how is December looking like for you? Have you already decorated your home? We are decorating this next weekend and giving an official “go” to the holiday season. Can you tell my excitement? Can’t think about anything else right now.

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    You guys are always so creative with each month and I love how you choose your adventure day dreaming shot! As much as I love film, I’m very grateful for digital and it’s amazing feature to take numerous shots to narrow down what works and what doesn’t :P In saying that it’s so fun when a film shot works and this yearly challenge, although challenging has reminded me again of the joy of film! One month left in 2015 *gasp*

    2nd December 2015
    • We reply...

      Although it can be a little disappointing I always end up displaying film pics around our house while I’m more selective with the digital ones, that must mean something! ;) Only one month to go, right! It will be very fun to do the wrap up. I’m so happy you followed, I loved how your challenge changed in the middle including both Polaroid and Instax, super yay!

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