Searching for poppies

Wheat fields - The cat, you and us

Hello Monday! Do you see that picture on top of the post? It turned out not so bad but it is not a single bit like our minds had imagined it...

Poppies - The cat, you and us

A week ago and so, the lovely Elena wrote a message telling me that she just had seen an Instagram picture showing that the poppies field near Barcelona was in full bloom. That precise poppies field had already been a (ghostly) theme in our photography when we took their engagement pictures in the same area for The cat in love. At that time, one of the backgrounds we had discussed with Elena for their pictures was the poppies field, but for our dismay we found not any single track of their existence. Therefore this time, with the Instagram evidence in our hands, we prepared "revenge" and planned a hike for the weekend to the area walking 3 different trails with two different poppies field to stumble upon, it was beyond impossible that we could miss them.

Bellaterra hiking trails - The cat, you and us Bellaterra hiking trails - The cat, you and us

Well, we did not miss the field, but the poppies were almost gone, just a few rebels, to gave us a small consolation prize, were left. Nevertheless the trails were wonderful, we walked for more than 3 hours all the time by ourselves with just a brief encounter with 6 fidgety dogs and their human pal. We calmly walked through the woods & fields with wheat, wild flowers (mostly thistles) around us, perfect occasional city shutdown at 25 minutes from Barcelona.

Bellaterra woods - The cat, you and us Bellaterra hiking trails - The cat, you and us Bellaterra hiking trails - The cat, you and us Bellaterra hiking trails - The cat, you and us Bellaterra hiking trails - The cat, you and us Bellaterra hiking trails - The cat, you and us Wild flowers - The cat, you and us Bee and thistle - The cat, you and us

Dani took this picture. This is something big considering that he is extremely scared of bees, so he is very proud for being able to get this close. I keep telling him that flowers are way more interesting for bees than us, so there is no reason to be scared when we are surrounded by them.

Poppies - The cat, you and us

Looking closer... here they are! thanks little rebel poppies.

Wheat fields - The cat, you and us

Not the redness we were thinking about, but the wheat looks equally lovely with the golden hour light. Oh, you flickery poppies vision!

Taking pictures of poppies - The cat, you and us Poppy - The cat, you and us

What are you up to? Vacation mode ready? Last year on June we were at Cinque Terre, oh my... let's not further think about it because I'm already Italy homesick, ha!

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    awww – maybe that photo is even more special with the wheat(??) and how your outfit fits in perfectly :) Good on brave Dani for that photo! I was just saying on petra’s blog that we don’t get to see big bumble bees like that, ours are much smaller or less fluffy :P So that photo is pretty magical to me :)

    13th June 2016
    • We reply...

      My outfit is very matchy-matchy with the wheat! :) Oh! I would have thought that you had in Australia way more interesting bees than we have here. The fluffy ones are my absolute favorite, it may sound weird but it’s like you could pet them (don’t worry it only crosses my mind for a second ;P). Love!

  2. Nieves ADDS...

    Acabo de ver las fotos, que se podrían llamar en busca de la amapola perdida, objetivo conseguido, las imágenes invitan a un día placentero, me encantan

    13th June 2016
  3. Haha yay for resourceful online friends! I’m glad you still managed to catch a few poppies and also a bunch of golden wheat! :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    13th June 2016
    • We reply...

      Hahaha, right! I wish we could have webcams at every place just to know this type of things (kidding!) ;) Instagram is quite useful though. Hug!

  4. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Awwwwies, I’m sorry to hear that most poppies were gone :c
    On the other hand, the more ‘wild’ nature and surrounding is still beautiful!
    Just like you Damaris c: xx
    Ice Pandora

    13th June 2016
    • We reply...

      You’re too sweet dear Mei! <3 We definitely equally enjoyed the wild nature without poppies :) and maybe that just means we have to give it a third try?

  5. Mariko ADDS...

    Too bad about the poppies, but it looks like you still had a nice day in the sun.

    15th June 2016

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