Ending the year with a big thank you!

We think that a good way to end this year is answering the questions of our nominations to the Liebster awards by the loveliest Mariko at Gamerwife and the Sunshine blogger by the sweetest Jane from Always With Yoo, to give you all readers & fellow bloggers a huge and warm thank you!

These type of blogger awards usually involve answering a series of questions (or explain random facts of your life) and then proposing new questions to ask to some of your favorite blogs.

As a new comers to the blog world the rules of these type of awards leave us very confused, so we will steal the idea from the wise ones that have tagged us for the awards, and based on the rules we have seen and read, we are going to create new ones. In addition this decision will create more confusion in the future for other bloggers; added fun! :)

Our new rules: We are going to explain 5 random facts about us for the Sunshine blogger and then we will be answering 5 questions (3 for the Liebster and 2 for the Sunshine). After that, we will end it tagging 5 of our favorite bloggers (for both awards!) asking them 5 of our own questions (be aware! ;P).

Random Facts

01 – She: As a kid I had a huge obsession with the Lion King and knew all the dialogues and songs by heart in English!, which is extremely weird here as Disney movies were doubled to Spanish (even songs!). Every single day for a year or two the movie was playing non-stop in background while I did my school homework or played or anything. I guess my mom ended not being such a big fan as myself. Hakuna Matata to all of you!

02 – He: I used to be scared of cats it’s not only the name of an awesome blog but a shocking fact about me. My family has always been more into dogs so trying to understand cats, after dog behavior, induced me into thinking they were mean and dangerous (lol). Everything changed one day when, going to work, a little kitty gently approached me and caressed my hand. One year later Juno made her great entrance into our lives and another crazy cat dude was born ;)

03 – She: I have a love relationship with boxes. I like to tidy things inside boxes and admire a lot the people who is able to have all the things perfectly stored and classified. When I see in a blog or Pinterest some tidying tip with boxes I run to Dani with excitement to show him what we should copy for our home :)

04 – He: I became interested in photography thanks to the cinema. As a little boy I used to shoot homemade video movies with my brother and cousins (zombie-terror movies and stuff like that). While growing up, I started noticing that my parents’ video camera didn’t shoot images like the ones in the movies (I had good-looking actors but not blurred backgrounds!), so I bought my first DSLR (my beloved Canon 400D) and started learning about photography. Damaris has an awesome instinctive knowledge about pretty things, so she quickly fall into photography as well and we have been learning and learning more about it since then.

05 – The cat: Although Juno has a large amount of cat toys (several mice, balls, feathered sticks…you know what type!) her favorite “toy” in the whole world is a simple plastic straw. Every time she hears the blending machine while we are preparing a smoothie or fruit juice, she runs to our side and demands, meowing very loud, her own straw.


01 – Pirates or Ninjas? (by her): Just by looking at this picture it is obvious I would make an awesome pirate (in fact Guybrush is my middle name ;P) However the story after the wooden floor of the Nijo Castle (at Kyoto) would make me re-consider it. How awesome it would be to enter wearing all black (à la “Audrey Hepburn Funny Face” style) in the back doors of the castle trying to avoid the nightingale floor tramp!

02 – Where is your happy place? (by him): The answer to this one is easy: Since we started dating we have always been day-dreaming about a journey to Japan (living there for a long period of time is also in our dreams!), so being with my loved-pretty-awesome girl in the most amazing country in the world after being married made it for me!

03 – What did you eat for lunch today? (by her): This question is so funny because that’s exactly what my mom asks me every day (no matter what) in our daily phone call :) Sometimes it is the only thing she cares about to know, moms! :) Today we had a delish homemade pizza with cheese and Spanish ham (Iberico!). Nowadays Dani has a huge obsession with Italian food, and he has started with the most famous dish.

04 – If you were a superhero, what would your powers be? (by him): I think I would be a sort of male version of the Catwoman, the “Crazy-cat man”, with the power of being adorable (xD) and defeat the bad guys with my hard mustache.

05 – How do you unwind from a stressful day? (by the cat): Juno has obviously a very relaxed life (lucky gal!), she only gets stressed when there is lot of new people at home. On those days the same routine applies, she usually calms herself staying behind the curtains. When she is calmed she moves towards the sofa and stays under it for a while, then after a few minutes she climbs to the top of the back of the sofa and voilà! unstressed cat :)

We are going to tag five of our favorite bloggers to keep the awards rolling on: Fiona from Burntfeather, Louise from 00:23am, Mei from Ice Pandora, Deniz from Photostorming and Yasmine from Sugar&Dinosaurs. You girls rock! :)

And our questions for the charming ladies are:

01 – Which is your latest guilty pleasure?

