Snowy days

snow weather - The cat, you and us

One year ago we were planning our weekend getaway to Berlin for the Berlinale film festival, packing the warmest clothes we have in our closets knowing that we were probably going to find a winter wonderland scenario. Fortunately for us (snow pics are rare in Barcelona) that was the case!

And now the really shameful part. Although we already shared with you long ago our digital pics of the travel, there were a few photos left inside the film roll of my LC-A+ lomography camera, which has not been developed until now (oops!). The roll also includes some pictures we took a few weeks later at Rasos de Peguera ski station that we are also sharing together just because they are snow related (ha!).

It has been fun remembering the queue under the snow to watch our Berlinale movie and the good times with our friends at the ski station. So yay for belated film rolls that allow you to dig in “old” picture posts!

It was the first time we were using the Lomography Lady Grey B&W film which the guy in the store told us gives less contrasty and grainy pics, which should be better for portraits in worse light conditions. Anyway I think I like more the results of our lomo pictures with landscapes rather than portraits, I guess we still have to get the trick of it. The LC-A+ is very unpredictable, and I have a love-hate relationship with that, I like to be surprised but then I look at the portraits and I think we have much improvement way to go and I’m not sure if all that happy accidents will help us with that.

Do you have a LC-A+? Which film would you recommend? Do you have tips about taking snow pictures? We have very few experience with those so we’ll love to learn how do you manage all the light reflection and such!

Berlin snow portrait - The cat, you and us Alexanderplatz - The cat, you and us

I think is hard to tell from this pictures but all the floor had the remains of yesterday’s snow.

Snow photographer - The cat, you and us

You can see Mauerpark flea market stalls at Dani’s back

Berlin winter trees - The cat, you and us

Winter trees have that Tim Burton feeling for me.

Berlin - The cat, you and us Fields with snow - The cat, you and us Admiring the views of Rasos de Peguera - The cat, you and us

And with this picture we are moving back to the mountains of Rasos de Peguera.

View from the mountain - The cat, you and us Snow war - The cat, you and us

Snow war from the photographer’s opposite view

Mountains - The cat, you and us

I can feel the fresh air from here making me longing for more outside adventures!

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  1. kitsune-kun ADDS...

    yay snow!

    5th February 2014
  2. Denise ADDS...

    Wow, beautiful view!

    5th February 2014
  3. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Yay for rare snow pictures c: I never worked
    with a lomo camera before so I can’t really
    help you guys or give you tips and tricks :c
    I guess its experimenting by yourself and
    learn from mistakes? But I think these
    grayscale pictures looking fine ^__^ Xx

    5th February 2014
  4. Fiona ADDS...

    you guys, no need to doubt yourself these photos are phenomenal! I think my fav are the tim burton-esque trees but I also love the portraits as well. Normally I’m all about the contrast but I actually think there is something super beautiful about low contrast, holga and black and white. I know I want to shoot more. It’s addictive and expensive but I imagine there are many more expensive hobbies out there :P I too have been guilty about leaving film for way too long in a camera, I hope (for my own greediness) next time isn’t quite as long a wait :P

    6th February 2014
  5. petra ADDS...

    fab pics. I used to live in Berlin and always love seeing pictures of it xoxo

    6th February 2014
  6. Jane Y. ADDS...

    these are really nice shots! i still have yet to develop film from my konstructor. i’m a little nervous.. i feel like every single frame is going to be horrible..!

    6th February 2014
  7. Sara ADDS...

    i also have the same opinion about lc-a : usually landscapes are great but portraits…it’s tricky because it is a 28mm lens that distorts the image and it is impossible to shoot from rreally close which leads to a lot of unfocused portraits i have :O
    But these are lovely<3

    7th February 2014

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