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Yasmine from Sugar & Dinosaurs and Mei from Ice Pandora, two beautiful girls that know me well, tagged me in two different type of posts regarding Disney making me a happy gal by giving me an excuse to rand about a favorite subject! In addition it gives me the opportunity to show the Disney galore we have at our home. Be prepared (or warned?) if you are not very into the Disney paraphernalia ;)

I would like to thank you girls, I’ve had so much fun! And as we have already recently tagged a few bloggers, we are extending it to every Disney fan out there reading this. Leave us a comment if you have or are going to do the disney and/or fairytale tags, we’ll make sure to follow.

Let’s talk Disney!

Friends with Remy - The cat, you and us

Disney tag

1 – What is your favorite Disney movie?
This is as simple to ask as difficult for me to answer ;) Although I have already explained that Lion King was non-stop playing at my home, I think I have to go for Beauty and the Beast as my all-time favorite in the full animation flick category and Mary Poppins for the real life characters one. Please forgive that I have never been good to restrain my favorite lists to a few items.
Mary Poppins mug - The cat, you and us

My Mary Poppins mug (in fact it is from the London stage musical) is a precious object. Although this grumpy cat version of the Lion King would make me reconsider promoting it to the first spot in the list! ;)

2 – What scene from a Disney movie would you want to live?
Disney has many beautiful scenes, but one that was gaspingly astounding was the Up house flying up in the air with the colorful balloons. Since I’m completely terrified of heights instead of being in the house I would like to be the pretty old lady getting to live a long nice life next to her beloved one. That thought is perfection. Although this time I will make sure to see together all the wonders of the world first ;)

3 – An unforgettable moment that you spent in theme parks?
After being an ultimate fan my first time ever at Disneyland this last summer was an unforgettable moment by itself. I remember clearly giggling because the parking lots were named after Disney characters (silly of me!), the train from that parking (Goofy was ours, btw!) to the park was one of the most exciting moments I can remember, followed by getting my ticket; I literally jumped with joy just after buying it, not caring how childish I looked. One of the best things I remember inside the park are the butterflies in my stomach when crossing the Sleeping beauty castle and the feeling of being able to act like a little girl during the complete day without getting any strange looks from anyone.
Joy Disneyland - the cat you and us

This pose was the result of the butterflies :)

4 – If you had to be a Prince, who would you be?
This is a little weird question, isn’t it? I agree with Yasmine that they tend to be not as elaborated characters as princesses in classic movies. I think, I would choose Linguini from Ratatouille, just to be able to learn and be friends with Remy, the adorable cook rat. And because I like silly clumsy boys!
Remy and Juno - The cat, you and us
5 – What is your favorite Disney song?
Have I already mentioned how hard it is for me to choose favorites? Hence the case. The one that makes me instantly dance, sing and whistle is “I wanna be like you” from the Jungle Book.

Fairytale tag

6 – Peter Pan – What is your mental age?
It may not need many explanations after all the pictures and my (crazy) description of my feelings at Disneyland. I truly believe that we should not be afraid to show that creative fearless adventurer kid inside us!
Disney trivia - The cat, you and us

That mental age undefinition comes in action when I have to ask for the kids cards in the Disney trivia because the adult ones are too hard.

7 – The Emperor’s New Clothes – Do you care a lot about your clothing?
The Emperor’s new clothes was one of my favorite stories from the Disney book collection; I found so funny that he ended in a shameful situation after his enormous vanity. That said, I do love clothing!, it is a fun (and creative) expression of oneself, and I do also think are equally pitiable those who mock or look down at people for their clothing care/choices; I am not afraid to say that I love pretty dresses and cat ears headbands ;)
Juno, movies, feet - The cat, you and us
8 – Snowwhite – Do you consider yourself beautiful?
That question is an easy peasy one ;) I’ve never been in any way confident neither with my face nor with my body, I guess being bullied in school was not helpful at all when constructing that confidence. However, thanks to meeting new people, falling in love for the first time (for real), growing up, and starting playing with clothes that work with my body features (clothes can help! that is another bonus point for question 7 :P) I do better understand what beauty really is about and now I feel good with my appearance (even cute, sometimes!) and can accept all those (said) imperfections, that make us all unique and therefore beautiful. But don’t ask me again in one of those today-I-don’t-look-good-in-anything crisis, ha! Anyhow, we can always look at this vinyl sticker ;P

9 – The Princess and the Pea – Are you sensitive?
I am definitely sensitive, of the crying at the movies type.
Disney stack - The cat, you and us
10 – Pinocchio – What is your biggest wish?
See question 2, add our little Juno in the frame (of course!) & all our beloved ones, and draw lots of happy adventures in between.
Mickey dice - The cat, you and us
Don’t forget to visit Mei and Yasmine’s posts for the complete list (and her awesome answers) if you want to join the tag. I would love to read your comments on this post as well, go ahead you pretty you!
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  1. I love your picture with Juno and Ratatouille on the shoulders! Thank you for playing along, it was fun reading your an sewers :)

    3rd March 2014
    • We reply...

