US Roadtrip: Bye bye SF, See ya US!

And here it is the last one of our road trip. This is a sad post for me because I wish I could extend the trip until next summer and be like in a loop of virtual eternal vacation :) but well, it is kind of weird already that we are posting these sunny pictures when it is mid-November. With the unusual hot weather of this fall in Barcelona, I have just pretended all this time that we were in the south hemisphere, so everything makes sense.

I know that (almost) everything I could say to sum up a trip will sound like a cliché, but you know, I don’t mind :) This has been an incredible journey to a favorite country of ours. I like how rich it has been in diversity of landscapes and adventures, and how sweet everyone has been. Also, travelling in a long trip with friends has been altogether an exciting and unique experience; we love you guys, no matter how fed up with us you are (hahaha).

Taking into account the diversity of the trip it is hard to decide a favorite part, but I feel brave so I’ll go ahead and say that I am ready to come back to Arizona and explore more Utah any time. San Francisco is also in our see-you-soon lists. That may say a lot (or nothing at all) of our feelings. However the same preferences may not apply to the results of our pictures, have you ever felt that sometimes you love a place but are not able to photograph its awesomeness enough? That happens for us in every trip!

The only thing left to say is see you soon US! You were an amazing host.

If you wish to check, here it is our entire itinerary in posts:

  • We ♥ movies (Los Angeles)
  • Venice beach
  • Seligman
  • Wild West (Gran Canyon and such :P)
  • Roll the dice (Las Vegas)
  • Peggy Sue’s diner (while on the road)
  • Mariposa

  • In the woods (Yosemite National Park)
  • San Francisco
  • Alcatraz
  • Last ones in San Francisco (this post)

  • Thanks a lot for travelling with us, it is truly a joy!

    ** This post is part of our US road trip series **

    Chinatown SF - The cat, you and us

    Chinatown in San Francisco is really into decorations, but I will not complain, lanterns make me swoon :)

    Chinatown SF - The cat, you and us San Francisco slope - The cat, you and us

    We live in a very flat land, so playing with the slopes was a must! Check out Dani’s almost dripping Pumpkin latte.

    Chinatown SF - The cat, you and us Chinatown SF - The cat, you and us

    Cable car signs in Chinatown have the information written in Chinese. How neat is this detail?

    SF cable car -The cat, you and us

    This is one of the historical cable cars of the city. They are commanded using a lever in the back.

    SF cable car - The cat, you and us

    Once inside the cable car it is advisable to be gripped at all times.

    SF cable car - The cat, you and us

    Or maybe you do not have to? Dani is checking the GPS.

    SF cable car - The cat, you and us SF cable car - The cat, you and us

    The girl who insisted to take a picture with Dani on the back, should I be jealous? ;) We were there and she just jumped into our frame a second before taking the picture. She took several pictures like this one (well, maybe not exactly like this one as hers were taken with a phone).

    SF cable car - The cat, you and us SF graffiti - The cat, you and us

    There is a popular alley that goes between Valencia and Dolores St that has lots of graffiti. A boy that was touring some friends came near the alley and pointing out said: this is a hipster place. I would say it is a “hey-you-look-nice” place :)

    SF graffiti - The cat, you and us SF graffiti - The cat, you and us SF graffiti - The cat, you and us

    And a picture of us together in the hope that our romantic readers will appreciate it ;) (let’s read Fiona here) Thanks to everyone for following along! It has been extraordinary and a feast each time we have received a comment.

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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    loved going on the journey with you! last picture is so sweet! :)

    15th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks!! It’s a little sad for us to end it, but we are very excited to share the new adventures with you guys! :)

  2. becca waterloo ADDS...

    great pics! i simply love that city. and your sweater!

    15th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Becca!! My sweater is from Kling of the last spring collection, bought during sales! :) I like it a lot so it was an easy choice for the travel :)

  3. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Another batch of lovely pictures c:
    I love visiting China towns really haha :P

    15th November 2013
    • We reply...

      We do not have Chinatowns here so I find it very interesting to explore them :) thanks!!

