As of late… snapshots from May

Juno home cleaning - The cat, you and us

After all the blogiversary-looking-back it feels a little like cheating to be writing a post summing up what May looked like via our phone. However, if you keep scrolling you are going to find lots of carefree snapshots that have not been Instagramed before which we thought are fun to review before we keep this blog moving on.

The month started in a festive mood with Juno & Dani turning one year older. Juno enjoyed a lot the wrapping of her present (ehem…) The reason behind why she is randomly either scared or loves toys that apparently look the same is beyond me, so let’s just say that she is just too attached to her vintage toys.

Juno's birthday - The cat, you and us Star Wars balloons - The cat, you and us Dani's birthday - The cat, you and us

On the other side (the dark side! ha! sorry for the pun), I was preparing a little Star Wars themed intimate celebration for Dani’s birthday. The new Star Wars flick was one of the hits of the year for us, and Dani was specially eager to have the Bluray in his hands. I added a little bit of fun with the balloons and bought him a denim t-shirt to which I sewed the cutest StormTrooper patch.

Dani's birthday - The cat, you and us

I added the stamp cat telling him that the force is strong in him (it is!) and Daniel-sama is just how people in restaurants at Kyoto call him when we had a reservation.

Tanta Barcelona - The cat, you and us

We celebrated at Tanta restaurant, a (guess what?) peruvian restaurant we had on our wishlist. The place was up to expectations and they were so very kind with us! Since I reserved telling them that it was my hubs birthday they had a surprised prepared for us with a complimentary (yummiest) tres leches cake with candles and all! Dani gets very shy and nervous with this situations, so I warned him just arriving in case they told him something about the birthday (though I couldn’t expect such kindness) but he didn’t believe me, making the blowing candles scene so much unexpected and fun, I couldn’t keep from laughing so much.

Tanta Barcelona - The cat, you and us Dani's birthday - The cat, you and us Juno - The cat, you and us

I know it’s mom-talk but: can she be any cuter?

Yatai - The cat, you and us Yatai - The cat, you and us Juno and Star Wars - The cat, you and us

Weeks later and the balloons still had air to Juno’s pleasure whom loves chewing their ribbon.

Juno and the croissants - The cat, you and us Majide shunka - The cat, you and us Majide shunka - The cat, you and us

We tried with my mom a new Japanese place from the same folks of Shunka, our favorite sushi place in Barcelona (check Gotic area on our Barcelona guide!). It is perfect since the menu & quality is exactly the same as Shunka, but it’s even better located at Tallers street.

Majide shunka - The cat, you and us

Besides birthday dates, we have been to the movies to watch a Korean film called “Right now, Wrong then” and an Icelandic one called “Virgin Mountain” both very interesting to give it a try. Also X-Men with friends was in our agenda, always so fun to watch. Have you watched any movies I should check? We are also very much into “Him & Her” a British comedy tv show but I think I should talk about it further in a favorites post! Finally, we ended the month walking three trails in a wood area next to Barcelona, a needed break from the city.

Bellaterra trails - The cat, you and us Bellaterra trails - The cat, you and us

And… that was our May! June is here already and with it we have spring in full bloom & summer making a shy appearance. This improvement in the weather is definitely making me a more cheerful gal, the sun energy has a deep impact in my attitude I guess it has something to do with the Mediterranean area, do you also feel it?

A few days ago I was just telling Dani how I would love weather to stop and be just like it is now all year long, the sun is shinning but still you need a light jacket here and there, and tights, I’m mostly a tights kind of girl. I love dresses & sandals too, but I would change the summer sticking humidity any day.

How is June looking for you?

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  1. The Star Wars themed birthday is awesome and so sweet! // omg I’m planning to watch XMen: Apocalypse soon. I haven’t set a date yet, but I’m definitely watching it with some friends this summer. We’ve already watched Captain America: Civil War! I still have to watch Deadpool and Zootopia though :o -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    2nd June 2016
  2. Nieves ADDS...

    Me han gustado mucho las fotos del cumple de Dani, la comida tiene una pinta estupenda, los globos son muy divertidos, los regalos son muy chulos, y juno como siempre en plan estrella, enhorabuena chicos!

    3rd June 2016
  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Juno is the cutest! I love all the touches you made for Dani’s birthday and how very sweet of the restaurant :) There hasn’t been too many movies out recently that I’ve wanted to see but there is a new zealand film called Hunt for the Wilderpeople which is by one of my favourite directions, Taika Waititi, so I’ll definitely be going to see that and probably the new Alice film too, I love love Tm Burton but I found the first Alice film maybe a little too heavy on the CGI (or maybe I need to get with the times :P) Happy JUNE you guy!

    4th June 2016
  4. Kimmy ADDS...

    I love seeing snap shots from a person’s life. And I was super excited for Star Wars as well!! Went out and bought it the day it went on sale. Nicely added touch to your hubby’s shirt.
    June for me looks a lot like May ended up being. More and more job huntin. I’ve been feeling discouraged so I up that changes soon.
    But there are also planned family dinners and books I can’t wait to start reading, so I’m trying to remain positive.

    6th June 2016
  5. petra ADDS...

    looks like a fabulous month. definitely more colourful than what we had here :)

    6th June 2016
  6. Mariko ADDS...

    Happy birthday, Dani! I love that storm trooper patch! And surprise cake is always the best kind of cake.

    9th June 2016

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