As of late… snapshots from July

A cat in an IKEA RASKOG - The cat, you and us

Hello my sweeties! This week almost finishes with a “no-post” from us, which seemed a few minutes ago quite unavoidable, but since the 31st sounds as the best possible date to share a recap of the month, here I am last-minuting a snapshots series post to talk about this summery month. Do you also have this type of no-post uneasiness?

July has been a weird month this year, we managed to squeeze a week off work and travelled to Madrid to be with my family and were even able to add Segovia as a 1-day getaway from there (which of course will properly share soon, yuhu!). And for the rest, well… let’s jump to the pictures to see how the month looked from our phones perspective, shall we? Feelings-wise let’s just say that the top image with Juno hidding in the trolley sums it up pretty well, ha!

Anna + Manel wedding - The cat, you and us

The month started with a wedding from our friends Anna and Manel. We were able to see friends from the University whom I haven’t been with for 4 years, quite exciting! You can see here the instax mini pic we took with our wedding guests outfits and the succulent they gave us as a favor.

The cat in love making off - The cat, you and us

As we mentioned on the previous post, we took engagement pictures for my cousin and his adorable fiancée. We couldn’t resist taking some silly making-off pictures with our phones, so you can see us in action, ha!

Stray cat - The cat, you and us The cat in love making off - The cat, you and us The cat in love making off - The cat, you and us The cat in love making off - The cat, you and us

Don’t worry, I survived the one-foot-in-each-rock “dangerous” photo pose and the cute couple wasn’t accidentally caught by the fisherman at their side ;) We took two sessions with them, so this is also a spoiler of where and how the second one looks. Surprise!

Madrid Gran Via - The cat, you and us

Although my family lives in the suburbs in Madrid, we always have to visit at least one day the city center. Aren’t the sunshade thingies in the photo below a clever solution for hot cities like Madrid in their pedestrian streets?

Madrid pedestrian street - The cat, you and us Lua the yorkshire - The cat, you and us Lua the yorkshire - The cat, you and us

My auntie has a very witty yorkie dog called Lua. Dani who is also a dog-lover always tries to spend more time with her by volunteering to take her on walks whenever we are visiting there.

Tio Pepe Madrid - The cat, you and us Living in the suburbs - The cat, you and us

My nephew is super into soccer lately and bought a new pair of goalkeeper gloves. When I told him I was going to take a picture with the purchase, he told me: “ok, but I’m going to do my best soccer star impersonation” Kids are just too fun!

Bocata de calamares Brillante Madrid - The cat, you and us

The most typical food in Madrid is a fried calamari sandwich. It may sound a little too much, but it’s delish! We had one with my mom and auntie at Brillante, one of the most well-known places to eat it.

Segovia AVE station - The cat, you and us Segovia - The cat, you and us

One day after we were in the amazing Segovia, these pictures definitely don’t make it justice, so we’ll make sure we share it better soon.

Alcazar Segovia - The cat, you and us Penpal goodies and Juno - The cat, you and us

When we came back from Madrid the most amazing surprise was waiting, a letter from my penpal miss Cassandre with goodies from her Japan trip. Thanks, I am the most terrible penpal, so million thanks for being so incredibly patient and cute.

Japanese goodies - The cat, you and us Mendl's Barcelona - The cat, you and us

Back at Barcelona I had the urge to go to do something different. It does happen to me sometimes, we love our usual spots so much that it’s hard to switch things up. This time it was a little easier because I was eager to visit Mendl’s, a bar that bases its decoration in all of Wes Anderson movies. As the super fans that we are, you could hear me squeek with every name referencing a movie or character in their menu.

Mendl's Barcelona - The cat, you and us Mendl's Barcelona - The cat, you and us Mendl's Barcelona - The cat, you and us

The best thing in the menu is their croquettes. And a super cute touch is that the ticket comes in a DVD case.

Mendl's Barcelona - The cat, you and us Sitges - The cat, you and us

To celebrate Dani’s mom birthday we had a paella at Sitges (do you remember that is the same town with a film festival that we visit each year? See our last post about it here).

Fragata Sitges - The cat, you and us Sitges - The cat, you and us

And what you can’t see here is me stuck at home in front of the computer, thus… not that fun to take a pic, ha! What are your plans for August? We want to go more to the movies (Ghostbusters, anyone also watching it no matter the criticism?), a Vivian Meier exhbition that I’m dying to visit and ice-cream, lot of ice-cream!

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  1. Nieves ADDS...

    Me gustan mucho las fotos, que habéis seleccionado, las de Madrid son muy bonitas, las del delta son preciosas, todas me encantan, juno como siempre divina, he echado en falta a Dàmaris, pues esta vez sale poco.

    1st August 2016
    • We reply...

      La mayoria de fotos las hice yo, así que para la próxima ya saldré más! Besitos!

  2. Hehe I love how Juno is winking in that first pic. Those sunshade thingies are so great! It’s amazing how much cooler it feels in the shade. Ahah your nephew is fantastic. Omg my mom would totally love that calamari sandwich! Whenever calamari is offered as an appetizer at a restaurant, she’s sure to order it! I love themed cafes :) Recently I’ve watched Captain America: Civil War, XMen: Apocalypse, Finding Dory, and The Secret Life of Pets, and on the plane I finally watched Deadpool and Zootopia!! Happy August! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    2nd August 2016
    • We reply...

      I love also calamari :) so maybe that’s why I find the sandwich version super yummy! :) Oh! I enjoyed zootopia! This week we have the release of the Secret Life of Pets, do you think I should watch it? Big hug! Hope you are having a good August!

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Ahhhh so fun and glad you guys managed to sneak in a blog post! I’m pretty sure I went a couple of months without posting – oops (but I always miss it!). How awesome is your nephew – I love taking photos of kids, especially when they do there own poses – so sweet! I also loved seeing the behind the scenes shots and how on earth do you keep your hello kitty vans clean? I feel like I’ve only worn mine a few times and they are so shabby! On a ghostbusters tangent, I really enjoyed the movie and I felt super girl powered inspired! My only complaint was it was a little bit too long (minor whinge!)

    4th August 2016
    • We reply...

      Haahahhaha, I think I’ve in fact never washed the Hello Kitty Vans, when they get dusty I brush them with a dry IKEA dish-washer ( and they get their color back :) Ohhh do you already had the movie release? Envy mode on ;) We will have it on the 12th of August, so counting the days.

  4. Fiona ADDS...

    ahh that’s so smart to brush them down each time they get dusty, I may have already left mine too late – eep! I wouldn’t of thought Australia was ahead for any movie release but there you go! I think you’ll enjoy the movie but the key is always low expectations when anyone hypes something :P

    8th August 2016
  5. Mariko ADDS...

    You had me at calamari sandwich.

    8th August 2016

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