I miss the mountains

Do you know how we were saying that we missed the fresh air? Well, we are lucky to have friends that don’t wait a second to offer a hike on a Saturday morning.

We haven’t had the opportunity to spend some time with Natalia & Jordi after their wedding and we were very excited to learn everything about their honeymoon in New Zealand and Sidney (amazing location choice!). When Anna & Manel proposed to have lunch the 6 of us at their lovely home that was a done deal. Add to the equation their little cutie chipmunk who is starting to walk around, to know how amusing the day looked ahead.

Our little hike was at Castell del Escornalbou, a place 15km from Cambrils a nice coast town in Tarragona. It is quite convenient to go with kids (or not very trained people like myself) because it is a short walk with easy access and you got to be surrounded by big rocks, beautiful cork oaks and all the Tarragona meadows at your feet. Manel told us that he went there as little kid, and that they have made with Anna a tradition to visit it at least once a year. I think it is very sweet that they are also transferring this annual ritual to the little Bernat.

Do you have any similar tradition? Did you inherit any from your parents? Have you created some with your partner or with your kiddos (or would you)?

Follow our gang through the mountains, we know the trail!

Us - The cat, you and us Manel&Bernat&Natalia - The cat, you and us

If you don’t know how to engage a kid into a hike, give him a cookie, it works ;)

A little fairy in the forest - The cat, you and us

Bernat was always under supervision, but was in that age that doesn’t want their parents’ (or anyone’s for that matter) hands.

A big rock - The cat, you and us Manel & Bernat - The cat, you and us Natalia & Jordi - The cat, you and us

The two newly weds being adorable together.

In the middle of the road - The cat, you and us Red scarf - The cat, you and us forrest - The cat, you and us A pine - The cat, you and us A step in the mountain - The cat, you and us Iphonography - The cat, you and us

We shared a couple pics on our Instagram.

Hey a mountain on your back - The cat, you and us

Love the sea of mountains on your back, cute guy!

Red back -The cat, you and us On the bench - The cat, you and us The photographer - The cat, you and us

Dani is here stealing Anna’s camera, while taking at the same time a pic with the phone, we must stop that photography crazyness sometime :P

happy happy - The cat, you and us Manel&Bernat&Anna - The cat, you and us

Our guests! Thank you guys for being that cute.

Bernat walks all by himself - The cat, you and us

And talking about cuteness, Bernat happy to be able to walk all by himself.

No hands - The cat, you and us

Dani not getting the memo, he doesn’t need hands he is older enough.
Looking forward to more outings, please bring the warm temperatures, we are all ready for spring!

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