02 – Do you have any special piece of clothing or complement? Which one and why?

03 – Which were your three favorite toys when you were a little girl?

04 – Which type of apocalypse would you have more probabilities to survive: zombie or alien invasion?

05 – How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Looking forward to see your surprising answers!

Love - The cat, you and us Cat - The cat, you and us Joy - The cat, you and us

Thank you!

And as a bonus track our Christmas best wishes picture Making of! Juno was definitely not in her most collaborative mood :P

Making of the Christmas 2013 picture - The cat, you and us

Playing the “straw” card. Check our random fact about Juno! :P

Making of the Christmas 2013 picture - The cat, you and us Making of the Christmas 2013 picture - The cat, you and us
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  1. Sally ADDS...

    These photos are so fun! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and happy new year!

    30th December 2013
  2. petra ADDS...

    that was very interesting and fun at the same time…

    30th December 2013
  3. Jane Y. ADDS...

    i love these pictures! so fun and adorable! and i enjoyed reading your answers and facts so so so much. love how juno was incorporated! :) happy new year to your wonderful family!

    30th December 2013
  4. Deniz ADDS...

    Haha your answers are so funny! I can’t wait to answer mine after new year’s eve.
    Thanks for including me among your favorite bloggers list.
    Happy new year xoxo

    Huge hugs from Istanbul to Barcelona (‘.’)/ (it looks like a cat face rather than a hug :))

    30th December 2013
  5. frotfrot ADDS...

    Catman Dani? Aquesta nit tindre malsons.. Jaja et veig tipo Nicholas Cage a kick ass jajjaj

    30th December 2013
  6. Fiona ADDS...

    Eep, this is so exciting for a myriad of reasons
    1) I love the lion king, how good is the soundtrack!!! I love Elton John too :P
    2) Dani you used to be scared of cats *gasp* I also started off with a, well not a 400d but a 300d which I thought was completely magical!
    3) Japan is my happy place too and I also love boxes, half my room is boxes but that’s more because I’m a hoarder and have no place to put things but if I did have space I’d probably have more spread out and prettier boxes! I love organising things and I even have labels on all my boxes even though the boxes are see-through :P
    4) That is super sweet you talk to your Mum everyday!
    5) My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend (!!!) is from Italy and he taught them how to make pizzas the real way and I just recently learnt so I’m super keen to try making yummo pizzas now!

    Thank-you for picking me, you know I’m super excited to answer the questions!! I’m off for a mini road trip but when I return expect a (not as exciting) return post :p Happy New Year Guys!!

    31st December 2013
  7. Mariko ADDS...

    Happy New Year to my two favourite new bloggers!

    Awesome answers!! I love the Monkey Island shout out in your first answer! Woo! Pirates rule! And I love Juno’s favourite toy. Kala and Gatsby also have simple tastes. Kala likes to steal vegetable bits off the table and chase them around the house. Gatsby chases light beams and shadows all over the walls.

    31st December 2013
    • We reply...

      Awesomely happy New Year Mariko! Would you also choose pirates over ninjas? It is something that was in my head all the time, what Mariko and Jane would have answered to their questions? wonders! :) Oh! Kala must be so fun with the veggies (healthy girl!) and Gatsby would also make a good partner in crime with Juno, as she is also very much into chasing light beams over the wall (and meowing to move them down to her level :P)

  8. Louise ADDS...

    Aw thanks guys for tagging me! And this was such a fun read, I love how the Lion King ruled your world, and I would love to see the Juno getting excited over a straw! The pictures are so cute! Hope you guys have a great new year!

    1st January 2014
    • We reply...

      Can’t wait to see your answers! :) I think a straw is heavier than any catnip with Juno, hahaha, she is overexcited with them :)

  9. Jillian ADDS...

    Too cute! <3. Loving these photos and the cat ears.
    xx. Jillian

    3rd January 2014
  10. Sara ADDS...

    So great of you to share all of this facts with us :D

    4th January 2014
  11. thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, and now I’ve discovered your’s which is just beautiful! xx

    9th January 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Fritha! So glad to see you here! :)

  12. Oh no! I haven’t see this post, and your tag, I am so sorry. I love your new rules and questions and I will answer them with great pleasure :) Hakuna Matata to you 3 ^^

    9th January 2014
    • We reply...

      Don’t worry at all :) !! It will be exciting to read your answers ♥

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