US Roadtrip: We ♥ movies

Two days after our quick getaway to visit our family in Madrid we took a 12 hour plane to Los Angeles, where our (much anticipated!) US roadtrip started.

We are so happy to share the pictures of the terrific time we spent in the west part of the United States, let’s hope you don’t get too bored with them and our stories :)

We were not alone this time, we were able to share this adventure with our friends Anna, Albert and Carlos (Albert closest childhood friend, you may remember that this was exactly the same gang of the Rasos de Peguera photography 1-day trip).

The roadtrip started in Los Angeles, the worldwide cinema mecca, sure you already know how much we love movies (it was even one of our wedding presents!), and understand how excited we were about it.

We rented an apartment in Venice beach (more about it in the following post!) and planned a visit to Disneyland, the Warner bros studios, Walk of fame and Hollywood sign (everything movie-related).

Although I have already been to several Disney parks, it was the first time ever for Damaris (crazy, right? hahaha) and her inner (and sometimes also the outer one) child went completely nuts about everything! :) She was prepared for beautiful decorations in the streets but did not know how detailed and crafted the rides are. The setting of the rides is one of the things we both enjoyed most; the space for all of them is huge and they are very funny. Damaris does not enjoy loops and dizziness so the classic rides were a perfect match for her. Have you ever been to Disneyland? Which ones are your favorites rides? I think I have to go with Indiana Jones (one of my favorite movies as a little boy) and Pirates of the Caribbean. Damaris will also add for her the Alice in Wonderland tea cups.

The Warner Bros studios vip tour was wonderful, we liked that you are actually visiting real studios where movies and tv shows are at that moment being recorded. Thanks to our (not so enthusiastic) guide we learnt a lot of things about where and how movies are shot and how a sitcom is recorded. When they showed us the “lucky tree” where Rory (Gilmore Girls fan alert) studied in Yale; Damaris was the happiest girl ever :) (and I was myself as well, if I may add without sounding too girly :P)

The walk of fame was a quite crowded place, not with tourists but with people trying to gather the attention of the few ones that were there, selling tours or with costumes for paid pictures.

After visiting a really good spot for the Hollywood sign photos :) (great green space on the bottom to contrast with the rockier mountain) we went for a burger in Santa Monica.

Hope you enjoy the first stop in our US roadtrip, are you in a mood for a ride?! :)

** This post is part of our US road trip series **

Disneyland castle - the cat you and us Walt Disney statue - the cat you and us Joy Disneyland - the cat you and us

Damaris childhood dreams of visiting the Sleeping Beauty castle made true. I was so happy to see her enjoying so much!

Disneyland map - The cat, you and us

This is me acting; in fact I can’t read maps at all.

Mickey pink balloon - the cat you and us Old phone - The cat, you and us xing sign at Disneyland - the cat you and us Singin' in Disneyland - the cat you and us

My (bad) impersonation of Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly), hahaha

Chip and Dale hats - The cat, you and us Damaris ahoy - the cat, you and us


kids costumes Disneyland - the cat you and us kids at Disneyland parade - the cat you and us Lion King parade at Disneyland - the cat you and us Minnie mouse ears - the cat you and us King Arthur carroussel - the cat you and us the fantastic fireworks at Disneyland - the cat you and us

We waited for the fantastic fireworks.

the gang - the cat you and us Warner Bros vip studio carts - the cat you and us

Damaris in front of our studio tour cart. Everything is very controlled, you are not supposed to walk alone around the studios, so we took almost all pictures while moving.

Warner Bros studios - the cat you and us Ellen Degeneres parking spot - the cat you and us Batmobile wing - the cat you and us

Do you recognize that famous wing?

Friends stage at Warner Bros studios - the cat you and us Central Perk real stage - the cat you and us Beverly Hills - the cat you and us Walk of fame stars Walk of fame Halo costumes - the cat you and us Hollywood postcards - the cat you and us Hollywood wigs - the cat you and us Chinese theater at Walk of Fame - the cat you and us

It seems as Damaris and Kirsten share the same exact size both of hands and feet. I tried the same thing with the c3po foot print but wasn’t as lucky ;)

Twilight perfect match - the cat you and us Walk of fame - the cat you and u Jurassic Park tuned car - the cat you and us

The park where we took the pictures of the Hollywood sign was a dog walking area, this was a dog-owner real car (this is not at any studio and yeah, I may be a little jealous myself)

Hollywood sign - the cat, you and us Hollywood sign Anna+Albert - the cat you and us Hollywood sign - the cat you and us Hollywood sign - the cat, you and us Umami burger Santa Monica - the cat you and us

We went to Umami burger in Santa Monica after some recommendations Damaris read on blogs. It was one of the best meals of the whole trip and probably one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. This one was with crispy parmesan cheese.

