As of late… our favorites #2

Favorites #2 - The cat, you and us

Do you remember how on April we started a new section under our “As of late” series featuring our favorites? Well, finally here we are with its second edition, featuring an illustration, a documentary recommendation and clothing hair accessories.

Although we were not planning on making it a regular section (unlike our section snapshots) we definitely didn’t envision not repeating in 5 months, phew! Let’s make amends…

In Omnia Paratus

We are definitely best friend material if you know what this quote is all about, ha, just kidding! Probably if you are able to put up with all my babbling of this blog we definitely would be friends in real life, even if you haven’t got the slimmest clue.

In Omnia Paratus Gilmore Girls - The cat, you and us

For my birthday Dani had the brilliant idea of buying a Gilmore Girls wonderful illustration by WindowShopGal.

In Omnia Paratus Gilmore Girls - The cat, you and us

If you have ever watched the mother & daughter show, you will probably remember this is from season 5 when Rory is completely fascinated with Logan (a Yale guy), although he is everything her grandparents would love and that she would despise. The proud Logan has never been in my favorite Rory’s +1 list (I’m in Jess team), but the image of the umbrella and the fancy dresses is too irresistible.

And I know… it looks as we are unable to make a favorites or moodboard post without adding any Gilmore Girls reference. I’ll try to control myself on the next edition, promise!

In Omnia Paratus Gilmore Girls - The cat, you and us

Vivian Maier

Have you heard about Vivian Maier, the nanny photographer? On 2007 a history researcher bought a trunk containing negatives from the 50s and 60s from an unknown author, to surprisingly discover that the pictures had excellent quality and museum category. Since then the popularity of the photographer only has increased, for the eccentricity of Vivian and her particular way of seeing the world hiding behind a Rolleiflex camera.

All the story is much better explained in the Vivian Maier documentary, that it has more a thriller than documentary vibe. Totally worthy, specially if you love photography.

Vivian Maier - The cat, you and us

Luckily we had the chance to watch the documentary and a couple of days later, were able to see some of the pictures in an exhibit here in Barcelona called “in her own hands”. I was specially intrigued by the former self-portraits. Here there is a list of next exhibitions in the Vivian Maier foundation website, make sure to check it out if you have anyone near you.

Vivian Maier - The cat, you and us Vivian Maier - The cat, you and us

Headbands mania

I couldn’t end this favorite posts without featuring my accessory obsession with headbands. I know you can wear it in so many ways, but I only favor the “bunny” knot and the bow. I have learnt to do the bow (without using any clips) with just a few seconds, can you tell I am proud about it? Ha! I know it’s not a super skill, but it makes me smile.

Headband - The cat, you and us Headband - The cat, you and us

Which are your last obsessions? Have you been to the movies? Any one we should watch? Or maybe a tv show? I would love to read your recommendations!

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