US Roadtrip: High five to San Francisco

And finally for the last stages of our US road trip we say hello to San Francisco :) Instead of having a circular itinerary (do you remember how we started the adventure in Los Angeles?) we decided to end our journey in one of the cities that raised more our curiosity in the States. Everyone tells how much San Francisco resembles an European city. I guess being from the old continent :P hold us back in seeing that likelihood so much, however we found it more like a laid back, foggy and (very) steep slope New York. Please forgive us for this rough comparison; it is hard to explain the feeling!

San Francisco has some pretty expensive accommodation offer, and you might have to give up either in location or comfort level. In order to be able to be in a centric location and to adjust to the budget we decided that a good solution would be to turn to airbnb and look up an apartment in one of the most recommended areas. We finally stayed in 17th St near Mission and Castro neighborhoods. Our apartment was exactly how I was expecting the city to be, eccentric and cool parts equal.

The first evening in the city we decided to explore Mission and to try one of the many recommendations we had from blogs (you may already know SF girl by bay?) which are always a blast. We love to add recommendations from blogs (you blog creators out there have good taste!) as they are always spot on and they make us feel like locals :) That first night we went to Mission Cheese a little place that, as the name reveals, is specialized in cheese plates. If you are into cheese, do not miss it, they have cheese from lots of places of the United States (yummy!), a feel-like-in-heaven mac&cheese, plus their mongers are very committed and the nicest. We liked it so much that we repeated the experience the second night with Anna and Albert, whom had missed it the first time. For the last night we went to Frjtz , a burger place with the most amazing mayonnaise and ketchup varieties (white truffle artichoke ketchup and miso mayo was our choice) that again you won’t regret the visit! :)

The title of our post is not accidental. The first afternoon in San Francisco we went window shopping and while buying the line poster of the city (resting now on top of our cabinet) the trendiest and coolest kid high-fived us when he learnt that we had just arrived to the city but actually were from Barcelona. Of course we both fell in love immediately with SF citizens.

I feel like this is the most random post ever both in explanation and in pictures, but maybe it is because San Francisco had so many different experiences waiting for us. We visited several neighborhoods in the city including Mission, Castro, Chinatown and Haight-Ashbury, had a pleasant walk in the Piers, took a ship to Alcatraz and got lost in the fog inside the Golden Gate.

Nevertheless I felt like we only scratched the surface of the city, I love when this happens because then I have an excuse to leave it in our wishlists.

More of San Francisco to come in the following posts this week!

** This post is part of our US road trip series **

San Francisco apartment - The cat, you and us

Shperical brass lamps in our SF apartment to say hi! and to show a little of the living room. And yes that’s a giant scary (we believe that fake) goat head on the back.

San Francisco apartment - The cat, you and us Castro - The cat, you and us

Colorful apartment buildings in Mission and Castro.

Dani at Haight-Ashbury - The cat, you and us

My “beau” didn’t feel much attracted to the hippie fashion stores :)

Bonjour Damaris! - The cat, you and us Walking SF - The cat, you and us Painted houses in SF - The cat, you and us

Colors! Add my happy face here.

Dani - The cat, you and us

A rather moiré pattern in this wall, right?

Dani at the streets of San Francisco - The cat, you and us

Not any road gradients in SF :P We were advised to took buses even though you were only going two streets ahead, and that was a really good suggestion.

Streets of San Francisco - The cat, you and us

Cars have to park in 90º I can’t imagine how tricky this must be (brave SF car owners!)

Alcatraz (sort of) - The cat, you and us

Alcatraz in the fog, and a sailing boat because the America’s cup took place while we were there.

San Francisco Pier - The cat, you and us Belly jelly - The cat, you and us

You will find me in every place that has Jelly Belly candy.

belly jelly - The cat, you and us Sea lions at SF - The cat, you and us

The sea lions were there sleeping, taking sun baths and playing around.

Mission Cheese - The cat, you and us

Mission Cheese has mason jars as drinking glasses. I’ll have a dozen for my home, pleeease? :)

Mission Cheese plate - The cat, you and us

We love cheese. My favorites are the most creamy ones, Dani fancies a lot the blue cheese and Juno is crazy for goat. Which ones are yours?

Mac and Cheese at  Mission Cheese - The cat, you and us

Mac with artisan cheese, ohh how I wish there was a good place here as well.

