South Wales: Carreg Cennen

Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us

Good Monday everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. We were eating on a food trucks market & planning the movies we will be watching on the upcoming new edition of Sitges film festival (see our Sitges 2013 video), but well these will be another day story. Today we will start sharing all the chapters of our South Wales adventures; fasten belts because we are flying to the land ruled by the red dragon!

On the first day in Wales we visited Carreg Cennen, one of the oldest castles (dates 12th century & they found even prehistoric remains) and maybe the most striking sight of our trip. Although we are planning on making a wrap up post showing all the castles we visited together we just had to give this one its own post for the special meaning it has in our trip. Carreg Cennen is totally guilty of my early attachment to the Welsh landscapes.

Carreg Cennen landscape - The cat, you and us South Wales sheeps - The cat, you and us Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us

Since it was our first contact with what the Welsh countryside was about to offer we are head over heels with this little castle. Carreg Cennen is on top of a medium hill, so when you leave the parking lot you are headed towards the mountain: everything was so green! We are not used at all to this type of green-green here which is more like dark blueish green. We were almost all by ourselves (a couple playing with a dog is all human we found) but just closely examined by the sheep.

As a fun note, Anna in the middle of our love professing to the place said: “This is like being in the Highlander’s movie”. Of course in that “this is too good” moment I immediately agreed with her only – confession time – slightly remembering the movie. Now I have searched some stills to refresh my memory and although it is located in Scotland, Anna was true, the feeling of the landscapes is there.

Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us Carreg Cennen caves - The cat, you and us

The castle has one exciting feature: you can access into the bowels of the castle by a very steep set of steps that go down to a very damp, completely dark & narrow cave. We had to use our phones to watch our steps, and although we were very intrigued to descend it all, it was a very slippery pronounced slope & we were afraid that our shoes would not be prepared for that. However we took a picture to remember our (half achievement) thanks to our phones’ torches, yay!

Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us

Can you see some pigeon holes on the passage that go under were Anna and myself are seating? That was the first (and more light up) part of the way down to the castle’s cave.

Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us South Wales landscapes - The cat, you and us

I have so many favorite pictures from Carreg Cennen, but probably this one with the two guys of the adventure would be on my top. Don’t forget to tell me on the comments which would be your favorite! I love to know.

South Wales sheep - The cat, you and us Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us Carreg Cennen - The cat, you and us

Have you been to Wales before or to a similar scenery (maybe Scotland)? Hope you liked Carreg Cennen & its cute furry inhabitants! Keep tuned to the South Wales series, because in the next chapter we are going to our most beloved Pembrokeshire coast hike.

** This post is part of our South Wales series **

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  1. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Nice new batch of pictures Damaris!
    This old castle sure sounds and looks
    intriguing. Haha I use my phone as
    a torch as well at night, when I have
    to go the bathroom :’)
    You look really lovely sitting on the
    steps c: Xx

    22nd September 2014
    • We reply...

      Hahaha, phones doubling as torches and mirrors are so useful! :) thanks mei!

  2. Jane Y. ADDS...

    That castle is amazing. I have a special place in my heart for all things medieval! :) I love the hills and the fields and those animals friends along the way. i wish i can close my eyes and transport myself over to wales. :)

    22nd September 2014
    • We reply...

      Fun that you say this, I’m always saying that same sentence: “I wish I can close my eyes and transport myself” :) I guess watching too much Dragon Ball as a little girl makes me believe, in the bottom, that it might be true in a future ;P hahaha, just kidding but I hope I wasn’t ;)

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Damaris – where did you get your shoes from they look super cute! So awesome you only had to share such a lovely place with one other couple (and some sheep!) makes the adventure more magical! Did you guys purposefully match blue? I love all the little pops of blues in the photos :) :) I think my fav photo is of you and Anna sitting above the pigeon holes, the view and drop make my jaw drop!

    23rd September 2014
    • We reply...

      Oh! That picture is also one of my favorites because it is more appreciable how the castle was hanging on a cliff :) hahahha the blue was not on purpose but we made lot of fun after the coincidence; a little secret we called ourselves “smurfs” :) Dani and myself were exchanging raincoats almost every day, that’s why I’m sometimes wearing blue and others red. The boots are Camper from an old winter season (I guess 3 years ago?) and I applied a waterproof sealer they sell in the stores which I can only praise a lot, not a single water drop went inside my shoes. Thanks Fee for your sweet comment!

  4. stephanie ADDS...

    Wow wow wow! I really love everything medieval. There’s so much history behind it. Such a beautiful place and I’m glad you had so much fun.
    Ps. I had to google Highlander to refresh my mind too!

    24th September 2014
  5. Louise ADDS...

    Oh Wales looks (and sounds) gorgeous. I’ve never been. I did visit Scotland though, which is thought was absolutely stunning as well. The sound of the very damp, completely dark and narrow cave is really scary to me, all kind of horror scenarios popped up into my head right after reading, but the picture you guys made was cute! ;)

    25th September 2014
  6. Pilar ADDS...

    Love all the pictures!!! I didn´t go to this castle, it looks amazing!! x

    6th October 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Pilar!! I loooved Carreg Cennen. It was in our wishlist but was the first stop because it was the nearest visit to our hotel in Llandeilo ;)

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