Home is with you by Photostorming

Home is with you by Photostorming

Before 2011, I was living in the same place where we are living together now. But I remember that I was feeling like it was a place where I just slept, watched movies and invited some friends for sleepover; that’s all. I didn’t imagine anything about my home except some wall color changes further.

Then I met you. You; love of my life and my future husband (yeah, we’ll marry soon). Firstly, all times were spent by exploring around; our city, our streets to see how we managed walking and talking for hours.

Sometimes when we were walking on the streets, we had long conversations to try to understand “who we are”. I didn’t know you well, and you neither; that’s why we hit the roads to get an opportunity to see the details. I was pretty sure this is the best way to know someone, even the best way to know yourself. In this way, we didn’t avoid hitting the roads, going away as much as we did. Then I figured out that we built a reliable “home” inside our hearts. I sometimes got tired and stressful when we were on a trip but still I felt like I was at home. Because I was with you, you were the one who could probably rescue me from a wild bear that I suddenly encountered with in the middle of the road. Yes, it was a silly thought, 1 % was the possibility to see a bear but this was how I felt.

Now it’s been a while. It’s been a while since we knew each other. I still feel the same way, I also feel that our home is very mobile and it can be carried to anywhere if we are together. We can take it with us to Hawaii, to San Fransisco, to Barcelona, to Florence, to Koh Lanta and to anywhere…

Now we are in a period of creating a space; let’s say a “home” , where we feel comfortable and happy with our memories. That’s why we start to furnish every corner of this place with memories of us. We hang some paintings we paint, we put our paper sculptures we design and even we create a corner for our “traveling adventures”. If you are inside, the roof, walls, windows and everything is complete. And everything is secure for sure.

Now I start to feel that I belong here, this colorful home. Because I’m with you. I smell of the books we thrifted from bookstores, I touch our polaroid pictures box, I hear the tick tocks of our second hand watch, I taste a leftover desert we cook, I see that our flowers are growing day by day. Everything has its own memory back to some special time of our life.

Maybe we’ll go away one day to live in a different land, or maybe we’ll leave here for a while to have more adventures on the roads. But I know that it doesn’t matter which place is “home” for me. Because home is just where I’m happy with you.

Home is with you by Photostorming

Our living room.

Home is with you by Photostorming

While we are chatting.

Home is with you by Photostorming

Before we have a studio, we created paper crafts here. The collage on the wall is made by us.

Home is with you by Photostorming

Souvenirs corner: A map where the country names we traveled are pinned, a view master with TinTin cartoon, a small one from Madrid, shot glass from Vienna, cute animal figures, and a snow globe from Granada.

Home is with you by Photostorming

Our first vinyl records when we bought a record player.

Home is with you by Photostorming

Paintings we create: Rome streets, old fisherman, and Salzburg view.

Home is with you by Photostorming

Our first polaroid captures taken with a polaroid camera.

Home is with you by Photostorming

New studio place: paper wolf on the wall, and some paintings we did.

Home is with you by Photostorming

A corner of writing letters.

Home is with you by Photostorming

A shelf full of our paper crafts & a portrait picture of us.

Home is with you by Photostorming

Our first plant with some antique stuff.

Photo & text credits for this post: Photostorming

Thanks Deniz! Your love letter to your (imminent) future husband is making my heart explode with tenderness, I wish you guys the best time during the wedding and a dazzling future full of adventures. I would like to thank you deeply for being part of our blog anniversary series, we are lucky to have you at our side, thanks dear!

Deniz shares her beautiful analogue (and digital) pictures at Photostorming. She is also a half of Papier Atelier, the lovely enterprise with her beau Türker, where they create sculptures with paper. They recently organized a workshop to help other initiate on the art of paper. If all that isn’t enough their creative minds brought them to edit their own magazine called Match-up that is available on all the coolest cafés around Istambul.

The giveaway is coming to an end this week, but you still have a little time to join if you still haven’t! We would love to send you the cute donut mugs (and its Japanese goodies inside)!

**This post is part of the “Home is with you” guest post series to celebrate our first blogiversary**

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  1. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    What a lovely story and so well written :o it’s so nice
    to hear she found her ‘home’ in someone c: I’m kind of
    envy of her! Personalize your home of stuff with
    memories is something I want to do as well ^___^

    19th May 2014
  2. Deniz ADDS...

    Ohh thank you so much again for having me in your lovely blog! It’s such a pleasure to join your blog anniversary celebration :) Also I’ve enjoyed when I read your blogger friends’ stories as well. I hope we’ll meet face to face in life too!

    20th May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Deniz!! We are filled with joy to have some of our sweet blog friends to help us celebrate! Hope we will meet in person one day; we do not live that far away really :)

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Ahh how super sweet and such lovely lovely pictures, I like seeing all their cute souvenirs they’ve collected :)

    20th May 2014
  4. Marlen ADDS...

    i was literally sighing throughout this whole thing- her story was so lovely. i love how she said she still felt at home while traveling with him- siiiiigh

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    20th May 2014
  5. Jane Y. ADDS...

    oh the writing of this post was just so touching and lovely. and the photos as well! i do love the travel map. i’ve been meaning to create one for one of our walls as well. definitely got my inspiration back up again to finish that project after seeing your lovely map!

    20th May 2014
    • We reply...

      It has also been on my DIY projects list, but I don’t find which will be the approach that will best suit us! :) Deniz’s map and travelling souvenirs are very sweet!

  6. what a wonderful story..i love the pictures!!!!

    bisous from Paris! :)

    20th May 2014
  7. Sara ADDS...

    awwww, really beautiful text and the house seems so comfy and personal!

    25th May 2014

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