Mission Cheese mason jars- The cat, you and us Golden Gate Bridge with fog - The cat, you and us

That’s everything we saw from the Golden Gate, only 6 and a half feet ahead of us.

Anna and Damaris at the golden gate bridge - The cat, you and us

Oh boy! It was cold inside the fog!

Damaris at the golden gate bridge - The cat, you and us Damaris at the golden gate bridge - The cat, you and us

And the fog will follow us into our next post: Alcatraz. Stay tuned!

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  1. Lucila ADDS...

    Vam veure això dels lleons marins l’altre dia en un programa del 33 i vam flipar. Quina enveja que els hagueu vist en directe!!

    11th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Pel que ens van dir no sempre estan allà, per exemple un company de feina no va coincidir amb ells. Vam tenir sort! :)

  2. becca waterloo ADDS...

    Love that city! looks like so much fun!

    11th November 2013
    • We reply...

      San Francisco has so many interesting things! We are looking forward to a next time exploring the city :)

  3. Awww beautiful photos! Can’t wait for next episode ;)

    11th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Nadia!! Next episode (tomorrow) will be in the historic prision of Alcatraz, a less bright subject than this one, but it was so very fascinating.

  4. petra ADDS...

    great pics. looks like you got really lucky with your airbnb place. I’d love to go to SF. maybe next year. but there are simply too many places and to few days in a life xo

    12th November 2013
    • We reply...

      I know! There are too many things in my travel wishlist too! :) So far we have only rented two apartments through airbnb but both experiences went smoothly, I think it is a good option if you are on a long stay or are travelling with friends (or a family).

  5. I’m enjoying your road trip photos! Next time I’m in San Fran, my mission is to go to Mission Cheese! :) xo

    12th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Yummy Mission Cheese! They change everytime the menu so we do not regret visiting it twice as the varieties were different each time. We chose the California, Midwest and East Coast plates.

  6. Nice pictures! I really like the ones in the fog :)

    12th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Oh thanks! The ones with the fog where quite tricky and more with the addition that we were freezing there! :)

  7. Fiona ADDS...

    Oh my goodness, I’ve just eaten dinner but now I’m craving cheese, lots and lots of cheese!!! How great is that fog, I have an imaginary list of things I like to photograph and fog is definitely up there…spooky! Man now I want to visit san fran, how cute you got a high five too!!

    12th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Hahaha, I like how creepy the last two pictures turned out, I was on my way (almost running) out of the bridge. The camera was completely soaked after those pics! However the experience was worthy, I would not change it a bit even though we were not able to see the bridge in all its glory :)

  8. Sara ADDS...

    San Francisco is one of the places i’m most curious to know in the U.S!
    From your pictures i would say i love already :)

    12th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Sara!! The city definitely lived up to our expectatives.

  9. Jane Y. ADDS...

    so lovely! my husband and i want to visit san francisco as well. we haven’t gotten around to it. this is making me go so bad! when we do, we definitely have to check out that cheese place. i love goat cheese and gouda. yum~~

    12th November 2013
    • We reply...

      The city is so fun and different! You will love it, and also it is a good way to do some exercise with the ups and downs after the yummiest cheeses ;) Mmm goat is also a favorite of mine!

  10. Mariko ADDS...

    I would love to visit San Francisco again. I haven’t been since I was a kid and we didn’t really spend much time there. That Mac and Cheese looks amazing, I just want to eat all of the cheese. I also love the picture of the lazy sea lions. I kind of want to rub their bellies. And if you want to visit a North American city that feel like Europe, come to Montreal! Rick and I will show you all the delicious things to eat!

    14th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Montreal sounds awesome! I don’t know what it is but you will find lots of people here that say that they will like to live for a long period of time in Canada. I guess the Europan connection feeling is strong :P We would love to have a dinner date with you guys there :)

  11. Deniz ADDS...

    Ohhhh S.F looks like my cup of tea except slopy roads :)) Colorful houses, flags, laid back people… I thought about different places (like Bali, Cuba) for our honeymoon in this summer but yoyr posts make me feel that maybe u.s road trip can be an option too :)
    And I laughed at your car parking comment :))

    20th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Honeymoon ideas! So exciting! It can be so hard to decide :) No matter what you choose in the end it will be a blast, that’s for sure. If you need more information about the US road trip on the west coast regarding routes, prices or other things we may be of help! we would be happy.

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