Sushi go!

Sushi go!

Hello there from Madrid! We are a little late publishing this post, but I’m sure you’ll forgive us because we are spending some days with my family in the charming capital city.

We have enjoyed these days with walking tours around the city, playing Super Luigi Wii U with 4 players (too addictive!) and taking photos, loads of them, so be aware that we will be sharing them on the following weeks. We have also missed lots our sweet Juno, but well… that is quite an unavoidable side effect of being away from home.

Sushi go! Sushi go!

Barcelona and Madrid are not really that far away from each other thanks to the fast train, called AVE, that connects them in 2 and a half hours. When we are travelling with my family we try to book table tickets that are not only cheaper but also allows us to make the 2 hours lighter by bringing some board games. They also play some movie in the train TVs, but they tend to be lousy, so we skip it by bringing or own fun, ha! Do you also like to pack board games when travelling by train?

This time we chose Sushi Go, our new card games that comes in a little tin box which makes it specially easy for travelling. Have you ever played it? It’s super easy, so you can more easily enroll new players to the game, and it has the cutest drawings of the most well-known Japanese food: double win?

Sushi go! Sushi go! Sushi go!

I play always with the Juno lifeline, ha! she looks quite the professional card gamer, right?

Sushi go!

Here you can see all the cute little faces on top of Japanese food, my favorite are the gyozas, but nigiris come as a close second. When you add a wasabi card on top of a nigiri one it triplicates its score, isn’t it clever?

Sushi go! Sushi go! Sushi go!

I don’t think she was too excited for the real salmon nigiris. Is your cat usually thrilled with fish? Our Juno loves the smell of goat cheese, it’s the only human food he is thrilled to lick a little from my finger.

Sushi go!

The game was a birthday present for Dani. Do you also choose presents by how cute they look? *wink*, this time it was quite irresistible, but luckily I had also read some good reviews beforehand and it is a game for 2 or more players.

With this sweet image of Juno we bid adieu for a few days, we will come back with some adventures with my family!

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  1. Those cards are so cute! My younger brother always brings games with him and asks us to play with him :P He and our mom just arrived yesterday to visit me, and he brought a mini set of Connect 4! That kid is always prepared haha. I hope you have a fantastic time with your family! I know I am with mine :D and I’ll be seeing my other brother and my dad soon too! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    14th July 2016
    • We reply...

      It’s always fun to have a younger sibling/nephew as an excuse to play board games :) When we were in Madrid we kind of induced our nephew to ask us to play to guess who, ha! Hope you have fun with your family!

  2. Fiona ADDS...

    You guys always have the cutest Japanese games! I love their little happy faces! I hope Juno gives you guys lots of head bumps (does she do that?) or happy meows & affection when you come back home, until then, super enjoy your holiday – can’t wait to see photos!

    15th July 2016
    • We reply...

      Hahah, thanks! She totally does head bumps when we are away for a while! and it’s funny because she is usually a little whiny when it comes to hold her in our arms, but she is completely into it when she misses us, her body expression is like: please hold me :)

  3. Nieves ADDS...

    Las fotos son una delicia, las dos estáis guapísimas, la cena y el juego de lo más acertado, como siempre, una alegría para los que os admiramos, enhorabuena

    16th July 2016
    • We reply...

      Gracias guapa! <3

  4. Mariko ADDS...

    You’re the second people to recommend Sushi Go! to me this week so I’ll have to give it a chance soon. And yes, Juno is the cutest card shark around.

    17th July 2016
    • We reply...

      What a coincidence! It’s a fun quick card game, very simple (maybe too simple sometimes, specially when there are few players) but fast-paced and addictive :)

  5. Jane Y. ADDS...

    oh my gosh these cards are super cute :)

    28th July 2016

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