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Sparklers - The cat, you and us

Hello sweeties & hello summer! Have you already celebrated the new season? We just did this last Thursday night at Sant Joan, a catalan tradition that celebrates the arrival of summer with fireworks and campfires. Do you remember from two years ago that we usually spent it shut in because I am super afraid of fireworks? Well, this changed a little this year because we had a lovely & fun time playing with sparklers. You might say baby steps, but still a huge leap for me!

Laughing with sparklers - The cat, you and us Sparklers - The cat, you and us Sparklers - The cat, you and us Elena and the sparkler

Since Elena and Eugeni have an amazing adventure ahead with them moving for a year to Chile in a few days (eeep! exciting!), she had the best of ideas making it a date to celebrate Sant Joan together with a farewell dinner. We had the greatest time and laughed so much with the sparklers never lighting up, not even using 4 matches at the same time! ha! We are definitely going to miss these two, but I’m looking forward to the things they will show us from Chile & the experience they will live.

Sparklers - The cat, you and us Sparklers - The cat, you and us Sparklers - The cat, you and us Sparklers - The cat, you and us

As soon as the girls got our sparklers, we began to scream: expecto patronum!

Star Wars fight with sparklers - The cat, you and us

While the boys engaged in a Star Wars-ish fight…I guess we are different after all, ha!

Sparklers - The cat, you and us

Aren’t the little stars pretty? We used several sparklers at the same time because it was easier to light up a sparkler with another sparkler than with a match.

Sparklers - The cat, you and us Coca de Sant Joan - The cat, you and us

Another tradition of Sant Joan is to eat a sponge cake called Coca de Sant Joan. There are three types: the most traditional is the one we ate, the sugar-coated fruit, the second type is similar but has a spaghetti squash filling and the third (which I don’t favor) is the pork rind one.

Do you have a similar celebration for summer? Have you ever been in Barcelona during a 23rd of June? Do you like to light fireworks? Which reminds me something that is coming very soon… happy early 4th of July!

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  1. omg seeing the expecto patronum and Star Wars pictures made me smile!!! :’) I get a long weekend for 4th of July, and there’s probably no better place to celebrate it than Philly where the Declaration of Independence was signed! My friends and I are making plans :) We’ll probably go out to the city and pick and choose from the numerous events that’ll be happening out there! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    27th June 2016
  2. Fiona ADDS...

    Love all these sweet traditions and I’m definitely a fan of sparklers – so pretty! I hope your friends have the best time on their adventure and you don’t miss them too much!

    30th June 2016
  3. Mariko ADDS...

    I think I’ve mentioned it before, but in Quebec we celebrate St-Jean de Baptiste day on June 26th as a ‘national’ holiday for the province (long story) and bonfires are a frequent activity, as are fireworks. Then, there’s more fireworks on July 1 for Canada Day, but in Quebec it’s just moving day, even though we usually still get fireworks.

    5th July 2016
  4. Jane Y. ADDS...

    love! we just played with sparklers too for fourth of july. they never get tiring! and congrats to Elena and Eugeni!

    7th July 2016

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