3rd Blogiversary: A year in review

3rd Blogiversary: a year in review

We like to look back at all our adventures when the blogiversary arrives, so instead of making the blog review before new year’s, we are here now looking back to our May 2015 to May 2016 as seen through our posts & camera lens.

I think if I had to rank it I would choose as this year’s highlight, once again, our travels. Specially the one in Cinque Terre brought us the most happy times and treasured memories. I remember vividly the lemon smell and the sea breeze: Italy “ti amo!”. But also I would like to emphasize my family visit during summer (my little nephew is one of our weaknesses), food dates will always be our favorites, we got to see Angus and Julia Stone (I die again and again), exhibitions, meeting the sweet Mei from Ice Pandora blog, creating more DIYs than I anticipated and being the most crazy cat lady version of myself falling in love with Juno all over for another year.

Dear reader, want to join us in this nostalgic travel? If you are a new one, you may find a good new adventure to join! Let’s go?

Places we visited

Monterosso - The cat, you and us Cinque Terre guide - The cat, you and us Travels 2015 - The cat, you and us

Since this year’s blogiversary is travel themed I thought it would be appropriate to start the round-up of the year with the places we were lucky to visit. Cinque Terre was a blast, we had a little of everything of what we love in a travel: chill-out, scenery, a trail, and mouth-watering food. We even felt inspired to record a video!

Cinque Terre: a 3 days guide | Cinque Terre: the film

Carcassonne - The cat, you and us Carcassonne - The cat, you and us

For my birthday Dani got me a surprise getaway to Carcassonne in France! She made me feel like a medieval princess (do you remember his teasing the days before?) and I’ll have its barbican, battlements and its towers always stored in my fond memories.

Carcassonne: Part I | Carcassonne: Part II

We also visited my family in Madrid and got to spend a day by ourselves wandering around, found the best photshoot spot and ate delicious burgers!

Madrid: 1 day guide | Madrid: Retiro

El Retiro - The cat, you and us Palacio de Cristal - The cat, you and us

Our favorite adventures

Countryside portrait - The cat, you and us

Our 2015 favorite photo of us, during a family barbecue:

Who says city mouse?

Mainly our blog is all about the little daily adventures inside our city or short getaways to nearby places, when we plan ahead we take our big camera and have extra fun. We had food dates, visited exhibitions & museums, went to our favorite film festival at Sitges, celebrated our third wedding anniversary and met the lovely blogger Mei.

Views from Mnac - The cat, you and us

Mnac museum views:

A (summer) day in the museum
3 years - The cat, you and us

We took some pictures to celebrate our third wedding anniversary:

3 years
Sitges 2015 - The cat, you and us

This is one of my favorite pictures of Dani of the year, at Sitges film festival:

Sea, dinos and zombies
3rd Blogiversary: food

Homemade Gyoza, oishii | Foodie dates | A sweet afternoon

Shrimp & avocado peruvian causa - The cat, you and us Kakigori's dorayaki - The cat, you and us +Humans cccb exhibition - The cat, you and us

Humans +

+Humans cccb exhibition - The cat, you and us Lion Museu Blau - The cat, you and us

A magestic lion during our visit to the Natural Museum:

Blue Lion
Ice Pandora and The cat, you and us meetup - The cat, you and us Cafe Cometa - The cat, you and us

Isn’t this photography the funniest? Two crazy bloggers in action! A big hug to Mei, we miss you!:

Meeting Mei while visiting Japan in Gracia

DIY fun

I’m specially proud of this blog-year DIY posts, I started my cross-stitch madness which has not ended yet, so be prepared to see more pieces soon, and created one of my favorite Christmas decorations so far: Rudolph the cat! I’m inspired to keep up with the DIY game which may gravitate towards paper and wool, will see if they turn out good.

Little Mermaid cross stitch - The cat, you and us

I cross-stitched a fictional mermaid for a real mermaid:

DIY: little Mermaid cross stitch
DIY Christmas felt wreath - The cat, you and us

Personalized a super awesome Christmas wreath DIY by Duduá:

Rudolph the cat: a DIY light-up Christmas felt wreath
Catweek outfit - The cat, you and us

Cat-ified a sweater with a Juno/Pusheen cross-stitch:

Catweek: Juno/Pusheen cross-stitch DIY sweater
Bat pumpkin for Halloween - The cat, you and us

Made lots of easy & quick Halloween decorations with the adorable Ms. Elena:

This is Halloween: a DIY party

As of late… Best snapshots from our phones

3rd Blogiversary: snapshots

When our big camera is not with us we can always count with our phones to capture moments to remember. That’s why we started the snapshots series, to feature those pictures that are equally fun to share but don’t have their own post and are even not Instagramed. Looking back I think you also enjoy those don’t-think-twice snaps because these posts usually raise more attention.

3rd Blogiversary: snapshots 3rd Blogiversary: snapshots


Adventures in a frame - The cat, you and us 3rd Blogiversary: Juno

And of course we couldn’t end a year review without featuring our little furball Juno in all her glory. She will always be our muse and the queen of the house. I couldn’t imagine myself without her following me around the house wherever I go, running like crazy towards the door when Dani arrives or guiding (correcting?) my DIYs. Juno, let’s have more adventures together this year, shall we?

Adventures in a frame - The cat, you and us

Adventures in a frame | Juno jumped into our lives… 5 years ago

Juno 5 years - The cat, you and us
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  1. Jane Y. ADDS...

    happy 3 years :) here’s to more adventures for you!

    16th May 2016
  2. Nieves ADDS...

    Las fotos que habéis, seleccionado,son preciosas,las de juno son muy tiernas,seguid así guapos

    16th May 2016
  3. Elisse ADDS...

    What a lovely look back… That cat of yours ;-) Love you, Juno ;)

    16th May 2016
  4. pratiksha ADDS...

    happy 3 years! juno is sweetest <3

    17th May 2016
  5. Ice Pandora ADDS...

    Such a beautiful recap, full of life and adventure c:
    Thanks for including me into your blogiversary too!!
    That puts a smile on my face -BIG HUG BACK-

    17th May 2016
  6. Fiona ADDS...

    Awww Super happy three years!!! I love seeing your fav photos and it’s amazing to see Ariel on the screen and then look over and see her in my room – SUCH LOVE!!! You guys get up to some amazing adventures and always inspire me to live my life with such fun – so thank you :)

    20th May 2016
  7. You’ve gone to so many places and done so many things! I’m sure the next year will bring many more adventures and memories :D Happy blogiversary! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    21st May 2016

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