As of late… snapshots from October

Blue eyes kitty - The cat, you and us

Hello November, whether you had a long weekend or not, hope you are having a wonderful week!

This is a “snapshots” post where we look back to last month daily knick knacks, captured only through our phones, do you want to join us in this time travel?

The month of October started with a wedding from Dani’s cousin. Do you remember how we already shared the before-the-wedding (for us!) pictures with our dslr? Although we were not on photography duty that time, we can’t never resist the temptation to take at least a couple of snapshots. Here you can see the actual wedding chapel and venue, plus Dani’s brother & sister in-law, and our outfits. Family times!

Mas Bonvilar - The cat, you and us Oriol & Sara - The cat, you and us

Ho hey! They look cute together, right?

Damaris & Dani dressed for a wedding - The cat, you and us

I was not planning on wearing a shawl because the lbd is cuter without, but the wedding finally started a little late (brides, ha!) and it wouldn’t have been wise not wearing it. Flower crown was a hit, thanks family for the nice words! This is the one I got in Carcassonne!

Mas Bonvilar - The cat, you and us Damaris - The cat, you and us Pizzeria Massa - The cat, you and us

Now you can see where I get my quirkiness from, lol

Pizzeria Massa - The cat, you and us Usagui barcelona matcha latte and dorayaki set - The cat, you and us Dorayaki usagui barcelona - The cat, you and us

I’m a broken record, but I do love this little japanese café! Usagui has most of its dinnerware with rabbit shapes and also their dorayakis, isn’t this cute?

Cat peeking out the window - The cat, you and us

During October Juno’s favorite passtime has been to spy everyone from the safety of her home. She is a super scaredy cat, but when she feels safe she always acts like the bravest one. She was so much peeking out from the window, that I had to indulge her into adding a chair so she could have more views.

Hidden Café Barcelona - The cat, you and us

We have discovered a new nice nearby café called Hidden Café that also serves matcha latte, double score! Coffee is their speciality, and Dani was super happy with the revelation that they bring each month new coffee beans from farms all around the world, which then they toast themselves.

Juno and the cardbox - The cat, you and us Juno and the cardbox - The cat, you and us

When there is a box in the house, there is Juno! She definitely is a cardbox lover this furry one! She also loves when we pet her in her chin, and if it is inside a box, the more the better.

How was your October? Let me know all about it. Wish you a nice November! We will be back in a week with more posts and also don’t forget to check our Instagram to have a peek of how we are doing!

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Me gustan las fotos, qué habéis puesto, son chulas, la juno está preciosa dentro de la caja, se la ve muy feliz, gracias por estas y todas las fotos, ya que todas son un regalo.

    3rd November 2016
  2. Haha photographers can’t help but be photographers, even when they’re off duty! There’s so much beauty in the world everywhere, it’s hard not to. // Weddings are the perfect occasion to wear flower crowns <3 // asfghjkl both those cafes look like my kinda place! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    3rd November 2016
  3. Fiona ADDS...

    ARGH! you guys are so stylish at the wedding!! super cute :) :) Glad to see a very content little Juno too! All the cafe/food photos look super yum and stylish. We tried a new cafe today and it was a little bit of a let down, I think I have bad cafe picking luck, need to steal some off you guys!

    5th November 2016
  4. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Your flower crown is absolutely charming!

    14th November 2016

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