Palm beach

This post was supposed to be aired sooner, but we couldn’t resist to join the April fools day with a silly joke. Please forgive the most painful 30 seconds you certainly must have had lately :P If there is some lesson I learn in enrolling with Dani for this idea is that I should never (ever) dare again to act in front of a camera ;)

Thanks for coping with us! and all your nice words! Let’s move now to today’s more appealing subject: the sea!

As soon as the sun came it was gone. We have had quite low temperatures last week and my wardrobe has come back to winter times: coat, warm t-shirts underneath sweaters and wool tights. But luckily we still have to share our seaside pictures from last Poble Nou outing and I can dream with them for more sun, sea and pastel-color-everything. Oooh! those were nice days, chilly spring but without a coat in sight.

Once we arrived next to the seaside the first thing we noticed where the perfectly aligned light gray stone benches. We thought that the beach started just there, but it was not until we decided to sit down that we realized that in fact there was a 6 & a half feet gap (not likely to be jumped ;P) to reach the beach.

We walked for an hour along the seashore, finding the most beautiful turquoise bike I’ve seen in real life. We also got to discover several interesting places at the shore, want to stroll with us? We are excited to show them to you!

Damaris and the sea - The cat, you and us

The grey stone benches and the 6&1/2 feet gap underneath me to get to the beach.

Dani and the sea - The cat, you and us palm woods - The cat, you and us

A beach must have its own palm woods next to it :) I find it very nice that the walk goes through them.

Pink palms and the real ones - The cat, you and us Bucanero - The cat, you and us

A stripey t-shirt and the seaside go quite well together ;)


My palm patterned dress. I would not mind having pink palms in real size at the seashore (just kidding…well…kinda…)

Barcelona sea - The cat, you and us rusty bench by the sea - the cat, you and us

You can tell that the sea and salt may had some effect on the rusty bench legs.

Stairs to the sea - The cat, you and us

And just around the corner a box of stairs with their own window leading to nothing more that to be a grandstand for sea watching.

Jumping the stairs - The cat, you and us

…or well, jumping too!

this is not a fake wall - The cat, you and us Turquoise bike - The cat, you and us

Pretending the bike was mine :) Wouldn’t mind at all, that basket!

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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    such pretty blues! we’re hoping to squeeze in a trip to the beach later this month. we went last year with piri and had so much fun. and i would’ve totally posed with that bike too! such a pretty color :)

    3rd April 2014
  2. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Awwies, bummer to hear that it’s chilly again at your place!
    These pictures doesn’t! Really love your dress with the
    cute palmtree prints ^__^ Holland is currently at her great
    warm weather state! Xx

    3rd April 2014
  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Damaris you and the bike go extremely well together! What beautiful beautiful photos – some of my favourites, I love that blue sky and those grey benches. I love how you photograph each other and how super sweet that you guys have a similar shooting style!! Eep so much love :)

    4th April 2014
  4. LOVE the picture with the bike!

    4th April 2014
  5. leeda ADDS...

    such pretty photos!!! i love them!! i like how you guys have some wardrobe color combination going on without being matchy! love it! so many exclamation marks! i just always get in a happy exclamation mood whenever i visit your blog you guys!

    at this volume

    4th April 2014
  6. Maxime ADDS...

    such lovely pictures!They just give smile

    4th April 2014
  7. Denise ADDS...

    Ohh the beach! I’d love to go there again soon. I really love your dress by the way! It’s so cute.

    4th April 2014
  8. Diva In Me ADDS...

    I like the picture of you with the bike =)

    6th April 2014
  9. Ptecious ADDS...

    Looks like you had fun on the beach! What a lovely dress by the way :)

    25th April 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks!!! The dress is from the spring/summer season of Zara. I loved the easy going shape and the palm pattern :)

  10. Sue ADDS...

    Lovely set of photos, and cute dress :)

    2nd May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Sue! We are looking forward to more sea pictures coming with the warmer weather :)

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