Happy halloween: Juno & the pumpkins

Halloween 2016 - The cat, you and us

Happy halloween

If you read the previous post you will not be surprised to discover that we are not having a party to celebrate the scariest night of the year – or should I also add the cutest in its own ways? – but Juno was eager for a little fun peek-a-boo in the blog, so we couldn’t resist joining her to wish you a “dreadful” (a.k.a wonderful) evening!

We are already scheming with the same (perfect) partners in crime as last year to make amends next Halloween 2017, expect more festivity here, new DIYs and spooky fun.

For the time being (how I always anticipate so much? sorry about it!) let’s keep it simple, with our favorite furry cutest monster: Juno the Halloween decor lover.

Halloween 2016 - The cat, you and us Halloween 2016 - The cat, you and us

How I love her “So serious” face!

Halloween 2016 - The cat, you and us Halloween 2016 - The cat, you and us

Do you have your costume ready? Do you favor spooky outfits or prefer to go with the not-so-scary look?

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN you guys! I shamefully did nothing this year – how sad! I love your cute pumpkin banner, I’d want to leave that up all year round :) Actually I secretly have a paper skeleton in my closet that I keep hanging up always!

    31st October 2016
  2. Happy Halloween! I prefer the not-so-scary look :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    31st October 2016
  3. Nieves ADDS...

    Qué chulas las fotos, la decoración de hallowen, me encanta, juno está guapa guapa, me gusta la foto de las calabazas negras y la sombra de juno. Besos.

    31st October 2016

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