Travel destinations for 2016 (a wishlist!)

2016 travel wishlist - The cat, you and us

A few days ago I stumbled upon an article from the New York Times where they listed the 52 places you shouldn’t miss this 2016, and after realizing that it’s almost impossible to visit 52 places in one year, ha! I couldn’t help but revisiting our own wishlist.

Following a similar idea to the goals (that we never list), we thought it would be fun to make a post talking about the places we are dreaming of visiting next, maybe this year, maybe on the following or the one after that, but nevertheless are on our (eternal) travelling wishlist and that we could talk also about yours and where would you think we should head to next. Travel talking is always fun! Let’s go for it!

We are posting unpublished travel pics, mostly from our analogue camera.


2016 travel wishlist - The cat, you and us

I know this will not come as a surprise, but since we came back from our honeymoon we have been dreaming about going again to our favorite place on earth. Pluses for making the jump this year? We have an anniversary to celebrate, which will make it extra special and I think we will have great recommendations from our blog pals that have visited or will be visiting soon.


2016 travel wishlist - The cat, you and us

I visited the city for the first (and only) time on 2009 on a family trip with Dani’s parents. I still can picture myself being overwhelmed with the tall buildings and falling in love with the Village and Soho. We didn’t have the chance to visit neither Brooklyn nor the iconic High Line. NYC it’s high-high-high (as high as its skyscrapers, ha!) in our list, photography-wise (& foodie-wise, let’s admit!) we couldn’t be more excited to visit it again.

Cruise the Netherlands canals

2016 travel wishlist - The cat, you and us

Amsterdam was a short but intense trip from 2014, we are ready to visit the lovely orange country again maybe more of its towns and countryside cruising its canals?


2016 travel wishlist - The cat, you and us

We have been able to enjoy quite a lot of places in the UK but it’s a country I would love to explore more and more. We have friends currently living at East Midlands and we could take the train around a little. UK is always my cup of tea (pun intended, of course!)

US West Coast / East Coast

2016 travel wishlist - The cat, you and us

When we visited the desert we fell in love with the color, the feeling and we took gazillions of pictures but felt they were not near the number it deserved at all. We would love to visit Bryce, Arches and Zion Canyons exploring more of Utah. Another part of the country we would like to visit on a road trip is the East Coast, a lobster roll is in our agenda!

Lisbon and Porto

2016 travel wishlist - The cat, you and us

It was so nice to visit our neighboring country when we went to Sintra that we missed not being able to spend a few more days to also visit its capital, Lisbon. Porto is also high in our Portugal plans.

Other places that are super high in our list are the following, but we didn’t have a picture to illustrate it, so here they go into a list:

  • Australia: We have good (blog) reasons to visit *wink* and many more due to its amazingness! We are a little lost about what we should include in a 10 day trip, so any tip will be carefully stored.
  • Peru: I have been babbling a lot about how we love the Peruvian cuisine, but on top of that the mind-blowing Machu Picchu will be waiting for us there.
  • Nordic countries: Lately I have been able to enjoy pictures from friends that have visited the glorious Iceland, and my mouth is still open with the astonishment: a pure beauty! I dream Iceland in pictures. We will love also to visit Sweden, Finland and Norway.
  • Vietnam: Dani’s parents went on summer to Vietnam a few years ago and I have a vivid image of their Halong Bay pictures recorded in my travelling memory. I think it would be a perfect trip for the two of us, so many different things to discover!
  • Extremadura: This is the region inside Spain where my mom was born, I have visited my mom’s hometown called Caceres a few times and it’s wonderful, but I would love to make a road trip and visit the cherry trees lands during spring.

Of course, there are million and more places we would love to visit that we are not including, inside Spain and outside, but this was just for the fun of it! Let’s see where 2016 will travel us to!

Do you already have travel plans for this 2016? Where do you think we should go to and why? :)

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  1. Michelle ADDS...

    I’m finally making my return to Japan with a trip this March/April and I am so excited! Sometimes I go through all your Japan posts for fun and inspiration so I’ll be excited to see your perspective this time! I hope I get photos half as pretty as yours. <3

    18th January 2016
    • We reply...

