As of late… snapshots from January

Winter light - The cat, you and us

How is this first week of February going on? Already into the loving Valentine’s mood? Well, we aren’t quite ready yet, so let’s first go back to January through our on-going series “As of late… snapshots from” where we share our phone pictures, those that reflect our daily endeavours which most surely have not been featured in any post before.

January was maybe an indoors month seen from the blog perspective, but very active in terms of work and kind of low feelings-wise. It started with me having a stubborn flu but not of the kind that keeps you in bed, so I kept on going to work, but enough to make you feel terribly wasted for a longer period. I guess this physical feeling extended to the emotional, those side effects, y’know. But on the bright side we had some interesting blog approaches, that maybe we will be able to share in the future and lot of work for The cat in love, our photography site. We have a couple marrying very soon and both the engagement session and website had to be delivered on time, tell us about pressure! Lucky news, we were on time, feeling extra happy and proud!

Although I think mostly our Januaries are spent at home, we also had some fun time with eating dates (chocolate Dorayakis! yumm!) and chasing the winter light on the park. I’m ready for more outings this month, crossing fingers!

Winter light in the park - The cat, you and us Winter light in the park - The cat, you and us La Esquina - The cat, you and us

We discovered a new brunch place called La Esquina. We must pay a second visit because I think I didn’t choose wisely and wasn’t too amused with the restaurant but Dani loved it.

Kakigori's dorayaki - The cat, you and us Kakigori's dorayaki - The cat, you and us

Kakigori is a place that sells Japanese slushies during summer and have incorporated Dorayakis for winter. I love that they have a Doraemon as a decoration item. They sell chocolate, milk candy and the more traditional azuki. I chose chocolate while Dani went for the milk candy, everything super yummy!

Winter urban landscape - The cat, you and us The hateful eight special screening Phenomena - The cat, you and us

We attended a special screening of the Hateful eight in ultra panavision 70mm. We were told that only 17 movie theaters in all Europe have been able to host these screening characteristics, so it was pretty unique. Have you seen the movie? Are you Tarantino enthusiast or detractor?

New things at home - The cat, you and us

In love with the new items in our home, this Disgust mug never fails to make me smile, I guess I am a little Disgust myself, ha!

At home - The cat, you and us

Everything in its proper place, oh Juno! You’re cute!

The cat in love photography sessions - The cat, you and us

A little peek of our new couple at The cat in love through a behind the scenes phone pic.

Juno hobbies - The cat, you and us Juno listening to her Crosley turntable - The cat, you and us

I also unashamedly (ha!) take advantage of this post to apologize to my dear pen pals: I really need to be back on writting as soon as I can steal some time, I miss my snail mail. I see February as a month full of opportunities to feel again on track, let’s go for it!

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    Ohhh it definitely seems January was the bringer of bad health! Let’s hope feb is the exact opposite!! So excited to hear about another couple, woohoo, love seeing the sneaky behind the scenes photo, love Dani’s bag too – maybe one day you can do a review on how you carry your camera gear, I’m still trying to work out a good system myself! Love that disgust mug! and I really loved hateful 8, although we only saw the short(er!) version. It was actually one of my favourite Tarantino films, loved all the characters and suspense and scenes :) :) Kakigori looks super cute too, and since it was one of the first words I learnt in Japanese whilst I was over there, it always hold a special place in my heart :)

    5th February 2016
    • We reply...

      I’m sending the best positive vibes for your February, I know they will magically arrive to Australia because I always get yours here :* We have two types of camera bag, the official one and then we use the inserts for any other (cuter) bag Dani owns :) nevertheless, I think it’s a great idea to share our camera gear and bags, thanks! It may be helpful for other non-fancy photographer peeps like us! I agree so much with your review about Tarantino’s Hateful 8, the suspense on the first part was the best, slowly cooked and amazing. Oh! Kakigori, what a great first word to learn :) Was maybe during summer? One of the first words I learnt was Megane (glasses) a little random, but it was after a little beautiful film I saw.

  2. Mariko ADDS...

    I’m rather jealous of your gigantic doraiyaki. I managed to snag a little one along with some traditional daifuku and other manju when I was in Vancouver over the holidays, but it was quite puny by comparison. I also LOVE your disgust mug (I kind of think I need one), we just watched Inside Out the other night and we LOVED it.

    Tarantino lovers unite!

    5th February 2016
    • We reply...

      Ommm, daifuku and manju! Why they have so many delicious temptations? ;) Inside Out is so wonderful and also very interesting the way they represent our thoughts and feelings, even complicated aspects as abstract thoughts. I join your big yay for Tarantino!

  3. nicole ADDS...

    Ah I love Dorayaki! They are delicious.
    I also saw the Roadshow version of The Hateful Eight! It was so different to have an intermission in the middle of a movie. It was a captivating film :)

    5th February 2016
    • We reply...

      How great you also got to see the roadshow :) In the beginning they told us that some parts were new, like Tarantino’s voice over and some of the editing too. It felt different! Did they stop the 15 minutes as Tarantino was expecting? Ours went to 20 minutes because there was a long line at the popcorn booth :) I loved the suspense and the characters.

  4. Louise ADDS...

    Oooh, I love these snaps! I would love to visit Barcelona some time ( not just for that gigantic dorayaki, I swear! ). These snaps look like springtime already! x

    7th February 2016
    • We reply...

      Hahahahahaha, definitely the big Dorayaki is a big plus for a visit to Barcelona :) This week is feeling colder than January, but everyone is missing winter this year, it hasn’t been as cold as other years, that’s for sure.

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