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living room - The cat, you and us

Precisely this exact month 4 years ago we moved to our current home.

It seems to me like we have been here for ages, until I start making mental lists about all the things we still have not properly decorated in our home. Maybe those lists are there forever? Hope so! I like to have plans and prospects, specially decoration-wise. I blame (a little) my Pinterest which is daily invaded with the most awesome houses; I confess I almost every day can be caught saying: oooh we need this! or oooh I’ll move here in a heart beat – Dani can testify it’s almost too shamefully true.

It is true there is lot of room to improve in our home, but I love every bit of it. I love all the little things around that remind me of lots (and lots) of happy moments: those nick-nacks from Japan, having favorite illustrations on the walls that make me smile every time that I see them or that side coffee table with the picture making silly faces at our wedding. I’m also excited to know that we will be adding more memories to our shelves and walls and that everything will have an interesting story for us.

I’ve rescued a stop motion video featuring the moving we recorded to let family and friends know that we would love everyone visiting our new home, and I thought that, although is a little old, it would be fun to share! You can see the differences between our current living room in the picture and the video, and also the big differences in us: we were younger, no doubts, and I had much shorter hair, ha!

Put your music on, click play, and let the 4 year time travel begin :) Don’t forget to explain us how the moving to your first home was! Oh! and please forgive the quality, no color correction or anything, it was a very quick video processing.

My favorite parts:
-0:14 Magazine papers in the shape of the future furniture, looking like a decoration crime scene :)
-0:18 Both my mom and I with aprons cleaning all the place, we were the first owners but it definitely needed a facelift.
-0:22 Our laptop on the back shelf playing music non-stop, this is one of the things I most remember.
-0:31 A black cardigan appears on the sofa …
-0:32 … and I put my “I’m so angry” (not real) face because the cardigan was ruining the video! :P
-0:47 a small homage to “It crowd”, a very crazy British comedy.

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