      Oh! So great! Japan is such an inspiring place. Thanks for your sweet words about our pics <3 Hope you'll be sharing your Spring trip (aww sakura!) on your blog to get inspiration & tips for our return! :)

  2. Mariko ADDS...

    Our next big trip will hopefully be a roadtrip across the UK. Not sure when that will be as our finances are kind of tight right now, but I cannot wait to see Devon and Cornwall. Also, if you’re in New York you should consider coming to Montreal! I feel like you guys would have a blast here! There’s always something amazing going on and the food cannot be beat. We’d be honoured to show you around.

    18th January 2016
    • We reply...

      Montreal! Of course! It would be amazing! I have the feeling that it has to be just our type of place, and would be super happy to meet you guys (& maybe the kitties to miss Juno even harder, ha!) I should have added it to the list (palm face). We are still also considering our finances to decide what we should do :) Your UK road trip sounds amazing.

  3. Fiona ADDS...

    ARGHH!!!! definitely come to Australia *jumps up and down* mmmm 10 days, I’d definitely say Melbourne is the bomb but I feel like you’d want to fit in some nature too, so the Sunshine Coast would be perfect *wink* so many options though! Japan is always on my list, I would also love to go to South America, Spain *wink* and do a US roadtrip too oh and yeah, Iceland, looks incredible huh!

    19th January 2016
    • We reply...

      Melbourne + The Sunshine Coast, perfect combo :) We would loove visiting you three, but alas you already know that! ;) :) Hope we can make it, I think 2016 would be a little too tight for us but I truly believe we will be there one day soon. Your travel list is also so similar to ours, where would you go on your US roadtrip? I forgot to mention Oregon which is also part of my US travel wishes.

  4. Eline ADDS...

    Oh so many amazing places. If you ever come back to the Netherlands, I’d say that you check out Utrecht and The Hague. Both are very close to Amsterdam and really beautiful towns. High on my travel list at the moment is Iceland. Hopefully a trip will happen soon.

    20th January 2016
    • We reply...

      Thanks Eline for the recommendation! I will definitely add The Hague and Utrecht to our Netherlands list :) Both look incredible, with the type of architecture that we loved in Amsterdam! What I also enjoyed on our trip was how friendly people is, so with all these wonderful ingredients we are certainly going back someday :)

  5. Fiona ADDS...

    I’m always fascinated by New York (referenced in so many movies!) but I love the kitschy/diner side too and the desert – cactus! Renting a car would definitely be fun for a US trip! Oregon, sounds amazing too, lots of great places to eat and beautiful nature :) honestly though, traveling is just fun and I’d go anywhere new and be happy :)

    23rd January 2016
  6. Anna ADDS...

    Japan and UK are in my list! I’ve crossed off NYC, Grand Canyon and going to the east coast of Australia of my list! I definitely recommend going to Top of the Rock in New York for amazing views. One great thing about it is because you can get a view of the Empire state building! Since you’re going to Australia have Sydney in mind check out my latest post in my blog. I’ve got recommendations on where to go to in Sydney :)

    27th January 2016
  7. Deniz ADDS...

    Oh great list, but missing Istanbul haha :)
    Here is my list for the next years:
    – again a short European & Balkans tour (including my favorite city Florence)
    – Tailand, Vietnam & Cambodia
    – Bali and Indonesia
    – Cuba (Habana and Trinidad)
    – South America countries; especially Peru and Argentina
    – Laponia
    – USA (a road trip from the west coast)
    – Iceland
    I hope all we will achieve these trip goals!!! <3

    27th January 2016
    • We reply...

      Of course! Unforgettable mistake! I would love to visit Istanbul and see you guys again for a coffee! Your list is amazing, I wish you also lots of travelling for this 2016 and the following years my dear!

  8. Jane Y. ADDS...

    such a great list! i would love to go see the deserts here in the US. or go on a journey to see all the national parks :)

    28th January 2016
    • We reply...

      You do have such amazing things in the US to go on road trips! I would love to see your pictures at the National parks and the deserts, you have a really good eye.

  9. I really want to visit Korea and Iceland! I’ve had the luck of traveling to Japan last winter break and last summer break. Both times it was a spur of the moment decision. My family doesn’t have a habit of planning trips in advance. I have no idea what I’m doing this summer! Love these analogue photos :) Maybe 12 trips a year is a more attainable goal (one trip per month)! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    3rd February 2016

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