The Dinos’ theme park is (almost) open

Jurassic World - The cat, you and us

This Friday the new Jurassic Park movie is out, are you as excited as us? We know that Jurassic World may not be that good, but we don’t really care that much, dinos on big screen with the theme park visualized by John Hammond finally with its gates open? that’s the only thing we need to know right now – well Chris Pratt doesn’t hurt either *wink* (more girls with me? I already found him too adorable on Her).

Jurassic World - The cat, you and us Jurassic World - The cat, you and us

Jurassic Park is one of those movies that will be always part of our imaginario. We were kiddos when it was first released and I can still remember the excitement before watching the movie, the long queues at the movie theatre, and the hype afterwards with all the merchandising and the dinos parafernalia. It was then when I started memorizing dinosaur species and started almost all the collections available to either build your own Tyrannosaurus rex model, trading cards… you name it!

Jurassic World - The cat, you and us Jurassic World - The cat, you and us Jurassic World - The cat, you and us Jurassic World - The cat, you and us

Apparently while I was freaking out about dinosaurs in my hometown Dani was doing the same thing here in Barcelona, as part of his collection he treasures a pin from the original movie that bought during a family vacation at Universal’s. When we moved in together he brought his favorite childhood collections (like G.I-Joes, He-man and such!), one being her pin collection with all of them held in a single baseball cap, crazy boy! We recently moved the Jurassic Park one up from the jar which now contains all our pins together (his&hers) to have it ready for the movie premiere.

Jurassic World - The cat, you and us Jurassic World - The cat, you and us

Are you going to the movies to watch Jurassic World? Where you also fan boys/girls of the first movie? Do you love/hate dinos? Would love to read your comments either way! :)

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  1. I “watched” Jurassic Park when I was little, but I was too little and got really really scared! So till this day I actually don’t really know what it’s about. I bet if I watched it now I wouldn’t be so freaked out. I’ll give it a try :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    11th June 2015
    • We reply...

      I think Jurassic World can even be more scary to young kids than the original one (which already was!), more blood and bigger dinos. I think you can make a movie marathon watching both, hahaha, just kidding! :)

  2. Mariko ADDS...

    Those tights are so cute! I didn’t get to see Jurassic Park until it was released on video, which I guess means something was lost. But I’ve always loved dinosaurs. When I was younger my family did a road trip through the badlands of Alberta where lots of dinosaurs were found. It was amazing. Such a great experience as a kid.

    11th June 2015
    • We reply...

      Perfect family trip! I wish I had done something similar with the hype I had for dinosaurs I bet it would have been something to remember. Lucky little Mariko! :)

  3. I love your thighs! I am definitely a fan girl of jurassic park 1st movie and I will go see the new movie :)

    12th June 2015
    • We reply...

      I had a hunch you were a dino’s lover ;) we enjoyed having them on big screen again, hope you have fun with the movie!

  4. Fiona ADDS...

    How good is Jurassic Park, I re-watched them recently and they have really stood the test of the time – the original will always be my favourite! I definitely wanted to be Paleontologist when I was little (had to check the spelling of that!). I’ll definitely be checking out the new movie, love Chris Pratt – have you guys seen Parks and Recreation (if not you should!).

    Your outfits are so cute, I really love the shot of your heart shirt and the badge – high five for Dani’s vintage pin collection (so amazing!) and all the little dinosaur details in your outfits are killer!

    15th June 2015
    • We reply...

      Definitely need to check Parks and Recreation :) Haven’t seen yet but heard great things about it. When the first movie was out there was a game I got for Christmas called something similar to “Be a Paleontologist” with your own kit with brushes to sweep the sand to find bones inside ;) it was brilliant. Thanks Fee!

  5. Jane Y. ADDS...

    I so embarrassed. I must have been living under a rock because I had no idea this movie was coming out. No wonder there was all these dinosaur talk going on :D

    23rd June 2015
    • We reply...

      Hahhahahaha :) I often feel like living under a rock, Dani is more aware of worldwide news, but I find impossible to not be aware of dinos ;)

  6. SaraLily ADDS...

    What adorable tights!!! So fun!! I loved Jurassic World – I thought they did a great job and that it was MUCH better than the other sequels!

    13th July 2015

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