1st blogiversary: A first year of outfits

A first year of outfits -The cat, you and us

Hello there! Thank you so much for all your comments on this second week of blogiversary, we feel like walking in the clouds to be able to host such beautiful posts and that you are all indulging us so much with this anniversary; hope you are enjoying the “Home is with you” series as we do!

On Monday we had one of the most wonderful families in the blogosphere! Do you think I may be hyping too much? Go check Jane’s post to see that I am not even close. Her home is a very loved place and I feel privileged to be able to sneak upon their memories.

On Wednesday we asked for help to add a geek touch to our home (and this series) to the best partner. Mariko brought us some fun finds and a perfect observation on how to, nowadays, go for in terms of fandom decoration. Make sure to check her post and do not forget to tell us your favorite geek item in your home.

Let’s move today to another recap of this year of blogging, it’s time for clothes to be on the spotlight. I will (try to) metamorphose into a fashion blogger to show the best looks I wore all this year long. It is an acknowledged fact that we are more a photography-ish blog showing our daily lives and although I love clothes, actually showing my outfits can be a little embarrassing for me; there are so many inspiring ladies out there that I tend to think that I should make more bold choices or, at least, more conscious ones when deciding an outfit in order to be interesting enough to show in the blog.


If you are curious to see the post where the outfits come from just click in their image. This in particular is one of my favorite pics, because I’m in Japan and carrying a clear umbrella (it’s quite embarrassing to reveal how I longed to have one…)

I definitely would describe my clothing choices as “laid back with details of quirkiness”. My wardrobe is full of dresses and tights (always tights unless it is too hot to wear them) and striped t-shirts.

Although it goes against every rule of building a good and consistent wardrobe I am always too fond of the geek-quirk t-shirts & patterns in stores.

The kitty skirt is one of my favorite pieces, it comes from Etsy!

You will often see me wearing a small black purse which is in fact my lca+ camera bag!

Our US road trip was the perfect excuse to buy a boater and to wear my hello kitty vans non-stop. They were red (after the dessert sand) instead of pink when we got back.

My style board in Pinterest is how I would love my closet to look like, full of 50s dresses, pastel colors and sweetness but the reality may not match it at all. Oh! well, there is always time to build a different wardrobe, isn’t it?

It is either stripes, dots, gingham or flowers in my tops, bottoms usually are not so colorful although I was pretty happy with the heart pattern in this shorts.

Attention to details

One of my favorite things when choosing the outfit is adding little details, I am a firm believer that you can upgrade a look by just adding some touches to make it more personal. In my case those little things are usually necklaces; It seems I can’t find bracelets that I like, but I have a good collection of necklaces instead. Lately I am torn to small delicate necklaces but also, I have been trying to give a twist by also adding detachable collars to the equation.

The kitty mask is hands down my favorite and reminds me a lot about the blog (and Juno!).

My go-to accessory is a badge or a pin: easy-peasy and gives that personal geek-sweet-quirk flavor that I like to have. During this year I got also Dani on my same wagon and he has unashamedly been stealing all my badges. The only two I have in exclusivity are the ones bought in Japan: the panda badge and mt. Fuji pin.

The metallic lace was a purchase also in Japan, it comes from a little vintage/home decor store in Shimokitazawa.

I have a love-hate relationship with bags and purses, While shopping I tend to favour the small bags when being realistic and taking into account the amount of things I like to carry, I should find a medium-large bag that I would love (not there yet). Do you have any recommendation for bigger bags? I also like to use tote bags while travelling because they are the flattest purse out there, very convenient when packing.

The cat tote bag makes its appearance on summer although it is intended to be for winter. Do you guys know that I got my bag back after it was stolen? Obviously the thieves left nothing inside with the exception of my Japanese bag bought in Nikko Castle and the Laforet cat wallet (empty) – yuhu!- I think I got so incredibly lucky for that, I guess all the good charms embroidered in the Nikko Castle bag helped me.

The Cambridge Satchel bag with my name engraved I got as a birthday present is one of my most precious items

And shoes is my newest obsession. I used to think that shoes were not my thing at all, do you know how this cliché of women being obsessed with shoes (mainly heels)? I thought it was waaay out in my case, but it turned out that I was only not looking for the appropriate ones. Since I focused on ballerinas and oxfords I became a shoe lover.

Charlotte Olympia’s infamous kitty flats that I got for a steal in Japan. Ha! I will never get tired to tell this story, as a cheapo I feel so fancy (and scared) to own a good pair of shoes.

Thanks to this shoes I realized how pink shoes go with almost everything. I think they are a good addition to any wardrobe.

Plastic shoes make me feel like I was a little kiddo. I would love to buy a new pair of jelly shoes this summer. Do you like them? Which one would you go for? I am undecided between a pink or a clear glittery one, which would you recommend?

My wedding shoes…oh! love them. This was one of those rare days that I brave to wear them, usually I am over protective with those, only reserved for special occasions.

…and have fun!

