As of late… snapshots from July

2 feet and a leaf - The cat, you and us

Although I had lots of plans to create a pretty bunch of photo sessions for this July, I finally can report that last month was not as successful as expected. I liked the idea of taking advantage of the good weather (and the cute clothes that come with the season) to make more outfit sessions and to have more city adventures so we would be able to show you more hidden gems of our city. However, the reality has striked once again, and brought us lots of office work (not fun), little photography time and quite an exhausted feeling.

But there is always a silver lining to plans not going as you thought they would be, isn’t it? We’ve had more unplanned activities, which is also always nice, and took snapshots with our phones like crazy (achieved a record for us!) because I guess we were missing our ole’ big camera.

And another bright side is that we can now share with you quite a few of those random snapshots. I like the chaotic feeling of having all the July adventures together one next to the other. Hope you enjoy our July in review!

Plaça de la catedral - The cat, you and us

The wood structure is a newer addition to the cathedral square in the gothic neighborhood. Dani’s cousin has been working on this architectural project, and we are proud!

Plaça de la catedral - The cat, you and us Glittery shoes and Juno - The cat, you and us

My glittery jelly shoes have been my most worn piece, even though I think my work colleagues do not get why I wear them to work and do not limit myself wearing them to the beach ;) I even got a “these are tacky” comment…oh well, we can’t agree with everyone, it would be too boring. And can’t forget about Juno cute sleeping face and the felt ball used as a mattress.

Barceloneta - The cat, you and us

Our July included lots of la Barceloneta visits, I think we have been more times there during this last month than the rest of months of the year all together.

Beach feet - The cat, you and us

Jelly shoes in the beach and my tropical outfit.

Seaside terrace - The cat, you and us

Do you remember our paella? This was the nice terrace of the restaurant, right on the beach, I think it is difficult to get closer to the sea ;)

Mom and the sea - The cat, you and us

The birthday girl with a happy belly, maybe it does not show but I can assure that’s her “happy belly” face.

A rock shaped as an evil fish - The cat, you and us

Dani next to en evil fish shaped rock. Do you know if the fish is after something recognizable?

Juno the cat - The cat, you and us Universitat - The cat, you and us

The University in the city center looks beautiful and it has a very nice and relaxing garden. If you come during summer to the city and want to disconect for a few minutes I would highly recommend visiting the University.

Dani and flowers - The cat, you and us Universitat garden - The cat, you and us Caravan made - The cat, you and us

…and the University garden has a caravan bar, can’t get better.

Bar bodega Sergio - The cat, you and us Happy campers - The cat, you and us Camper box, 2 feet and a pretty white cat - The cat, you and us

I bought a new pair of Camper shoes thanks to a 50% my friend Lucila sent me (thanks girl!). Scissors here, Juno here; it is an universally acknowledged truth :)

New camper shoes and a light - The cat, you and us

… the shoes! Comfy and cute! You will be seeing a lot of them in future posts, for sure.

Dani with a scotter - The cat, you and us

To end our phone pictures “dump” (ha!) Dani looking the cutest with his scotter and hat. I like him with hats.

We are planning on creating a series for this, so we force ourselves on being less picky with our phone pictures and just show what’s going on with us. What do you feel about it? Do you like when bloggers do this lately or phone pic posts? I really enjoy them!

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