As of late… favorites #3

Favorites #3 - The cat, you and us

Hello! We have here a new edition of our favorites series, this time with books, our last funko pop vinyl purchase and movie recommendations!

What it is with November that I always start counting down to December and to the Christmas season? This year I even got a mail from Urban Outfitters with their first Xmas Gift list on the 18th of October, wonders! I won’t be that crazy and I promise I’ll push the season a little further. Not entirely for my self-control (ha!) but because we won’t be able to keep for ourselves all our Japan hype.

So, keep November being how it should be, and let’s see our last favorites!

Friends Funko Pop

Friends Funko Pop - The cat, you and us Friends Funko Pop - The cat, you and us

For my birthday Dani got me a Rachel funko pop. He knows how Friends is one of my all-time beloved comedy shows, and even now I know lots of lines by heart. I’ve seen all episodes in Spanish and English, and several (lots, in fact) times in the latter, so I can sometimes make the doubling in both languages (I know… please don’t judge, ha!). I’ve always considered myself more “Monica+Chandler” attached; do you remember when people divided themselves into the characters: are you a Phoebe? are you a Rachel? Well, I was always a Monica, until I realized, I may be a bit of a Rachel as well. Did you also live that time? I would feel too old otherwise!

Since my in-laws got me an Amazon card for my birthday, I thought getting a Ross with a Marcel monkey was going to make a cute addition to the waitress Rachel, thus the cute couple is now in our shelves keeping us in good company.

Sitges film festival 2016

Sitges - The cat, you and us Sitges - The cat, you and us

Although Sitges horror and sci-fi film festival is our yearly date, for this edition we couldn’t attend as much as we would have loved to. The festival always brings a few gems into our radar but also happens to take place in the gorgoeus summer town you can see above.

Sitges 2016 - The cat, you and us

We finally chose the former 4 films. I have to add an “only” here, since usually we end up watching between 10 and 15 films.

  • The autopsy of Jane Doe, is an irregular horror film that keeps your eyes completely fixed to the screen until you realize what the mistery is going to be about. Then, if you jump in you will be good, but if you don’t buy it (as we didn’t) you’ll find yourself pretty bored.
  • Hell or high water, is a crime drama with a modern western flair. An amazing Jeff Bridges plays a Texan Ranger that in the last days as policeman makes it his last job to discover what it’s going on in the last bank robberies. Amazing photography and performances. No doubts one of the best movies I’ve lately seen, though I should admit first that I have a soft spot for the Texan accent.
  • Train to Busan, is a Korean zombie movie that if you are fan of the genre shouldn’t miss for anything in the world. Fast and contortionist zombies inside a fast train with no scape neither inside or outside. The not-zombie characters are nice to follow in their personal journeys.
  • The handmaiden, is also Korean and from one of our favorite directors, Mr. Park Chan Wook (the one from Oldboy and Stoker). The handmaiden converts a story that could be done in a super tacky soap opera way, in a gorgeous, delicious, fun and also lustful tale in three acts. The photography and music are divine, and so is the poster! I would love to have it in one of our home’s walls.

Harry Potter book bloomsbury collection

Harry Potter book collection - The cat, you and us Harry Potter book collection - The cat, you and us

This is also one of my birthday presents! I love books, but I’m also a sucker for cute covers. Dani thought that although I had some mismatched HP books already, the complete collection from Bloomsbury would make me happy, and he was completely right. Now the rainbow shelf makes me smile while thinking about the amazing adventures I was able to had thanks to the best wizards in Hogwarts.

I’m super late with this, but have you taken the official Pottermore sorting hat test? Which house did you join? Both Dani and I went to Gryffindor, I expected this for him but I was quite surprised with my assignation!

Hope you enjoyed this month’s favorites selection! See you soon my dearest gang!

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Me gustan las fotos , de los muñecos de friends, las del Festival de sitges, y me encanta la colección de libros de harry potter, gracias por compartir con nosotros estos detalles.

    9th November 2016
  2. Your collection of funko pop is amazing! // I’m not brave enough to watch horror :P // I’m a sucker for beautiful covers too! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    9th November 2016
  3. Richel V. ADDS...

    That Harry Potter covers are so beautiful!! Why isn’t that released in my country? Huhu. Love the funko pop you have!

    xx, Richel Goes Places

    16th November 2016
  4. Fiona ADDS...

    Oh yes, I watched friends when it aired (super impressed you can quote lines in Spanish and English). I think perhaps, I’m a little like all of them :P A little kooky like phoebe, orderly like Monica and maybe a little aloof like Rachel :) They all have good hearts though, which made the show really endearing! Talking of endearing characters, I’m up to episode 3 season 3 of gilmore girls, it’s been really fun to watch whilst editing photos, definitely hooked and almost up to your fav episode!

    16th November 2016
    • We reply...

      Super yay for getting already into GG season 3 (and super impressed, I am such a slow watcher!) hope this means you are starting to feel (a little) the love for Star Hollows. Big big hug dear Fee!

  5. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    I love Friends as well <3 such good ol' time classic comedies ^_^
    And ugh I love beautiful book covers. I think 8 out of 10 I buy a book
    is because of the beautiful book covers, but of course after I read
    the little sum up as well :P
    When I was in HK '16, Train to Busan was showing in the cinemas
    but I'm a scardy cat and was to afraid to watch it haha..

    16th November 2016
    • We reply...

      So fun that Train to Busan was on cinemas when you were in HK! It is not that scary for me when it comes to zombies I guess, but definitely I wouldn’t want to get close to any of them, hahaha! ;) Oh, and I have to mention, love your HK adventures on the blog! ♥

  6. Jennifer ADDS...

    I want to see The Handmaiden so badly. It is just recently showing in theaters nearby, sadly it involves taking a train into a local city and I am 39 weeks pregnant… so probably not a good idea. XD Did you get to see it?

    9th December 2016
    • We reply...

      Wow, 39 weeks! The baby it’s almost here, congrats Jennifer!! I loved the movie, it has a beautiful photography, music, and narrative construction. Also, it has a strong Korean sense of humour that I find very amusing. I’m sure you’ll have the chance to see it later :)

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