…that’s the most important part for me I always wear clothes that make me feel happy, cute and ready to dance, jump and have fun. Isn’t this clothing thing what is all about?

Wait! Let’s not forget the rest of the family in this post! Dani stripey-everything and Juno’s nudity are always a welcomed sight. Thanks to everyone for following me along this fashion-ish recap. Which clothing style would define you better? What are your favorite accessories?

5 days left to participate in our cuddly mugs giveaway! You could win up to 7 entries. Juno has already participated and is a happy camper for that, look at her in the picture (disclaimer: she has not really joined the giveaway because she refused to write a comment :P)

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  1. Alex ADDS...

    I love all of these! You look so cute and your photography is awesome :)

    16th May 2014
    • We reply...

      thanks Alex for the nice words!! :)

  2. Mariko ADDS...

    I love your easy, relaxed style. You even inspired me to buy a straw hat! Stay adorable.

    16th May 2014
    • We reply...

      Oh! How great that you bought a straw hat, I think this type of boaters look good in short hair do’s like ours! :) thanks for your sweetness Mariko!

  3. Jane Y. ADDS...

    i love your outfits! i too love the vintage pastel style! and your accessories are the best – that peter pan collar your pins and necklaces are all very cuute! and oh man. i don’t know! the pink and the clear ones are both nice. curious to see which one you will go for :) have a lovely weekend~~

    16th May 2014
    • We reply...

      I was happy to find the jelly shoes in a EU store because I have been long craving for a pair of Saltwaters like yours but can’t find them anywhere in Barcelona (or with affordable shipping) so I was afraid that Jelly shoes would become my second lost crusade, hahaha :) ♥

  4. Fiona ADDS...

    Ahhh I love love love this, Damaris you are the cutest I love your fashion so much, you definitely inspire me to dress better (and more cuter) . I think I’d go for those clear glitter jelly sandals but after seeing your cute pastel pink shoes maybe pink is the winner (I never even thought that pink could go with so much). I love all the little details and I definitely agree that fashion should be about having fun and feeling cute :) I think you look super cute in hats, all the hat pictures are probably my favourite – actually the water shot in your jelly shoes is my fav fav – but all the hat ones come a close second! I have to quickly mention also how beautiful your satchel bag is :) FINALLY! I think we’re going to dinner tonight so I’m going to wear my black cat hat inspired by you :)

    17th May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks a lot Fee!!! Your comments always make me jump around the house :) hahha (I now look like a crazy one, ohh well…) I’ve always had a fascination with hats, but as it is not very common to wear them in Barcelona, I did not ventured to buy one until 3 years ago, now I would like to grow my small collection of three with more because I find them too much fun to wear! :) I looooved that you wore your black cat hat for your dinner date! (big smile)

  5. Ester ADDS...

    as someone who also takes outfit photos, I find it so much fun to take a look back and see what I wore… such a great and learning experience of your style!
    you look lovely in all of these, you have great style!

    17th May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks! I may try more outfit sessions this second year of blogging :)

  6. Leeda ADDS...

    awww! Damaris i love your style!!! so cute! also, i think you should definitely get the clear glitter jellies! they’ll go with everything. i have a pair of clear ones and looove them!!

    at this volume

    18th May 2014
    • We reply...

      I agree they seem so easy to pair with everything! :) thanks! (and I’ve seen yours which are too cute also with socks!)

  7. Elisse ADDS...

    Oh my that cat skirt is so cool! I really like your bold style! I myself am also a big fan of crazy patterns, but this means trouble because I have a lot of skirts with bold patterns and not so much plain tees, so I always have to mix and match to see which shirt fits with which skirt/dress. Ahh, first world problems, right :)

    18th May 2014
    • We reply...

      Oh! right those “small” problems :) but so real when you are in the middle of a battle of pattern matching hahhaha :) I’ve also slowly been adding more plain tees, but whenever I see a geek or kawaii pattern is hard not to fall for them ;)

  8. Anna ADDS...

    Nina, estàs estupenda, com sempre!

    19th May 2014
    • We reply...

      Guapa!! Merci! Em faràs aixecar els colors ;) A veure si aprofitem per veure’ns ara que vindrà el bon temps.

  9. Yay, happy blogiversary lovey!! These are all such gorgeous outfits… you have such adorable style, always an inspiration! xoxo

    21st May 2014
  10. Sue ADDS...

    You are so cute! I love your style. The photo of you on the red sand in the U.S. is so cool. Do you mind if I ask where you purchased your boater? I’ve been trying to find one!

    24th May 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Sue!!! I found it on the men department of Topshop! ;) it’s comfy & sturdy!

  11. Eleonora ADDS...

    Hello! I know this comment is a very late one, but I would be beyond greatful if you gave an answer to my question. Which size is your cambridge satchel? Is it 11″, 13″, 14″ or 15″? I love your blog! Hug x

    27th August 2014
    • We reply...

      Thanks Eleonora! and sorry for this late reply, we just came back from our summer road trip and couldn’t answer sooner! My bag is the smaller one, 11″ it would fit a regular ipad inside.

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