Our pin (& brooch) collection

Pin and brooch collection - The cat, you and us


Those who also follow our adventures through Instagram have already suffered me (ha!) mentioning the heatwave striking around the Mediterranean area. Not only is quite unbearable for the high temperatures, but specially for the super (tropical-ish) humidity that adds a stickiness, which is the nuisance that is really bothering me. I’m not complaining (although I would love autumn starting soon), it’s only that this is a great explanation to this post: we have spent more time indoors sorting things in the house, starting with a new container for our pin and brooch collection.

Rilakkuma Jewlery box - The cat, you and us

When we were in Japan for our honeymoon we bought quite a lot of food souvenirs (I think long time readers will remember this silly snacks video?), one being a little (super cute) Rilakkuma cookie tin box. We are so nostalgic that ate some of the cookies but weren’t able to finish it until the end. Finally we have decided to give the last cookies a goodbye to be able to reuse the adorable box.

Rilakkuma Jewlery box - The cat, you and us

Let’s start with my enamel pins first!


Enamel pin collection - The cat, you and us

It’s surprising that just now, due to the photo session, I realized that some of the pins I thought I had were in fact brooches, thus the final pin collection is rather compact. Mostly Disney’s pins (can’t help it), including the two retro Mickey Fantasia and Donald that Dani gave me as a gift from his childhood collection.

CoucouSuzette pin - The cat, you and us

The heart pin was a gift from my friend Elena and it’s from CoucouSuzette, big love!

City of Industry pin - The cat, you and us

The pinwheel is my beloved companion, I can’t take it off my denim vest, I just can’t. It’s from City of industry.

Brooch collection - The cat, you and us

My brooch collection is very eclectic, isn’t it? I have sequins, plastic, wood, crochet, mohair yarn and enamel as the materials for them. I like how each single one of them reminds me of something or someone special; I have my fuji-san brooch from our honeymoon bought in Takeshita-dori, the strawberry from the sweet Mei visiting here in Barcelona, the Happy Birthday that I bought in Wales because it was indeed my birthday, the cacti from the lovely Kate that was a Christmas gift, the birthday gifts from my beloved Fee. Well, everything is more than an item, it represents something. The same happens with all the pins in the collection, I see them and I instantly have those other feelings attached. Do you also give feelings to accessories or clothing items? Or I am being too sentimental?

Strawberry brooch by Ice Pandora - The cat, you and us

This super rad strawberry crochet brooch is from the talented Mei at Ice Pandora. The fluffy bear is from Lelelerele.


Enamel pin collection - The cat, you and us

Dani had a huge collection of pins as a kiddo, but he ended up keeping only his favorites that you can see here. It is very amusing because giving only a quick look you can read how it represents his tastes so much: the movie fan, the gamer, the hipster (ha!). I think the foodie is missing, I definitely should buy him a food pin to include in the collection.

Enamel pin collection - The cat, you and us

Hope you liked our collection, I am definitely looking forward to keep growing it to include more and more memories in the little shiny tin box.

Bonus pic….

And… oh well, I have to include this quick behind the scenes shot where you can see our vertical setting to take the pictures.

Making off pin collection - The cat, you and us

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by the blog post or Instagram to sing happy birthday, you’re super dear to my heart, thank you deeply ♥

Have an amazing weekend, let’s hope for the temperatures to slow down a little bit and let’s see what adventures there are in store for next week!

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Qué chulada de pins, me encantan, ánimo a dani a que siga ampliando la colección, pues Dàmaris le ha cogido bastante ventaja, gracias guapos.

    8th September 2016
  2. ice pandora ADDS...

    My strawberry pin <3 I'd love to send you new fruit pins in the future ^__^
    Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

    9th September 2016
    • We reply...

      It is super adorable! I got so many compliments :) Thanks dear pal <3

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Ohhhh so fun to see, I love this! I’m always totally confused about calling something a pin or a brooch, it’s all about the backing right? maybe it’s okay that I get them mixed up :P Love the sneaky behind the scenes pick, so clever to do that vertical! I love your birthday girl pin so much and Dani’s Mario mushroom pin is amazing – well they’re all amazing. Such a sweet tin to house them all in too :) Thanks for showing us!

    9th September 2016
    • We reply...

      The same happens to me! I think a pin is when there is the little spike and then a brooch has all that clip closure :) but that comes from someone that always mistakes the ones in my collection, ha! I always love love love your collections, and although this one here is super modest I was very happy to take those pictures and share them as well. And hey, after my birthday it just got bigger, I have one new cat pin I should share soon. Big hug!

  4. How sweet of Dani to share part of his childhood collection with you! Fantasia was my childhood <3 And cool behind the scene shot haha. I would have thought that you had laid them out flat on the ground or on a table and stood above it to get a picture, but having it up on the wall definitely makes cooperating with shadows and perspective easier! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    9th September 2016
    • We reply...

      Agree! it was super nice of him to part with some of his beloved memories :) Aww, Fantasia is definitely very special, thanks for sharing that it is a dear one to you! Hugs!

  5. Kate ADDS...

    I love this post. So so happy to see the cactus pin make a little appearance :)

    12th September 2016
    • We reply...

      Thanks lovely! Your cactus is always in my denim vest, it’s so so cute! <3

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