Umami burger Santa Monica - the cat, you and us Umami burger Santa Monica - the cat, you and us

The restaurant’s decoration is also one of their best assets.

Umami burger Santa Monica - the cat, you and us
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  1. deniz ADDS...

    you guys must be having real fun!!! if I’m talking personally I’ve never got bored of holiday posts haha :)
    I’m not ready for another ride since we turned back from newyork already!


    25th September 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks! I feel the same as you, I can read holidays posts non-stop. We love your New York holidays pictures! :)

  2. Lucila ADDS...

    1. De veritat que els posts els escriu en Dani? Sempre o només aquests darrers? És que sempre m’havia imaginat a la Dàmaris escrivint-los mentre els llegia, allò que vas llegint i t’imagines a la persona explicant-ho, i ostres ara de cop i volta posar-hi en Dani m’ha creat un moment misgendered una mica xungo.

    2. M’encanta el teu bolso (sí, el teu, Dàmaris). D’un-t’és? :D

    25th September 2013
    • We reply...

      Ei, doncs el que volem explicar a cada post ho plantegem plegats, i després l’escriu un o altre, la majoria de vegades la Dàmaris, jeje. Després sempre fem revisió/modificació, i intentem que quedi clar en el text qui escriu què fent referències a l’altre. El bolso és de l’Stradivarius!

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    weeee, this was so fun to read! I’m super jealous of that Jurassic park car! I’ve never seen the Hollywood sign with the park addition, so neat and great Gene Kelly pose too!

    :) :) Can’t wait to read more!

    26th September 2013
    • We reply...

      Glad that you like my Gene Kelly pose, I’ve been practicing a lot waiting for my moment! ;) hahaha

  4. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Love these pictures! I used to live in Los Angeles and definitely have been to Disney World, Universal and other places shown here! My husband and I love Disney so much we even went to Disney World in Orlando. Picture of Damaris visiting the Sleeping Beauty castle is so cute! Glad you had a great time!

    26th September 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Jane!!! I went to Disney World when I was a little kid with my parents and the last day I cried so hard. We are also big Disney fans, I wish I can go again to the one in Orlando with Damaris sometime soon too. Well, the Disney in Tokyo also looks impressive to visit, Disney and Japanese snacks: perfect combo ;)

  5. Albert ADDS...

    Well, well… madness begins! Deu n’hi do, hi ha força fotos (a l’Anna hi ha una que li sobra però…) i un mix de fauna interessant. Expectants de veure que seleccioneu en els pròxims dies. Mmm… Umami Burger~~~

    PD: Borriquito como tú, tururú…

    26th September 2013
    • We reply...

      Estavem dubtant entre aquesta foto o la de la tovallola ;)

  6. Judith ADDS...

    Ja estem esperant les properes fotos, molt xules aquestes. En aquest Burger no hi vam estar i això que vam dormir 3 o 4 nits a Santa Monica..Ens ho apuntem per la propera. Dàmaris, estàs igual que fa molts anys…com ho fas?

    27th September 2013
    • We reply...

      Merci guapa! M’ha fet molta ilu que comentis Judith! :) Doncs per la propera apunteu que està molt bé l’Umami Burger, cau apropet de la 3rd st promenade i del pier (uns 10-15 minuts). Vosaltres teniu les vostres fotos per algun lloc per veure-les? Dues vegades quina enveja! jejeje Petonàs gran a la Celia!

  7. Louise ADDS...

    Everything in this post is incredible. And I love every word that goes with your pictures. I have never been to the US except for a few days in NYC a few years back. I love the magic of Disney through these, and that picture of the E. Degeneres parking spot is legendary. So good, sooooo good! I’m looking forward to more, I’m glad you guys had such a great time!

    29th September 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Louise!!!!!! You have just brighten up our day! :) :)

  8. becca waterloo ADDS...

    holy moly, what gorgeous pictures! please tell me what camera you use, asap! i’ll now be following you on bloglovin.

    30th September 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks!! We use a Canon 5d Mark II dslr, and the apple of our eye is the 50mm objective (we have the 1.4 one, but the 1.8 is also a great purchase!) :)

  9. Tabby ADDS...

    hello, beautiful picturessss!!!! my question is… where did you go to take ur pics of the Hollywood sign in the back round??? we’re going the end of August.. and ive been looking for a spot like that! thank youuu soo much!! &&& what camera do yall use?? god bless!

    26th July 2014

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