Meeting Mei while visiting “Japan” in Gracia

Ice Pandora and The cat, you and us meetup - The cat, you and us

As I have already advanced a couple of times before we had a blogger meetup with Mei from Ice Pandora this August waiting for us. For those that don’t know her, she is a lovely crafter from the Netherlands (can you remember the colorful & fun crochet banner she made for our blog 1st anniversary? it was ace!) and she shares not only her creations, but also her recipes & eating experiences (she is a foodie!) and daily adventures at Ice Pandora.

When she sent an email telling us that she was coming to Barcelona we knew that of course had to seize the chance to meet and luckily she was in for our proposal with a local flavour to spend the day: we were going to have breakfast at one of our favorites cafes, Café Cometa, and then visit Gracia neighborhood, that she still had to discover.

Cafe Cometa - The cat, you and us

Café Cometa massive wall art always makes me smile, I’m sure you can recognize some of the artists!

Cafe Cometa - The cat, you and us Cafe Cometa avocado toast - The cat, you and us

We chose the avocado toast while Mei favored the egg one, everything here is delish and with a cute presentation!

Cafe Cometa egg toast - The cat, you and us Dani

Since two cameras were clearly not enough, Dani was also paparazzing with the iphone, ha! I have to apologize here for not taking a picture of him and Mei together, make sure to check the last link in this post to know my daily feelings ;)

Ice Pandora crochet gift - The cat, you and us

Mei was so super sweet as to bring us the cutest gifts, two of her crochet creations (!!), rilakkuma socks (she knows me well!), Japanese goodies (more on that on another post) and a gorgeous Italian notebook altogether with Dutch sweets.

Ice Pandora crochet gift - The cat, you and us Ice Pandora strawberry crochet brooch - The cat, you and us

Strawberry crochet brooch, amazing! We became the strawberry girls! (she was also wearing one)

Cafe Cometa chai latte - The cat, you and us Ice Pandora gifts - The cat, you and us

In fact our Gracia outing was not a random idea, during this week there is a holiday where neighbors dress the streets according to a theme which we like to visit it each year. One of the most amazing conditions to create the decorations is that they have to prioritize the use of recycled materials. Each street participating in the contest (there is also a prize behind for the best street) spends the whole year gathering materials to create the decorations and thinks about creative ways to construct them. This year thanks to the streets decorations we were able to visit Paris, Japan, an airport, a funfair, the playmobil medieval castle and walk through Vivaldi’s four seasons, not bad for a single morning, right? *wink*

Carrer Verdi Japan - The cat, you and us

This recreation of the Fushimi Inari trail brought back many good memories, awww!

Carrer Verdi Japan - The cat, you and us

Verdi Street won this year competition with their homage to Japan.

Festes de Gracia - The cat, you and us Carrer Verdi Japan - The cat, you and us

This pastel ceiling is made entirely of bubble wrap, isn’t it attractive?

Carrer Verdi Japan - The cat, you and us

The Japanese flag was made out of recycled CD cases.

Castellers Festes de Gracia - The cat, you and us

We stumbled upon “castellers”, the traditional human towers, brave guys!

I was able to confirm that I have a lack of social skills whatsoever – introvert guilty, ha! But we laughed, had fun and Mei was the sweetest (and hope she could cope with my forgetful silly head, oh good… this image really sums up my feelings, anyone else with me?)

Do you have meetup experiences to share? How was it like?

Carrer Verdi Japan - The cat, you and us

Had to post this image, is too funny! Goofy Mei and me not following the memo… face palm – Thanks girl for the visit!

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  1. Deniz ADDS...

    OHHH <33 It's so lovely! Meeting favorite bloggers in real life is my favorite action :) The street fest looks awesome as well. And this cafe is saved into my list for the next trip to BCN.

    20th August 2015
  2. It’s so cool how the online world can create something in the offline world like this, a beautiful friendship :’) This holiday/contest is so cool! I love how spirited everyone is, and they’ve created some very convincing replicas! I hope you all had a grand time, and I’m looking forward to seeing some more about it over at Mei’s blog ;) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    21st August 2015
  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Aww you guys – how cute are you! Mei’s creations are amazing and also those street scenes and their clever use of recycled materials *gasp* the bubblewrap is so clever. Both your outfits are super cute and only made better by matching strawberries!!!!

    21st August 2015
  4. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Hearts all around this one! :D such a lovely gift from Mei too! How sweet!!

    21st August 2015
  5. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Damaris!! Once again, it was such a blessing to meet with you guys c:
    and to be ‘strawberry girls’ together ^_^ Xx

    21st August 2015
  6. That is the cutest cafe! Love all the art on the walls. And it’s so great to meet up with fellow bloggers – you two are darling!

    22nd August 2015
  7. Mariko ADDS...

    What an amazing tradition! I love that so many of the decorations use recycled materials. And also so happy to hear you met Mei in person. Those brooches are adorable!

    23rd August 2015
  8. Sharon ADDS...

    so lovely! looks like you girls had so much fun – i love the little crochet too, how sweet :)

    23rd August 2015
  9. Denysia Yu ADDS...

    Awww! It looks like the three of you had a lot of fun! The food looks delish!

    25th August 2015

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