Flowers in our mail

Analogue flowers photography - The cat, you and us

We are back from a week off spending some time with my family and then with (blog) friends and although I’ll share more on that (very) soon, today I wanted to show the cute snailmail I received recently.

A few weeks ago I participated in the lovely giveaway from Pratiksha from the blog In search of…, where she shares what catches her eye from her analogue lens. And…luckily… I won one of the photography kits! uoo! it doesn’t happen very often that I win a giveaway (in fact, it would be more accurate to say that almost never), and I loved this one since it was so personal and photography-oriented, thanks girl :) The cute envelope and the typewriter note made me happy the instant I saw them.

Analogue flowers photography - The cat, you and us Analogue flowers photography - The cat, you and us Analogue flowers photography - The cat, you and us

They will certainly look lovely in our pink-ish living room, so I’m already planning where to add them!

Hope you are all doing fine, thanks for the nice words on our new shelf and also of our throw back post to Girona! I’ll be back this week in the blink of an eye, promised!

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  1. Sharon ADDS...

    how lovely :) the envelope, and every little detail look gorgeous, would’ve made my day too!

    18th August 2015
    • We reply...

      Pretty stationary makes me happy :)

  2. Fiona ADDS...

    What a beautiful comp to win! The photos are so pretty :) Happy start to the week!

    18th August 2015
    • We reply...

      Indeed! Thanks Fee! I am feeling a little weird though this week, but I guess I am going with the weather, it has been raining cats and dogs! ;)

  3. Mariko ADDS...

    I love getting snail mail. What a lovely photo set, it must have brightened your day considerably when you got it.

    18th August 2015
  4. Kati ADDS...

    Looks so lovely and dainty!

    Have a great day,

    19th August 2015
  5. Everything about this is so adorable! Congrats on winning the giveaway :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    21st August 2015
  6. Jane Y. ADDS...

    how lovely! :)

    21st August 2015
  7. Katrina Sophia ADDS...

    I love everything about it! I love flowers so much.

    Katrina Sophia

    31st August 2015

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