  4. Mariko ADDS...

    Such wonderful pictures. I feel like I’ve traveled along with you. I think it is much past time for me to visit San Francisco properly.

    15th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Mariko!! We have loved to received such sweet comments from all of you during all the series! :)

  5. Albert ADDS...

    Ouh! El gran final! Fa una mica de pena, però sempre quedarà preparar el següent.
    Ara segur que l’Anna no pararà d’insitir en veure la resta de fotos que han quedat fora :p
    El qual em recorda que jo també tinc algo per fer…

    15th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Ooh ara tenim moltes ganes de veure les de l’Anna i el vídeo ;) no us podreu escaquejar!

  6. petra ADDS...

    fantastic pics. I’d love love love to do a road trip through the US. what have you planned next?

    16th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Petra thanks!! Well we are going to share next our pictures to Paris to celebrate our first wedding anniversary ;) Hope you will like them!

  7. Sara ADDS...

    ahaha i’m with Fiona :D

    16th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Sara, how great to have more romantic readers! I’m part of those melting for sweet pictures of couples & families too ;)

  8. Fiona ADDS...

    lol lol lol You guys made me laugh, yes, romance, woohoo! I definitely love it :)
    That picture of you, Damaris in the “hipster” spot with the sun behind is so super pretty! What a fun place! Man also so funny about the girl wanting Dani in the pic – the perfect cable car model :)

    I hate when holidays have to end! I feel like I was on holidays with you guys :)

    17th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Yay Fiona!!! :) happy to hear that!! The light in the alley was wonderful at that time in the afternoon, we may have too many of them there ;) Thanks a lot for all the sweet comments during all the travel series! Let’s hope you guys enjoy our next adventures!

  9. Laura ADDS...

    Love your photos of your trip to America! You should come visit here in Canada. I may be biased but I think it’s even more beautiful.

    17th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Hahaha, thanks Laura! :) we hope Canada is in our near future travelling adventures it certainly is in our whislist.

  10. jessica ADDS...

    beautiful photos! i love to see a post with some recommendations of where you stayed and ate and visited, etc. i’m in the midst of planning a big holiday myself including san fran and a few other places in the states so i’d love to get some tips!

    little henry lee

    18th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Thanks Jessica! This time we are not going to post a recap for the trip (sad face here :S). But here are our favorite places to eat, stay and visit:

      Places to eat: Mission Cheese and Frjtz in San Francisco, Peggy Sue in Yermo (CA), Umami in Los Angeles, and The Groundwork coffee in Venice beach

      Places to stay: We rented apartments in both San Francisco & Los Angeles via airbnb (we can send you the contact!), the Comfort Inn & Suites hotel in Page was also a good value, the Venice hotel is an excellent choice for Las Vegas (we booked through and my favorite has to be the cottage in Mariposa (near Yosemite).

      Places to visit: Secret Canyon (instead of Antelope Canyon) & Grand Canyon, Sentinel Dome (Yosemite), Alcatraz in SF, Graffitti alley in Valencia St (and all the street for that matter), jump into the poles of a cable car in SF (avoid taking it at a main stop, use the rest of the route to avoid the longest queues ever), Disneyland and be sure to stop at Seligman (amazing one-street route 66 town)

      If you need more tips, go quick ahead to the About section to send us a private email! We will be very happy to share and discuss more about the trip :)

  11. Deniz ADDS...

    It’s a liitle sad that I see this is the last u.s trip post! I can read more 1 million posts too :) I still have more posts of my nyc trip and I will continue until it ends, so your posts don’t seem weird to me haha :) but ı should mention that I get curious about your Paris post as well! (You told me about anniversary trip to Paris)

    Hugs guys! Come to Istanbul for thext trip, we’ll do our best to make you enjoy :)

    20th November 2013
    • We reply...

      Oh thanks! So sweet! :) And please do not stop publishing posts of your NYC trip, I just need to see all of them, so happy each time you publish more pics! Following posts will be about Paris (it was very handy your guide!) and it would be such a wonderful thing if we can visit next Istanbul and meet you :)

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