3rd Blogiversary: A year in outfits

3rd Blogiversary: a year in outfits

Hello! The best part of the week (a.k.a weekend) is almost sticking its nose out, what a better time to keep the review of the year going on as part of our third blogiversary? This time with a very fun subject: clothes!

First of all, thanks for the lovely words and attention to our year in review post this Monday, it’s very uplifting to know that you are keeping us company while we do this round-up. Also, don’t forget to participate in our Blogiversary giveaway, with one awesome fruit clutch in play! Have you already joined team lemon or team watermelon? Hope you do, I really would love to send the bag to you! *wink*

white dress

This dress is so lovely! Due to its bodice on top I find it a little fancier than others that I own, so I keep it for special occasions.

Christmas outfits: fancy for once

blue summery dress

Madrid: Retiro

summery Kling dress

This is just the typical shape & style of dress I own :)

A (summer) day in the museum

It looks as this blog-year has brought dresses and skirts into my wardrobe, specially I love my new sailor dress while white and gingham have been my favorite color and pattern. In fact I bought not so many because I have consciously cut back on my clothes budget. Mostly I’ve been trying to pay more attention to the details, adding more pizzazz via little things like headscarfs, flower crowns, hats, necklaces and pins (lots of them).

One of the biggest add-ons to my not-changing-so-much style would may exactly be this one, I have currently a big crush on anything that will go on my head (ha!). I have bought headscarfs for the first time ever (I know this sounds weird, but in Spain we are not that big head accessory people) and feel cute in them! I also can’t travel without my favorite boater hat.

Worth mentioning, that I started my own pin/brooch mania (also known as collection, ha!) a year and a half ago, buying my first Disney pins while inheriting Dani childhood pins at the same time (thanks hubs!). I keep it going with awesome additions and lucky gifts from lovely friends.

Vacation outfit

Vacation outfit, both cute (If I may say so) and comfy, perfect!

Cinque Terre: a 3 days guide

summer outfit

I wore this outfit at Cinque Terre too. I decided that our vacation suitcase should include comfy yet outfits which I would wear on a date in our own city.

7 facts about us

Countryside outfit

Who says city mouse?

Hiking outfit

Simple hiking outfit, stripey t-shirt and bag!

Cinque Terre: Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola & Riomaggiore

princess outfit

Carcassonne: Part II

stripes outfit

Sea, Dinos and Zombies

60s dress

Grease lightning

Sailor dress

Probably my favorite dress from this blog-year & that got featured on Modcloth (yay!)

Cinque Terre: a 3 days guide

bear coat

I shortened this dress to look have a babydoll shape. My love for this bear coat I bought in Japan back on 2012 will never end :)

Valentine’s kiss

cat outfit

I haven’t been able to wear this cat t-shirt a lot, but I am planning on making amends this spring/summer. This old scarf (from Zara) I’m wearing still gets lots of compliments! It’s one of my basics, you will see me wearing scarfs during 80% of the year, ha!

3 years

cat winter outfit

We had a mild winter this year so this was probably the most warmly dressed I have been. Psst: I’m usually wearing an undershirt during winter which allows lighter outfits.

Catweek: Meowing in the park outfit

boho outfit

This is how boho style looks on me, ha! I’m wearing a dress like a skirt, typical trick!

Blue Lion

blue dress

Happy (2)(0)(1)(6)

gingham skirt

Down the corridor

It’s all in the details…

cat t-shirt and cat necklace

I think this is the second time I am wearing this personalized Juno’s face necklace, but Juno surely deserves it to be the first one of the accessories section.

3 years

strawberry brooch

This is the amazing work of Mei, from Ice Pandora. We became strawberry sisters! Thanks lovely. Do you know how many compliments I got? In this picture I’m wearing what I call my Minnie Mouse dress :) I think they are a perfect pair.

Meeting Mei while visiting Japan in Gracia

sun necklace

One of my favorite Spanish jewelry brand is Fauna & Flora, like the black sun necklace I was wearing with this edgier look.

