As of late… snapshots from September

Juno the explorer - The cat, you and us

Hello lovelies! Happy beginning of October!

This is the day we go back to see how last month looked like through our phone lens, shall we?

September is my birthday month, and usually a good one, temperatures start to go down, there are usually surprises (birthday treats!), food dates, and new interesting movies releasing. This month however it was not about us (at all) but about Juno.

When we got home one day we saw she had peed on the couch, not normal whatsoever! we immediately thought she may had a cystitis and that we had to go straight to the vet. Since that second we started being extra obsessive watching closely her behavior, but wasn’t able to detect any other irregularity. Our visit to the vet wasn’t considered urgent since there wasn’t any other type of incident and had to wait the longest week of my life. I even gave a (dumb) hint via hashtags on IG because I was so obsessed that couldn’t post a picture of Juno without mentioning our worries. Finally, we visited the vet, she advised us to do some blood and urine tests just as a precaution, but that she had no fever not any other symptom. We scheduled the visit as soon as possible and went yesterday, thinking that we were being too cautious. Well… to my dismay it resulted the worrying was up to the problem: she has a very strong urinary infection which requires a 21-day treatment. Fortunately the blood tests turned out perfect, and she is healthy in every other issue. I felt devastated and hugely relieved in just an amount of 24 hours.

I’ll be uneasy all next 21 days, but a little bit of me also knows that everything will be alright, and if Juno was able to talk me into feeling better she would! (crazy cat lady talk, sorry!)

Not surprisingly most of the pictures we have taken this month feature our lovely feline little one, so here you have Juno during September in her usual funny faces self!

La barbuda night creature - The cat, you and us

For my birthday I got this awesome Gremlins patch by La Barbuda. Juno and Gizmo share the same big eyes, don’t they?

La barbuda night creature - The cat, you and us La barbuda night creature - The cat, you and us Juno pin alike by Justine Gil Buena - The cat, you and us

I also was super lucky for my birthday because Dani spotted on my Pinterest this fabulous Juno-alike pin by Justine Gil Buena to increase my collection. If you like enamel pins, make sure to check out her site she has awesome pieces! Also Dani told me she was the sweetest with the purchase, so yay for Justine!

Mr Kao Dim Sums - The cat, you and us

My mom and Dani treated me with Dim sums at Mr Kao, these were my favorites: zucchini flower with cod fish inside and a yuzu mousse to dip, yum!

Juno and the rabbit - The cat, you and us Cup and cake - The cat, you and us Juno If I fit I sits - The cat, you and us

This picture makes me laugh so much. Juno can sleep where she likes, but of course the only place where the brand new t-shirt is sitting is the best. lol.

Juno pillow queen - The cat, you and us

Juno the pillow queen!

All about Juno - The cat, you and us

Juno, we love you so much!

How did your September looked like? What are your plans for October? We will surely have a different an interesting one, and I’ll report everything back to you! *wink*

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