Rasos de Peguera

Rasos de Peguera is a former ski resort that has been closed for a decade, mainly due to the lack of snow on the area. It’s located 1h ½ driving distance from Barcelona.

Our friend Carlos bought his first dslr this February, and to learn how to use his new camera, he enrolled Anna, Albert & us on a road trip to that abandoned ski station. It was going to be a fun getaway, we would see and touch snow, take some photos and we would use again, after some years, our reflector. As anyone of us had already been in Rasos de Peguera, we drive there dreaming of idyllic landscapes with not a single soul in miles and beautiful old abandoned stuff.

But, oh-my, we were completely wrong.

A long line of cars in the “abandoned” parking lot was the first clue to what we should expect ahead. We finally left the car 10 minutes walking distance from the station. The ski station was full house, lot of kids were with their parents playing with the snow, sleighs everywhere, an even a small cafe to have a nice afterwards hot chocolate was there.

Although it was not what we had in mind, we had a really good time playing around with the reflector and all our cameras (3 dsrl, one lomo, two iphones…). Some people asked us if we worked for a magazine, I guess the reflector and our not very ski-ish outfits had something to do with that idea ;). We had a very good day with an amazing light, check it in the pictures!

rasos de peguera rasos de peguera damaris dani anna albert carlos rasos de peguera kid sleigh kid sleigh snow snow fight snow fight snow fight snow fight damaris anna rasos de peguera snow jump Anna reflector albert anna snow rain snow rain snow rain coreography in the snow damaris
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  1. Albert ADDS...

    Hi ha un parell de fotos aquí que poden arruïnar la meva carrera U_U

    13th May 2013
    • We reply...

      La teva carrera de muso no pot fer més que despegar ;)

  2. Natasza ADDS...

    beautiful blog I follow!welcomeon my blog!!

    23rd September 2013

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