1st anniversary week: the ceremony

Damaris + Dani Wedding

♫ Postcards from Italy – Beirut ♫

After drinking all the lime tree tea we had at home and a short cab ride, we finally arrived at Barcelona’s city hall where the ceremony took place.

Although in Spain is not very common for the bride or groom to speak during the ceremony, in a slight moment of madness during the wedding arrangements I decided it would be a good idea for me to have a few words for my beau and family, something similar to the American vows. It finally turned to be a really good idea, but I was scared to death before entering the room and go for it. Luckily, as the good team we are, we had decided to enter together, so Damaris (who was also nervous but not freaking out) helped me to calm down a little.

The city hall is a historical place of Barcelona so they do not let anyone decorate it, therefore we tried to personalize it adding some details like the music or asking the girls who had a part in the ceremony (no bridesmaids in Spain either folks :P) to wear a bright heart matching Damaris headband. We entered the room while “Postcards from Italy” was playing, and several of our favorites songs were also listened during the ceremony (Angus & Julia or Françoise Hardy). You can check the songs of the ceremony and a brief selection of the songs that were played afterwards at the party on our spotify wedding list!

After the confetti explosion in front of the city hall (fun!), we spent some time taking pictures as newly weeds in the streets of the Gothic quarter (just around the corner of the city hall) and took a cab heading to the party.

Stay tuned for our last post with the party venue which will be the last of this weekly madness of ours ;)

** This post is part of our wedding series **

Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding

I think the lime tree teas we had at home were expired or something, you can see at my face I was far from being relaxed. I love how Damaris is laughing at me for that ;)

Damaris + Dani Wedding

At the city hall there is a little room where the bride can use the bath and freak out a little before the ceremony begins.

Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding

This is the DIY program we made inspired on our invitation suite. On the other side there was a QRCode that opened our spotify weeding list (a techy detail :P)!

Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding

Luckily I didn’t went blank, was swallowed by the ground, cry (well, not much) or some other horrible things I dreamt that night ;)

Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding

Lucila (do you remember her anniversary photo session?) prepared a beautiful speech for us. She was wearing a little ban.do heart in golden, just like the one in Damaris’ hair.

Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding

Anna and Albert gave us the rings!. Damaris chose a bright rose golden ring while mine was a matte golden one.

Damaris + Dani Wedding

These are the other girls (our moms! hahaha) of the ceremony who also had their own ban.do heart.

Damaris + Dani Wedding

Damaris DIY confetti box! ;) She handwrote the words on all the sides of the box. We had little stripped cups to help throwing much more confetti.

Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding

I love this pic for two reasons: I’m kissing an incredible and beautiful girl who just got married with me and, in the left corner, a red confetti is conveniently located in the air on Anna’s nose ;)

Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding

Cool friends who bring film cameras on your weeding, you have to take care of them!

Damaris + Dani Wedding

Anna had her own heart brooch too :)

Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding Damaris + Dani Wedding

Photo credits: Díez & Bordons

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  1. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Ah man, how romantic is this! I love the way how you
    two walked the altar c: The cityhall itself looks beautiful!
    I thought the confetti throw (cuuute cupcake cups!) were
    fun and love the newly wed pictures in the city! Xx

    19th October 2013
    • We reply...

      The historical city hall is impressive, one additional reason for me to be even more nervous, hahaha. Thanks for your nicest comment!

  2. Fiona ADDS...

    Ahhh yay, how incredible! I love all the little details and it’s so interesting that vows and bridesmaids aren’t a tradition in Spain. You’re guys are so brave to speak anyway, the thought of doing that makes me want to hyperventilate :P The confetti shots are amazing, well all the shots are so sweet, yay for love! Congratulations

    20th October 2013
    • We reply...

      Hahaha, thanks Fiona, the confetti shots are part of our favs of the day! ;) I have to admit that while buying the confetti I turned into a confetti-freak xD I was a little worried about not having enough confetti for the photos, so just in case, we also bought two confetti guns. But even then I was still worried that it was not enough, but luckily Damaris stopped my confetti madness reassuring me it was more than we need it :) It was great, lots of conffeti everywhere on the shots (and in our hair xd)

  3. Stéphanie ADDS...

    Perfect wedding !

    21st October 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Stephanie! ;)

  4. Jane Y. ADDS...

    this is just so so sweet. i just can’t get enough of your pictures and story! confetti pictures are amazing!

    21st October 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Jane, it’s great to hear that at least some of you do not hate us for an entire week dedicated to our wedding! xD

  5. Albert ADDS...

    Uoh! Pobreta l’Anna, que sembla un pallasete hahaha

    A les fotos surts més relaxa’t del que estaves ;-)

    22nd October 2013
    • We reply...

      Ja veus, i això que teniem el codi-pajaritil-secret i no patia perque es torcés la pajarita, que sinó potser ni acabo el dia ;) Lo de l’Anna és tot cosa teva eh, fins que ho vas dir ni ens havíem fixat, i ara en canvi no veig més que un payasito xd

  6. Irela ADDS...

    The confetti photos look so beautiful! It looks like such a wonderful ceremony.

    29th October 2013
  7. Leeda ADDS...

    omg i just cried! you guys are the cutest! i hadnt seen these before as i was a new reader after you posted these. awww. such a beautiful day. ^____^

    at this volume

    2nd May 2014

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