      I had so much fun and it was an opportunity to be more chatty ;) but of course my favorite thing was to take the pic with Remy and Juno, when else could I possibly have justified that! hahaha :)

  2. Jane Y. ADDS...

    loved this! and all your disney stuff! i have a bunch of mugs and cups from disney. oh, and we also had mickey’s wizard hat and gloves and minnie ears, but we recently donated all of them to goodwill. i don’t think i’ll ever tire of disney, really. :)

    3rd March 2014
    • We reply...

      I would love to see your mug&cup collection some day! I have been tempted several times to buy the minnie ears (I have a slightly tiny obsession with ears in headbands :P) but the ones I found were a tad oversized for my head.

  3. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Yaaaay! Thanks for doing it ^_^ I think Disney will
    always be in my heart and when I reach age 80 I’d
    still jump around like a kiddo in Disneyland haha c:

    3rd March 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks to you! We should make that age 80 Disneyland trip a date, hahaha :)

  4. Awww this tag is soooo beautiful! I think I’m going to do it too!

    3rd March 2014
    • We reply...

      Nadia! so happy that you will join! I will love to read your Disney favorites.

  5. leeda ADDS...

    omg seriously, i had a smile from ear to ear when i read about your first disney encounter. i love disney movies but for some reason was never really into disneyland. however, after going a few times again this past year (thanks to friends who work there) i’ve realized that it’s actually a cool place when you’re in good company. did you hear about that movie they filmed on disneyland grounds without permission? i think its called escape from tomorrow…it’s supposed to be scary, so i havent seen it. lol. next time you guys make a trip back out to california i want to know so we can meet up at disneyland! ^___^

    at this volume

    4th March 2014
    • We reply...

      Friends working at Disneyland? that’s so neat! I agree that it is very important to go with good company, it can totally ruin your mood. I had good luck with the hubs that enjoyed watching me go so crazy for it :P Oh! Great that you mentioned that movie! A few weeks later of our California visit, when we were planning the movies at Sitges film festival, we discovered that it existed & was programmed for the festival. We read that they filmed inside the park without permission. We finally couldn’t match the schedule so it was out of our movie list :) As we definitely would like to go back to California…It’s a deal! I would love to meet you at Disneyland! :)

  6. Fiona ADDS...

    Damaris you are the cutest!! Beauty and the beast, lion king, mary poppins and little mermaids oh and Aladdin are some of my favourite disney movies :) (I have too many!) I also was so happy when I got to go to Disneyland too. My favourite thing about the park was how they made all the rides into stories. We have theme parks in Australia but they don’t commit enough to the make believe side of things, which is sad :(

    You are super beautiful and that’s awful you were picked on in school, others kids can be super mean hey. I love all your cute outfits too!!! Yay for disney and being kid :)

    4th March 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks sweetie! Big smile on my face, as big as those amazing objects you find on your roadtrips! :) :) :) I love that you mentioned about the rides, that were precisely my exact thoughts. I was completely impressed about the stories and all the decorations & animatronic dolls. It was the first time I’d ever seen that, we have some parks like the Warner Park or PortAventura here in Spain, but the rides are just the regular ones you can find everywhere, not very elaborated themes behind them.

  7. petra ADDS...

    interesting. I’m not that much into Disney but your post did get me in the mood to revisit some of my fav movies :)

    4th March 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Petra! If it got you in the mood for a movie I’m a happy gal! :)

  8. Aw, fun!! My girlfriend is a huge Disney fan. She has several Disney tattoos and had a Disney themed wedding!! Loved this post, absolutely darling!! xoxo

    5th March 2014
    • We reply...

      A Disney theme wedding sound fun! I wouldn’t mind attending a little bit, who I am kidding, I would be thrilled to attend ;p

  9. Ellie ADDS...

    Love your photos! and it would be lovely to befriend Remy!

    6th March 2014
    • We reply...

      Hahaha I know! such a cute talented fella ;) thanks Ellie!

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