4th Blogiversary: A year in outfits

Outfits in review 2016 - The cat, you and us

Hello cuties!

How is everything going on in your part of the world? We are back in Barcelona from our trip to New York (sigh). First, we would like to thank everyone watching our Instagram stories while we were visiting there, it is always comforting to feel your company. But before we start sharing all the pictures here (and some on Instagram too) and began rambling about our favorite spots (food mostly! big vacation bellies we have *wink*) we have a classic to post as part of the 4th blogiversary: the yearly outfits.

One of the things I noticed while wrapping up the blog year is that although I have some (style-wise) intention in every post, we have had less posts dedicated more specifically to clothing or outfit sessions. It’s a pity because they are always fun since they not only involve the clothes, but also, maybe more important, finding a part of the city that can works nicely as a background and have more control in the conditions of the photography – in comparision to travel photography, that is pretty much what you can do on-the-go. Therefore, although I am not one to make resolutions, one for this blog-year would be to have more sessions in our own city with the clothes in mind.

Outfits in review 2016 - The cat, you and us

I pretty much live in dresses and skirts, so much that even my boss at work told me one day: you are wearing pants, how weird! ha!

Outfits in review 2016 - The cat, you and us Outfits in review 2016 - The cat, you and us Barcelona views - The cat, you and us

This was a step out of my comfort zone. I guess everyone has its insecurities, and mine are my thighs, which results in rarely wearing tiny shorts without (black) tights. But well… sometimes you have to brave it, right?

Girona Antic Hospital de Santa Caterina - The cat, you and us

I am not at all ashamed to admit that I also love to plan ahead my outfits for travels. It’s quite tricky because it involves trying to re-use the same pieces so I can make the most of our suitcase. Japan was specially a challenging one because fitting two weeks of clothes for two people in two medium to small suitcases, with a vanity kit that included lots of medicine (do you remember I had a cold?) plus having enough space for the obvious purchases we were brining back, was not a little feat, ha!

My strict rule (well… it’s more strict with Dani than with myself, ha!) is that if I include a piece inside the suitcase it has to be reused at least another day with another styling. It is like building a capsule wardrobe, although I have also sometimes squeezed things that I know will only be using once; exception that confirms the rule?

For Japan, once I was there, I realized that I packed short of scarfs (only the big red one, you have seen on lots of pics) and with the cold weather it became the central point, so, lesson learnt, scarfs – in chilly spring or autumn – are very important to help with the different styling. Do you have any tips for travel suitcases?

Outfits in review 2016 - The cat, you and us Outfits in review 2016 - The cat, you and us Outfits in review 2016 - The cat, you and us

Here is the example of the 2-use rule, I am wearing here the DisneySea dress with a sweater, without the headscarf and with a different backpack.

Outfits in review 2016 - The cat, you and us

I bought this sweater in Japan. I usually can’t wait to be home to wear it.

Outfits in review 2016 - The cat, you and us Outfits in review 2016 - The cat, you and us Takuminoyado Yoshimatsu onsen yukata - The cat, you and us

I had to include the yukata!

Outfits in review 2016 - The cat, you and us

This fluffy sweater is my favorite purchase of the year, it’s from Topshop.


Damaris in Segovia - The cat, you and us Lemon purse from Kling - The cat, you and us

This is the twin purse of the one from the first giveaway of this blog-year! Now that the good weather is striking again I can’t wait to wear it.

Outfits in review 2016 - The cat, you and us Headband - The cat, you and us Headband - The cat, you and us

Headscarfs are still my obsession, you will see it in the New York pics.

Scary hand clip - The cat, you and us

I bought this hair clip with Elena to wear for our Halloween party at home, but I think it makes a rad brooch too.

Pins in a denim vest - The cat, you and us Bumper cars at the funfair - The cat, you and us Autumn in Kyoto - The cat, you and us

Disney princesses Vans, still my favorite shoes.

Animate Osaka - The cat, you and us Hakone - The cat, you and us Pastel sea - The cat, you and us Pastel sea - The cat, you and us

Which was your favorite outfit of all of them? Which was yours of these last months? Don’t forget to leave the link on the comments so I can see it & get inspiration. Do you have any wardrobe plans for this summer?

Thanks for playing dress-up with me! Here’s for another year of playing around together. Hugs!

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  1. I love how much personality all your outfits have! They’re so fun and colourful :D I don’t think about my own outfits much. I basically live in the same three pair of jeans–they’re so comfy! And then I just throw on any old shirt. But now that it’s summer and the temperatures are rising, I’ll have to find an alternative to my comfy jeans! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    20th May 2017
  2. Nieves ADDS...

    Me encantan las fotos qué habéis seleccionado, todas son preciosas, es difícil escoger una. Me tomaré la licencia de elegír dos, la que estás junto al mar y la que tienes puesto el jukata. No te puedo explicar las razones, todo es una cuestión de emociones!

    21st May 2017
  3. Fiona ADDS...

    Oh I vote the fairground one or the neverland – love love love those boots! Actually all your outfits are so cute and well thought out and I’m so impressed by your thoughtful travel planning. When you guys do your style posts it always inspires me to think more about my outfits, rather than just put on a tee and skirt which is like 98% of the time :P You know also, my fav fav photo of you damaris and also an amazing outfit is your fluffy blue jumper pic by the sea – so cute! Thanks for being an inspiration :) Oh and I definitely need a cute head scarf!

    21st May 2017
  4. Bivi ADDS...

    I am ever so in love with your style very much! You always look so adorable! I feel like you have an aesthetics that fits that of Japan. You know, when some people go to Japan and their style just seems out of place? (I don’t know, maybe it’s just me).
    Please share more of your outfits with us in the coming years ;)

    Alive as Always

    27th May 2017
    • We reply...

      Oh thanks Bivi! It means so much to read your comment & I’m super flattered & happy about the fit into the Japan aesthetics <3 big hug!

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