The greatest glory is in raising every time we fall

Nagataya Kyoto painting - The cat, you and us

We are making a little halt sharing the pictures from our last snowy adventure to show a few pics we took from Mitsuru from Nagataya Kyoto with our last giveaway painting prize finished.

For those who missed it, we were happy to host a giveaway from Nagataya Kyoto during our second edition of Catweek this last January. The winner, Melissa, chose her favorite quote which was “The greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall” which we think is pretty cool and it was also challenging for Mitsuru for its length; fortunately the A3 painting was more than enough canvas space and resulted in a, if we can say it ourselves, eye-catching piece.

Nagataya Kyoto painting - The cat, you and us Mitsuru and Dani - The cat, you and us Nagataya Kyoto painting - The cat, you and us

Mitsuru uses personalized brushes with his name engraved that come from Japan, he buys them himself when he is visiting or have their family sending them over.

Nagataya Kyoto painting - The cat, you and us

The red seal in the paintings is his signature, the seal ink container was also very pretty to see!

Nagataya Kyoto painting - The cat, you and us Mitsuru and Damaris - The cat, you and us

We thought that you may be curious to see Mitsuru himself & the final result, so we took the opportunity to take some pictures with him in his studio while fetching the painting to ship it to its new owner.

We’ll come back next week with more snow pictures! Wish you all a nice weekend and end of February, I have only one wish for March: warmer weather! What do you wish for?

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  1. petra ADDS...

    nice. I love calligraphy!!!

    27th February 2015
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  2. Fiona ADDS...

    Mitsuru did an awesome job and I love seeing all the little utensils he uses for his craft :) I think Melissa will be tickled pink!

    28th February 2015
    • We reply...

      We had fun being able to use his utensils for picture compositions and also seeing him in his “yakuta”-ish painting apron (ohmy I’m sure he’ll not be happy with my poor description here)

  3. Jane Y. ADDS...


    4th March 2015
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