Who says city mouse?

Countryside portrait  - The cat, you and us Country mice! I couldn’t avoid this Modern Family reference for the title of our family gathering post this last weekend at Dani’s auntie country house. While Dani’s family are quite a city crowd, her auntie Silvia is the lovely country gal instead. Long ago she decided to leave Barcelona for good to establish their lives on top of a mountain, with the company of vietnamese pigs, goats, trees and the stars. Big thumbs up for her, right?

Thanks to our cousin Elena for the sweet portrait of us! If you are wondering, my racoon bandana is from Pablo Salvaje (check our last Festivalet post to see their amazing moonrise kingdom inspired booth).

Who says city mouse? - The cat, you and us Who says city mouse? - The cat, you and us

Silvia’s husband works making props & sets for tv commercials & movies, this one was an African tent that he couldn’t get rid of and brought it back to their home.

Goats - The cat, you and us Goldilocks - The cat, you and us Once a year the family has a countryside barbecue at Silvia’s place where we get to enjoy the lovely views on top of the mountain and some slow feeling (& goat smell!). We get to spend time with the family that are quite a crazy bunch, the little girls (isn’t Alba, Dani’s little cousin, a gorgeous Rapunzel?), doggies (they are definitely big dog lovers) and summery vibes. This time we had a secret mission, take portraits of every member of the family to make a photo album as a present for grandma’s near-ish 90th birthday – wooop such a milestone!. Although we are including here just a few bits, we managed to take them with the help of our conspirator partners. Refreshing summer melon - The cat, you and us family portraits - The cat, you and us

This is Silvia, our hostess for the day, with her daughter Yasmin

family portraits - The cat, you and us Who says city mouse? - The cat, you and us Who says city mouse? - The cat, you and us

Enjoyable views from the hammock.

The wishing well - The cat, you and us The wishing well - The cat, you and us Who says city mouse? - The cat, you and us Frog fountain - The cat, you and us

The frog fountain & flowers reminds me of Andalusia, have you ever been there?

Kala the dog & Elena - The cat, you and us family portraits - The cat, you and us

This is Dani’s brother with her beau Sara, cute couple!

Kala the dog - The cat, you and us

There are currently only 2 dogs in Dani’s dad-side-family: Kala, the white & black frenzy and Negu a super calmed boxer.

family portraits - The cat, you and us

Speaking of cute! These two will shortly make another appearance in the blog with a photo sess ;)

family portraits - The cat, you and us

Here is Negu, the boxer, with his loooong tongue.

Vietnamese pigs - The cat, you and us

Silvia’s Vietnamese pigs are called Gus and Peggy, and are huuuuge. Do you know if this is the normal size for Vietnamese pigs? ha!

Goats - The cat, you and us

Our little Rapunzel was more than amused feeding the goats with the freshest green leaves.

Goats - The cat, you and us

Alpha male just doing his territorial pose, he had a strong character!

Goat - The cat, you and us Hope you enjoyed this countryside post, we had a very hooooot day but nevertheless an amusing one. We are glad to introduce you some of the family!
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  1. Sheriden ADDS...

    AWWW! These family portraits are amazing. I love this glimpse into your outing. And all of the cute animals, I need to find a zoo asap. There’s nothing like connecting with nature and the wild.

    22nd July 2015
    • We reply...

      Thanks Sheriden!! So true, there is always that special connection with nature & wild :)

  2. Fiona ADDS...

    What an awesome place – pigs!!! I love that African set he took home, I actually wanted to be a set designer when I left school but roads directed me elsewhere :P Love all the sweet portraits, I imagine the album will be amazing – such a lovely gift idea! Definitely look forward to seeing this session coming up!

    22nd July 2015
    • We reply...

      So fun to learn that you wanted to be set designer! :) :) I can totally picture your handmade stools in a set. We will share the session of the lovey-dovey couple soon, I am now finishing the last editing details, I’m excited! (& scared to share, always that scaring rush when delivering pics)

  3. Sara ADDS...

    such a great mood in this photos :)

    22nd July 2015
    • We reply...

      thanks Sara! ♥

  4. Cory ADDS...

    What a lovely place! For some reason, both of my parents moved to mountain tops when I went to college. It’s not convenient to visit, but always an experience.

    22nd July 2015
    • We reply...

      Thanks Cory!! agree, it makes it harder to get there but it must be very nice to have a rural retreat whenever you need it! :)

  5. petra ADDS...

    wow, lovely pics. and what a way to live :)

    23rd July 2015
    • We reply...

      We are happy with the photo results, thanks Petra! ♥

  6. Mariko ADDS...

    I want to play with the goats and the piggies!! What a beautiful hideaway.

    25th July 2015
  7. Sharon ADDS...

    oh how I love this, the tent looks really intriguing, and the goats & Vietnamese pigs?! <3 <3

    25th July 2015
  8. That first photo of Alba is absolutely precious! And it’s so cool that Silva’s husband can just do things like… keep his African tent. It looks like your secret project is making great progress! I’m sure grandma is gonna love it :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    29th July 2015
  9. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    I love this family/friends getaway c: It’s also a good
    excuse to go somewhere right!
    And OMG the Vietnamese pigs are the highlights
    really! Xx

    29th July 2015

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