Getting our eye in the ice-cream

Our Sunday in el Born could not have had a better ending than an ice-cream in la Barceloneta, the beach neighborhood in Barcelona.

We decided to try the new Eyescream shop because it looked a different type of treat. They have a limited variety of 7 flavors but then lots of toppings for them. They shave the ice-cream with a machine, which can be a little similar to shaved ice (this reminds me about an amazing japanese film called Megane, if you have the chance you should not miss for anything!), but a lot creamier. On top of your shaved ice-cream they add two candy eyes to metamorphose it, in a second, into a cute monster melting.

I chose cheesecake with milk candy (dulce de leche) and gummy bears, but I think the strawberry that Dani got was better. He went crazy with strawberry adding both jam and candies of the same flavor.

Which one would you have chosen? What type of ice-creams are your favorites?

Barceloneta crossing - the cat, you and us

Ready for ice-cream! who isn’t? :)

eyescream door - the cat, you and us eyescream sign - the cat you and us

Eyescream funny monster mascots representing each flavor.

eyescream flavors - the cat, you and us eyescream toppings - the cat, you and us gummy sweets - the cat, you and us

I sometimes have the determination to take cookies but always end up having gummy bears as topping.

ice-cream monster - the cat, you and us superhero pose - the cat, you and us palm trees - the cat, you and us beach jump - the cat, you and us

Burning the ice-cream calories, hahahah who I am kidding? :)

the boys - the cat, you and us

The Vela hotel stands tall at the end of la Barceloneta seaside, although all the controversy in the beginning it has quickly become an icon of the skyline.

quick look - the cat, you and us Barceloneta beach at night - the cat, you an dus seaside - the cat, you and us

Night, night beautiful city.

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  1. Eszter ADDS...

    I think automatically I would have chosen cheese cake with dulce de leche and some cookies. But now that you are telling me that the strawberry was better than the cheese cake… I would pick vanilla since that is the safest.
    Does this place sell macarons? Maybe we have been here in April…

    xoxo, Eszter

    2nd September 2013
    • We reply...

      There is another great ice-cream place in La Barceloneta where I believe they also sell macarons called Vioko :)

  2. Sally ADDS...

    Ha, love this! Such a fun idea, and really cool branding too. And it sounds absolutely delicious!

    2nd September 2013
  3. Eszter ADDS...

    I nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers award:
    Hip hip hurray!!!

    xoxo, Eszter

    3rd September 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Eszter for the nomination! We were on a roadtrip out of the country so we could not reply properly to comments and follow our blogroll! :) we will start now catching up!

  4. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Yum~ ice cream. I love mango! But my all-time favorites are rocky road and cookies n cream :) My husband likes to try out different flavors all the time. I tend to get the same things! heehee.

    3rd September 2013
  5. Louise ADDS...

    Oh this looks so neat!! I would have defintely gone for the vanilla or chocolate (I’m so boring with icescream flavours). It looks so cute and lovely! – The pictures of your sunday look great in general, looks like you guys had an amazing time!

    5th September 2013

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