And the Japanese calligraphy painting goes to…

Nagataya Kyoto giveaway winner - The cat, you and us

Congratulations Melissa! Mitsuru is preparing his brushes to create your own unique painting with the quote you’ve chosen and the two sweet kitties.

Thanks to everyone participating! I must sound like a broken record, but we are really floored by your lovely response. We really wish we were able to give one to all of you so dear to our hearts.

This has been a slower week in the blog, but we’ll come full of strength next week with more new pictures from our endeavours. Oh! and for those wondering if finally the snow came to Barcelona: I yet have to see a flake, oh well, this only makes me more eager to plan a short getaway soon.

(*) You can also check the giveaway winner selected at random by the Rafflecopter application in the giveaway post. The winner will be contacted to the email provided, if he/she does not reply back in a week we will ask the rafflecopter application to randomly select another winner.

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  1. Congrats Melissa! And can’t wait to see more of your endeavors :) I’ve been hoping for a snow day here, but I think the worst of the snow has already passed, so the likelihood of that is low. Ah well, the snow that we had was great, and I can’t wait for the weather to start warming up! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    6th February 2015
  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Congratulations to Melissa!! :c :P Xx

    6th February 2015
  3. Rae ADDS...

    congrats Melissa!!!

    Rae | love from berlin

    6th February 2015
  4. Fiona ADDS...

    Congrats Melissa and I’m excited (as always) for more endeavours!

    8th February 2015
  5. Jane Y. ADDS...

    Congrats Melissa!

    10th February 2015

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