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Palais de Tokyo - The cat, you and us

After too much Juno absorption this week we are taking over the blog answering 5 fun questions about us proposed by the witty (& Juno's favorite) Mariko from Gamerwife; hope we can surprise you with our answers.

Here we go!

1 - If you could have a super-power, what would it be and why?

It changes everyday, but today I would like to be able to fly like Mary Poppins, umbrella, hat and suitcase also a must. Dani would like to be able to carry a conversation with cats; he believes they will ignore him anyways, but he could at least try.

2 - Paragon or Renegade?

Oops we now feel a little lame, we don't know about any of them. Googling a little bit (we know, cheating should not be allowed in blog tags!) we have realized they are something from Mass Effect, a game which we have never played. But since it looks as being part of one team or the other we will change the question Peeta! We just saw the last movie from the Hunger Games (Mockingjay) this last weekend and it was fun. We have not read the books but we are nevertheless enjoying the movies and looking forward to see what is going to happen in the last one.

Palais de Tokyo - The cat, you and us Palais de Tokyo - The cat, you and us

3 - Do you own pets? What are their names?

That's easy! Juno is our little furry frowny love. Dani had a bearded collie dog as a pet when he was a little boy called "Birdi" and I had two turtles called "Poti Poti" and "Gallofa" after a dino & another character from a very weird tv series from my childhood. Btw, talking about dinosaurs, are you as excited as us with the new Jurassic World movie? I mean, the theme park is back, couldn't be more awesome! right, right?

4 - Who is your favourite Pokemon?

I think I should go with Eevee for its kawaii-ness (foxy-bunny!) and because it can evolve into Sylveon a fairy; anyone being able to convert into a fairy has my love. Although Dani is a Nintendo boy he has never been a big fan of pokemon (shame!), but after a quick research he would go with Liepard, because he is half-cat and half-leopard that resembles the Ashera cat breed, do you know them? They are a real (yes, real!) hybrid cat, so it would be like living together with a Pokemon (kind of) ;)

Palais de Tokyo - The cat, you and us Palais de Tokyo - The cat, you and us

5 - Brunch?

Mmmm tough one. I really like the concept of brunch, and I am all for mixing chai tea and pastries with salty treats such as eggs on toast or anything brunchy. However I like to start the day quite early because otherwise I feel like I'm missing part of the weekend and when I wake up I need to eat in the next hour tops; I then have breakfast and eat lunch or I would become a zombie for the rest of day. Dani on the other side never eats breakfast, only a coffee and a chocolate on weekends (single coffee for weekdays, don't ask me how he does it...I can't leave the house with my stomach empty), so he is more than happy to have brunch or lunch or whatever, his body will not reclaim food until 12 o'clock.

And that will be all! Thanks Mariko again for tagging us, it's hard to imagine how ridiculously happy we are when someone thinks about us!

Palais de Tokyo - The cat, you and us

Since it's so near Christmas we will be changing a little bit the rules and be asking everyone reading this to answer our questions on the comment section or in their own blogs (your choice!), and in honor of the season everything will be xmas related! Here are our questions for you:

  • 1 - Which is your favorite Christmas album or song? You should have already guessed this is a selfish question so we can add it to our Christmas lists... :)
  • 2 - Do you have any special/weird/surprising tradition during this Christmas season?
  • 3 - Which is that Santa gift you'll always remember? And which was the worst (or the one that made you think "what the....")?
  • 4 - Which is your ultimate guilty pleasure Christmas movie? I'm sure you have one (we all do, don't we? ;P)
  • 5 - Team Santa, Team Grinch or Team Jack Skellington?

In case you are wondering, the pictures were taken outside Le Palais de Tokyo during our last getaway to Paris. Oh, yes, it was that day when we found all museums closed and was raining a little bit, just enough to have some fun with the umbrella!

Wish you all whom are celebrating a happy Thanksgiving! It's one of those holidays I would love we would celebrate also in here for its wonderful and universal meaning.

** We wouldn't like to be too tiresome, but there are still a couple days left to win the cute gold cat felt house from rronrron in our giveway; it would look perfect under your Christmas tree, guaranteed! :) **

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  1. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Awesome tag c:
    I love Evee as well and my favorite evaluation is ‘Vaporeon’!
    And I think Dani should eat breakfast because breakfast is
    the most important meal of the day c:
    Also thanks for your Christmas tag with the 5 questions!
    I’ll keep it in mind c: Xx

    27th November 2014
    • We reply...

      Oh Vaporeon is amazing! Agree with the breakfast, glad that you are also pointing this out so maybe Dani will take your advice (mine has been proven useless) ;)

  2. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Enjoyed reading this tag so much! Love the ones of you and the umbrella :) Being able to fly like Mary Poppins would definitely be cool. :D We have this little tradition of going to see The Nutcracker every other year, switching it off by going to see The Christmas Carol. This year it’s suppose to be The Nutcracker again but we are unfortunately going to miss it! The only time we have to watch we actually have to get all our Christmas shopping done so instead we’ll be enjoying the songs on our LP!

    28th November 2014
    • We reply...

      Oh both are great traditions, I used to attend a Catalan Christmas tale called “Els Pastorets” performance each year as a kiddo but somehow this tradition got lost, I would love to attend a The Christmas Carol performance though (and the Nutcracker!)

  3. Hehe love this.

    Christmas movie – Home alone! Though it’s not really a guilty pleasure, I have no shame in watching that film. It’s an absolute classic. Can you believe my partner has never watched it!? I’m strapping him down this Christmas and forcing him to sit through it with me (too much?)

    1st December 2014
    • We reply...

      How fun! Precisely Home Alone was also one of my answer while commenting this tag with one of my work mates! It’s completely unforgivable! hahaha, your partner in crime must watch it this year, I’m a firm supporter of your decision! :)

  4. Fiona ADDS...

    Ah this was a super fun read! You guys had me at flying like Mary Poppins and talking to cats :) Your childhood pets sound cute – you guys should share childhood photos (if you have any!) that would be a fun flashback. When I was a teenage I had a ritual to watch the rugrats Christmas special before Christmas. I think there were two episodes that took place over the three days before Christmas and I’d only watch the part that correlated to the day I was on (if that makes any sense). I love little silly traditions like that – I need to get back into them :)

    5th December 2014
    • We reply...

      Good idea about the childhood pictures, much better than teenage pics, that would be too embarrassing, hahahaha :) I love your meticulous rugrats tradition!

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