By the sea

There are not many better things than strolling the seaside on a Sunday evening, right? This is one of the perks of this city; you can both have the advantages of a city, with its theaters, people and shops (we love all of them :P) and also you can escape to a coast town just by visiting La Barceloneta.

Well, coast town may be a little to much, the amount of people and the Vela hotel at the end of the boardwalk can be a constant reminder of the city as well, but the beach and the people walking with swimsuits and towels are the perfect contrast.

We ended that day at Kiosko burger, a good place that is 5 minutes away from La Barceloneta subway stop. The burgers are delicious and at very good prices, the only setback is that on peek-hours there is usually a line to wait. The restaurant is more a take-away place, but you can also eat inside (we prefer it this way) using the counters or a big wood table to share. Our favorite burger is la Manchega, that apart from the eco-certified burger comes with caramelized onions, manchego cheese, mayonnaise, tomato and lettuce. And if you go there, share some potatoes and don’t forget to taste their homemade ketchup (spicy and regular).

Take your sunglasses and follow us!

P.S: I have taken over the blog posts that were scheduled while we were in Madrid and our US roadtrip, Dani will come back with the next ones with new (and tons :P) of pictures. Now we are back and safe in Barcelona, we had a wonderful time in US (!), and we will share all the pictures soon! :) Meanwhile you can take a first preview in our Instagram account, if you fancy. Sorry for not replying properly to comments during all this time, we will surely try to mend it.

green door red bike - the cat, you and us

The old Barceloneta neighborhood has a very coastal town feeling

green door close-up - the cat, you and us licoreria - the cat, you and us both sides - the cat, you and us mercat de la barceloneta - the cat, you and us mercat de la barceloneta - the cat, you and us mercat de la barceloneta - the cat, you and us water - the cat, you and us

Staying hydrated in the first hours of the evening is a must.

sant carles - the cat, you and us seaside - the cat, you and us in a line - the cat, you and us

Making sure Anna’s picture is the most in line as possible :)

Albert with sunglasses - the cat, you and us cat bag - the cat you and us

My stolen purse (I had it back then when we took those pictures). I am thinking of maybe purchasing it again (no matter how hard it is) because, well, it has a cat on it :) what do you think? would you purchase it for a second time?

ray of light - the cat, you and us palm trees - the cat, you and us taking pictures - the cat, you and us jump - the cat, you and us

Hey, this time is Dani stealing my jumping scene, hahaha

standing on the rocks - the cat, you and us sea watching - the cat, you and us beach - the cat, you and us 2 legs - the cat, you and us

It was quite hard to stand in this little rock, my feet look a bit weird :)

wind - the cat, you and us

Son Goku hair style!

rocks - the cat, you and us kiss - the cat, you and us

Hahaha, love Anna’s kissing faces

kiosko burger - the cat, you and us
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  1. Deniz ADDS...

    It looks so relaxing! Me and my bf were in Barcelona last summer amd we loved the sunset in Barcelonetta, then took a walk around the back streets of this region. I wish discovered your blog last year then we could probably have met there!!

    But maybe, one day you decide to come Istanbul, and we can meet ;))


    16th September 2013
    • We reply...

      We would love to visit Istanbul, it sure is one of our favorite cities to visit next, and it would be so great to meet you!! :) And hey also maybe you can come for a second time to Barcelona? ;)

  2. Anna ADDS...

    My kissing face es lo más! :p

    16th September 2013
    • We reply...

      Hahahaha :) guapa!

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    So fun! I love your cute shoes Dàmaris!! Can’t wait for your photos :)

    17th September 2013
  4. Sally ADDS...

    Ahh, lovely lovely Barcelona! Think it’s about time I visited again. It’s so nice for a city to be right on the beach :) and your bag is adorable!

    18th September 2013
  5. Birdy& Bambi ADDS...

    We just stumbled upon your blog and loooove it!
    What beautiful pics of the sea!
    Love and good morning from Germany,

    Birdy and Bambi

    20th September 2013
  6. Louise ADDS...

    So excited for your US pictures! These are gorgeous, and about your bag: it’s so utterly cute, it’s such a shame it was stolen! But I hope you can purchase it again if you don’t feel too bad about seeing it again (and if you’re actually able to get it again).

    The seaside looks great, I think the shots with the rays of sunlight in them are gorgeous. And you dress is so lovely!!

    20th September 2013
  7. Gosh, I NEED to get to Barcelona stat. You’ve done nothing to tame my travelling bug.

    21st September 2013
  8. Bel ADDS...

    What adorable photos! And I just love that cat bag!

    22nd September 2013
  9. L A Chhay ADDS...

    Those stunning photos certainly give a lady something to daydream about! Where did you ever find those sandals? Just lovely.
    L A

    30th September 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks!!! :) The sandals were in the sale rack of Kling, I got them for 2 €!

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