Grease lightning

denim vest and pins

I added this blog-year two extra pins to my denim vest! I think three make the perfect amount for that part of the vest, so I change things by rotating pins. Today it features a cactus pin instead of the (amazing) cat, but this change day by day ;)

Sea, Dinos and Zombies

heart necklace

DIY cross-stitch heart necklace, is oversized and looks cute with babydoll dresses.

Valentine’s kiss

shell necklace

The shell necklace (handmade by Miss Fiona Harding) is completely amazing!

Blue Lion

cat outfit cat cross stitch

Catweek: Meowing in the park outfit

heart pin

New pin of my collection that was a pitch perfect gift from Ms. Elena Garcia, my favorite half-cousin!

Christmas outfits: fancy for once

yellow nails

Yellow was my 2015 summer color for the nails. Do you have any recommendation for summer 2016?

Madrid: Retiro

rings and black nails

I’ve been very lucky to be able to include in my accessory wardrobe many amazing pieces thanks to the gifts I got this blog-year. My penpal letter from Cassandre had this amazing light blue ring inside it. So much love, thanks!

Sparkles are a girl’s best friend

bowler hat

3 years

flower crown flower crown

Carcassonne: Part I


Grease lightning

faces dress

Valentine’s kiss

Bread bag The Whitepepper

Bread bag that I bought at the sales section at the same time I purchased the sailor dress. Since then it has become my daily number one choice.

Cinque Terre: Monterosso – Part I

cat bag

This bag was stolen on 2013 and I got it back a few weeks later (empty, of course: no wallet, no phone, no sunglasses, not anything valuable inside) thanks to a good samaritan whom works cleaning at the railroad (million thanks to this man that found it, searched me and made me believe again in human kindness!). However the bag does not bring that many good memories and I don’t favor it a lot in my outfits, although it is the cutest!

Catweek: Meowing in the park outfit

cat skirt Jurassic Park tights


Sea, Dinos and Zombies

Charlotte Olympia cat shoes

Christmas outfits: fancy for once

Hello Kitty Vans

Grease lightning

Thanks for following us till the very end! Which look & accessory catches more your eye from the review? Which was your favorite outfit during the last months? (leave a link, I would love to see a picture!) Does your style change a lot? Or does it keep evolving towards the same type of clothes? Have you cut down also on your clothing budget? Which system do you have to decide when you need a new piece of clothing?

Let’s talk about fashion a little longer, it’s simply too much fun to stop now!

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  1. Fiona ADDS...

    Your style is always super on point and as someone that loves tights skirts and dresses you get my super thumbs up! I also love all your little details, I agree I think they really make an outfit and I should definitely pay more attention in my own wardrobe – which is 90% made up of thrift shop finds :) My fav outfits of yours have to be the ones with the cat details – is that all of them? :P

    20th May 2016
  2. daria ADDS...

    Dresses are my weakness, so I pretty much want all of yours! And that sweater with the tiny cat? Perfection!

    20th May 2016
  3. I used to abhor wearing dresses myself (I didn’t have anything against other people wearing them, in fact I thought they looked quite nicee!) but now I quite like wearing dresses, because it’s a whole outfit in one piece! So easy! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    21st May 2016
  4. Bivi ADDS...

    EVERYTHING in this post is just adorable! Oh my God, you have such cute items and I’d love to be able to raid your closet :’)
    My favourite outfit, I think, is the “Madrid: Retiro” one (that dress is gorgeous!) but, honestly, they’re all such a treat for the eyes. The best accessory is the cross-stitch heart necklace because it is just absolutely darling! And all the cat-themed pieces? Yes, please! I think if we meet in real life, I won’t be able to keep myself from lunging at you to hug you x)

    Here’s a favourite outfit of mine (though it’s nothing compared to yours)

    Alive as Always

    21st May 2016
  5. pratiksha ADDS...

    such a lovely outfits <3

    23rd May 2016

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