South England road trip in (retro) film

South UK road trip: the film - The cat, you and us

We have a rather different type of post today, it’s like opening one of those memory boxes you stumble upon during a spring cleaning: oldie yet unpublished videos from one of our travels, where we were lucky to discover Bath, Brighton, Stonehenge and Brighton, among other British gems. Fancy some retro fun screening?

A few days ago we had dinner with our friends Anna and Albert at a sandwich restaurant we love. Meeting them on August made me remind that just 5 years ago (5! ohmy, times go fast) we were also meeting to plan the last details of our summer adventure together to the United Kingdom – one of our favorite places! We started at Bath and ended in Brighton, to visit in 5 days several must-visit towns and sites of the south of England. Have you ever been there, or are a lucky inhabitant of the lands? The trip was a blast, we stayed at the loveliest Bed and breakfasts and ate fresh scones for the first time ever.

During that time Dani already had the video itch inside him so he decided to give it a try using the phone to record and a retro edit app that converted it into a Super8 looking family film. The videos are less than perfect, but I think they show the beginning of our current travel photo/film style, and the fun times and smiles. Hope they make you smile as well!

Bath: Milton House B&B, The Roman baths and the most delicious dinner at Sally Buns. Oh! and our way shorter hair-dos! Do we look 5 years younger? ha!

Bath: Abbey, Pulteney bridge, Jane Austen (super dear to my heart), Royal Cresecent. Oh! and we realized that we had to wear backpacks so we don’t have to carry annoying shopping bags in all the videos and pics ;)

I think this is my favorite! Lacock, Salisbury and Stonehenge: Harry Potter was filmed here and the most amazing Stonehenge under the rain.

Winchester, Portsmouth, Brighton: Starting in the most amazing B&B, where I wish I could live (that kitchen! swoon) and following Jane Austen steps.

Brighton and Lewes: Is that England or Taj Majal? The Royal Pavilion was an amazing and crazy visit (filmed was not allowed inside, oops). Oh! and was I sloppy while wearing my cardigans or what? ha! I think this is a solved issue right now, don’t worry, cardigans now sit where they should :)

See you soon with more pics of our current selves! What are you up during this August? Love to hear!

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  1. So many videos, what a treat! Loving the vibe and can’t wait to see even more :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    17th August 2016
    • We reply...

      Thank you dear Audrey, you’re very sweet! :) we’ll keep the videos thing rolling on for our next holidays!

  2. Kate ADDS...

    Aw it’s so crazy seeing you in Brighton in those films. I loved them!! Come back to the UK soon please x

    18th August 2016
    • We reply...

      Aww I would love to visit the UK and Brighton again soon, and also go together with you guys for a cup of tea! <3 we only spent there 1 day but I thought it was a very lively place.

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Your cute red boots – eep, actually all your outfits are so amazing damaris and high five for Dani’s video skills, super impressive to have shot all on a phone and how fun to get to watch back over. I love going through our old travel photos but video gives it that extra amazing dimension! Great song choices too and laughed at the bit where you wave dani away for your photo in the bath house (definitely something I would do :P)

    19th August 2016
    • We reply...

      I agree with that extra dimension, it’s fun to see my awkward moves :) I don’t have many videos of me as a kiddo (mostly tons of pics) but Dani does have lots of them because her mother loved to record, and it’s so precious (and fun! little Dani answers to their parents questions in the videos just kill me :D) Thanks for the love dear Fee!

  4. Louise ADDS...

    Aww, I love these quirky videos! Must be such a nice memory! And what a great trip you had!!! You guys went everywhere! And everything looks so beautiful and British!! :P

    21st August 2016
    • We reply...

      Thanks dear Louise! I’m definitely ready for more British in my life, hope we can visit soon. I want to be at so many places at the same time,… when will Dragon Ball’s instant transmission become a thing? ;) just kidding!

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