As of late… snapshots from August

Colorful murals in Gracia - The cat, you and us

Tomorrow it’s the first day of September, and I have to admit that I’m very excited for my birthday month to begin! Not only for this silly obvious reason (duh!) but also I mentally give the green signal to my autumn craziness to start, ha! Specially this year is a season I’m looking forward since we are going on vacay to celebrate our anniversary. Are you also as excited for this new month?

To avoid moving forward so fast, let’s look together to how August looked like for a few minutes via our phone pictures, shall we? During August it was all work, except that this sounds a little sad while this is not exactly how it felt, we were able to have some adventures that were a hit, like the beach outing with my nephew and then visiting a traditional town, meeting with friends for a food date and visiting the streets decorations of the Gracia (and Sants) neighborhood’s festivities.

Sant Llorenç de la Muga - The cat, you and us

We visited a charming medieval town near my hometown which I haven’t visited for maybe 15 years (or maybe more!). We thought it would be fun for my little nephew Samuel because he was able to swim in a river for the first time in his life; it was very special to see his excited face afterwards. We also made it a date to visit some warm day at a less crowded time (summer is peak time, well at least in a small town type of way) and bring a giant float with us.

Sant Llorenç de la Muga - The cat, you and us Takoyaki at Yatai - The cat, you and us Juno rules our living room - The cat, you and us Rocambolesc - The cat, you and us

We met with our friends Marcel and Silvia to try a new Japanese place (very yummy, we will add it to our Barcelona guide!) and a new gourmet ice-cream parlor called Rocambolesc. The smiley boys are showing the packaging of the handmade popsicles we chose. Mine was the red nose, that it is made after the chef behind the ice-parlor (it’s an exact model of his own nose) and it is rose and strawberry flavored. They are fun and yummy although a little too pricey (I guess having a well-known chef designing them is the reason). If you are curious you can check them out at the infamous Las Ramblas.

Festes de Gracia - The cat, you and us

During August the Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona celebrates their festivities with a quite surprising and amazing tradition: decorate their streets, each one on a different theme. During a a whole year round, people living in the street gather materials to be recycled in the decor making process. The results are always quite unbelievable, specially when you see them from short distance and realize which materials they have used. As a novelty, this year they used murals in the street with a 3d effect, like the one with the Kraken, which added a lot of fun.

Festes de Gracia - The cat, you and us

Halt trespasser! ;)

Festes de Gracia - The cat, you and us

One of my favorite street decorations was the one inspired by Jules Verne, with this impressive entrance.

Festes de Gracia - The cat, you and us

What I love more is that once you enter into a street you are transported to a magical land, you can forget you are still in Barcelona, so imaginative!

Festes de Gracia - The cat, you and us Festes de Gracia - The cat, you and us

The year’s theme at Verdi street was Hollywood and California.

Festes de Sants - The cat, you and us

Kawaii food on the ceiling!

Juno couch potato - The cat, you and us

Oh! hey! here is Juno with her best pal, Mr. Pillow ;)

Ceviche 103 - The cat, you and us Olives and tonic at Entrepanes Diaz - The cat, you and us Colorful murals in Gracia - The cat, you and us

I found this super colorful mural and had to take a picture (or a couple, see the one on top of the post too). When we were there taking these pics with the phone, a very grumpy old man passed by and told us angrily screaming “are we Japanese taking so many pictures?” to which I had to reply: I wish we were! I think he wasn’t aware of the big Japan fan he had just stumbled upon, lol!

Comfy - The cat, you and us

A comfy time with Juno, she usually does not approve of my feet on top of her, but this time I think her “Thinker by Rodin” pose tells me otherwise, ha! Also, please forgive the silliest tan in my feet, I guess I wear too many ballerinas and loafers.

See you next month my darlings! September, yay!

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Que bonitas son las fotos! Que decorados más originales! Estas guapísima. La juno con cara de cabreo, porque le pongas los pies, es buenisima, no podría quedarme con una, gracias por todas.

    31st August 2016
  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Haha good response to that old grumpy man Damaris ;)
    Again, I wish I could have witnessed this years Gracia Street Festival!
    The ‘kawaii food’ is adorable!

    1st September 2016
  3. omg I have the silliest tan on my feet that matches yours :P The ice cream and all the murals are so fun! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    2nd September 2016
  4. Fiona ADDS...

    The decorated streets are so amazing and boo to that old grumpy man – love your response though, would have only though of that too many hours later :) How lovely for your nephew too, he will definitely look back when he’s older and remember how awesomely cool his aunt and uncle were for taking him on rad trips :)

    4th September 2016

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