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Christmas 2016 gifts - The cat, you and us

Hello! Today I’m here for a quick check-in to let you know that some of my wish-listed Christmas gifts made it to our home. Santa is just the best, isn’t he?

For this year’s post we decided to join our presents in a single bundle because some of them make us both happy regardless of to whom they were originally directed. Does it happen with your partner in crime that what you read, see or enjoy is quite similar? Well, this is fun but also a little tricky because I’m never absolutely sure if he is going to get the exact same gift for me (I don’t like returning anything, it makes me super nervous for some reason!). For instance, this year, the moment I realized that She & Him had a new Christmas album I knew it was going to be the perfect Christmas gift. But since we both love so much the oldie vinyl, the present was actually in that “tricky scenario”. Luckily he learned that the vinyl was released a fews weeks after me and a gift from the US was not any longer possible to get here in time, phew!

We got some other amazing things as well, want to see them in detail?

Christmas 2016 gifts - The cat, you and us

I met this sweet fella at last Festivalet, but if I had known about this sweet ceramic unicorn the time I created the wish-list I would have definitely included it. My photography duty didn’t prevent me to fell in love with so many things this year too. It’s from Dodo Toucan.

Christmas 2016 gifts - The cat, you and us

The album in red! We don’t have the other one in red and was one of our most strong wishes. We are happy with some silly things, right?

Christmas 2016 gifts Lorelai & Rory pins - The cat, you and us

This is from my wishlist and I couldn’t be more in love with them! Rory & Lorelai make me smile with just a quick glance to their sweet faces. Do you know I couldn’t start the new series without re-watching the old ones? Hence, I started with season 1 a week ago and I’m already finishing season 2 (Jess season!). I didn’t remember how good episode 1.1 was! Most of the most famous quotes come from this one. I’ve been watching on a loop and even Netflix asks “are you still watching this?” Press Continue. LOL

Christmas 2016 gifts Takenoko - The cat, you and us

This is a very famous board game involving growing and eating bamboo called Takenoko. I thought after our trip to the bamboo forest this could make a cute gift. The drawings and figures are very lovely and the mechanics of the game are fun. We may do a separate post one day!

Christmas 2016 gifts Toy Story Vans - The cat, you and us Christmas 2016 gifts Toy Story Vans - The cat, you and us

Toy Story Vans!! Yay! Is that a secret signal from Dani that we are going back to Japan soon? *I wish!* Hahaha, I think this time I won’t be able to wait until a future Japan trip to wear them.

Christmas 2016 gifts - The cat, you and us

Dirty Dancing is such a classic! As a kiddo I knew all the dances by heart and I used to dance all the time while watching it (for the thousand time). I even put on a fluffy skirt so it would fly with my movements.

Christmas 2016 gifts Grain Supply Co. - The cat, you and us

This one was also in the category of we both love it. Although it has a dino on it, Dani could never wear this watch because he needs to know the exact hour, minute and second. On the contrary I’m content by knowing that it is around “ten to eleven, more or less” ha!

I would love to see your Christmas gifts too, so if you have a link to your blog, or picture in your IG or FB accounts, don’t forget to leave it in the comments. Seeing what everyone got makes me happy.

See you soon with the recap of the year!

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