Up and down, high and low

Juno and the box - The cat, you and us

Since my birthday (thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all the well wishes ♥) I have been feeling a little low, I got an awesome and unexpected surprise from Dani to visit Carcassone, a medieval town from the south of France – there is a sneak peek on our Instagram – but still I was feeling somehow not my best self. And the fact that I was acting a little grumpy when I had so much to cheer only increased my feelings of being the worst person ever.

I know feeling grumpy is not the best to share on this blog, because as I have already told you, The cat, you and us is my happy shelter, a place where I can realize how lucky and grateful I should be and how many wonderful things life gives us :) oh, and with this I mean cats, of course! ha! – can’t avoid being silly, sorry! One of those magical things that happen thanks to this blog is meeting blow-minding sweet and talented people that bring so much joy and inspiration. But not only that, you feel them so much close that they are part of your friends gang, a family. When someone contacts me in any way possible (comments, mail, in real life (wow), anything!) that is always a jump of joy, so thank you for that.

Juno and the box - The cat, you and us

Juno jumped inside without giving me a chance to take anything out, and then refused to leave, she even got sleepy inside while guarding the box.

Today I’m sharing the a-m-a-z-i-n-g gift I got from Fiona, whom has become a bff when I thought bffs didn’t existed (for me) anymore. Thanks girl for the heart beating feeling and excitement I had when receiving it and the love and dedication you put in this – add big heart crying emoji eyes (although it doesn’t exist, it should, apple calling). I leave you with the images of a super excited Juno and the thoughtful presents. Everything in the package screams my name, doesn’t it? I will soon style some of them, how fun!

Juno and the box - The cat, you and us Aussie Gift - The cat, you and us Aussie Gift - The cat, you and us Aussie Gift - The cat, you and us

One paw out, so the box is not left unattended, ha!


Prettiest pink birthday card, looove dots!

Cat brooch - The cat, you and us

Awwww gorgeous cat brooch from Audrey Jeanne, beyond purrfect

WTF cat brooch - The cat, you and us Missed Connections - The cat, you and us

I’m so happy to have this book which I have very long coveted! Pretty, witty and imaginative illustrations from Sophie Blackall.

Burntfeather necklace - The cat, you and us

Best for last! Fiona made this beautiful necklace from clay and sea glass from the Sunshine Coast with this amazing pearl lustre finish, so dreamy!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my rambling, I will very very soon share more of our Madrid trip (promise!) and, of course, Carcassone: travel posts, my favorites, yay!

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  1. Kate ADDS...

    What a fantastic box of birthday treats indeed! I look forward to seeing photos of all your latest adventures :) x

    15th September 2015
    • We reply...

      Thanks Kate!! :) I think editing and sharing the pictures from our latest adventures is going to be the best medicine for this silly blues.

  2. Fiona ADDS...

    Aww you got me tearing up now!! On the flipside I’m also laughing so much at cutie pie Juno and the guarding of the box – lol lol lol! I also totes relate to feeling down but also wanting to make your blog a super happy place. I really strive for that myself and perhaps trying to change my mood by posting happy thoughts and photos :) I like to think that every time there is a low there’s a high just waiting around the corner! I’m so grateful for blogging and getting to “meet” you guys – totes BBF! *huge happy smile* I’ve gone from being teary, to laughing to smiling and being thankful – too emotional myself :P he he he he

    16th September 2015
    • We reply...

      Awwww thanks for such a great comment Fee, I can always see you in every word :) We are hiding the box from Juno a few days as a game for her, I think we should record a video when we bring the box back again to her life ;)

  3. Jane Y. ADDS...

    What a lovely lovely gift! I’ve been feeling all sorts of wonky and hoping to get out of this funk too.. it’s been a while and I’ve been going in and out. Sending you some sunshine~~

    16th September 2015
    • We reply...

      Your sunshine is very warming, thanks dear Jane! I’m also sending a big hug back to the States :)

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