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A 2017 in pastel pink

Pastel sea - The cat, you and us
For the first day of the year, we are visiting Barcelona beachside to blend with the pastel colors of its sunset and instead of wishing upon a star, make it to the cotton skies. Want to join us in the best wishes & dreams for 2017? ... Continue reading ⇢


All the girls

I have this thing with walls - The cat, you and us
Yesterday we had the most unexpected discovery in our neighborhood: an impressive colorful wall art featuring a graffiti of women representing several cultures around the world.... Continue reading ⇢


Down the corridor

Down the corridor - The cat, you and us
I guess I am nostalgic these days, not a reason why, but I feel like an old lady with my head full of anecdotes. While editing these outfit pictures we took this last weekend on a charming passage in the Gothic neighborhood, the image of my childhood home corridor came to my mind.... Continue reading ⇢


Valentine’s kiss

Valentine's kiss - The cat, you and us
Hello love birds! We are sticking our heads out on a Sunday morning to wish you a sweet day. Whether you are a big fan or detractor of this type of celebrations there is no denying that love is always a good thing to celebrate, in fact we should create a happy un-valentine's day to celebrate everyday love, shouldn't we?... Continue reading ⇢


Catweek: Meowing in the park outfit

Catweek outfit - The cat, you and us
Hello there! Here we have the second post from the catweek, where we put lots of cat apparel on, and have some fun doing cat poses. For this outfit session we visited again the park that served as location for our first short dates when Dani and I first met. This park is quite near our University so it was the perfect background. But not only that, it is also near to the exact spot where Dani fell in love for cats the first time.... Continue reading ⇢